How The Royal Family Managed to Hide Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy For So Long

The royal family members are always under scrutiny from the public, but that does not mean that we know everything regarding every single one of them. Everyone was happy to hear about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s pregnancy, but we have to wonder how they hid the news from the media, and here is the answer, so let’s dive into it.

Reasons to hide the news

Most women decide to wait a little bit to announce their pregnancies just in case something awful happens. That is because women have a high chance of suffering from a miscarriage during the first trimester, so we can understand that some celebrities want to keep the news to themselves, even if they were never private people before.

If you remember well, Kylie Jenner kept her pregnancy a secret from the public for the entirety of it, despite being part of a reality television show and having an active social life. The makeup mogul simply stopped using social media and appeared very rarely on the series, proving that even she was capable of hiding her joyous news.

The job of any princess is to produce heirs to the throne, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already given birth to three gorgeous children; Prince George is the third in line to become King. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Harry and Meghan decided to start a family, and the media have been after them ever since their wedding.

On the other hand, Prince Harry is 37 years old, and Meghan is 34 years old, so their child was always going to come soon, or they would face a few problems because studies say that women over 35 have several troubles when they get pregnant. However, the Duchess looks in perfect shape, and we do not doubt that the royal doctors will be at her beck and call.


On Monday, October 15, 2018, Kensington Palace officially confirmed the news that many people had been waiting months to hear. However, it is only natural that the couple knew they were expecting way before the official announcement. The new baby is expected to enter the world next spring, as Meghan is three months pregnant.

“Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019. Their Royal Highnesses have appreciated all of the support they have received from people around the world since their wedding in May and are delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public.”


There was probably a brief period of time when this news was strictly confidential. People were trying to tell whether Meghan was showing yet every time she was photographed out in public. Some women might try to hide their pregnancy using baggy clothes or staying away from the spotlight, but as the newest royal family member, Meghan cannot do this.

She has to attend many functions, especially now that the royal couple has embarked on their first royal tour, which started in Australia right after the announcement. Naturally, it would have been almost impossible for the former actress to hide her situation using just clothes because she has to maintain the royal dress code and her style as well.

We have the official announcement from Kensington Palace, but several other sources state that the Duchess went to her 12-week scan and should be around 15 weeks pregnant. Luckily, women barely show anything during the first weeks of pregnancy, but it was still hard to hide her changing body because the former actress wears impeccable clothes.

Using clothes to hide her figure

Her wedding is a fantastic example of her fashion sense, but in August, some fans started speculating about a future baby when they spotted her wearing clothes that seemed a bit less tailored than usual. On August 4, 2018, Markle was seen at a friend’s wedding with a loose dress, which completely contradicts her previous wardrobe choices.

Maybe she wanted to be a bit more playful after all her previous ensembles, but it was not a one time deal. It would have been a dead giveaway for the Duchess to start wearing lighter clothes all the time, so she experimented with her choices in creative ways. She was a vision on September 6, 2018, when she rocked a Jason Wu blue gown.

The dress featured several ruffles at the front, so it was a great way to hide her growing belly without actually attracting more attention to it. We have to assume that the former actress was also uncomfortable sometimes, just like many women during their first trimester, but she managed to remain poised and stylish, proving that she is a true royal.

On September 24th, she wore an ensemble designed by Oscar de La Renta, featuring a belt and a peplum at her midriff to hide her belly successfully and inconspicuously, making it seem like nothing was out of the ordinary for the royal couple. Meanwhile, the Duchess has also used jackets when needed in order to cover her belly, which is perfect because they are a staple of the royal family.


Aside from clothes, Meghan also started using several accessories to distract the public from her belly. She was often photographed holding something in front of herself. This is actually a common technique used in television, which the former actress probably learned during her career. If you remember correctly, Suits did it with Angela Kinsey.

During season four, the actress became pregnant, and the writers had to come up with bright ideas on how to hide her pregnancy, such as filming scenes where she stands behind a particular object and even walls. Most fans had no idea that something off was going on unless they followed the actress’ life closely, and the Royals have used this technique as well.

Most of the royal ladies carry clutch bags instead of standard purses because they get to avoid shaking hands that often. It sounds rather rude, but it is important to remember that they meet tons of people on a daily basis, and it would be horrible if they fell ill, especially the girls who are with child. The former actress has been using mostly clutches since she joined the family.

Morning sickness

We all know that pregnancy brings all kinds of weird changes to a woman’s body, aside from a growing stomach. Morning sickness is common, especially during the first weeks of gestation, which makes the situation even harder to conceal. The Duchess of Cambridge was actually forced to announce her pregnancies because of her severe case of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarium.

Kate announced her pregnancy with Princes Louis after just two months. During her previous two pregnancies, she landed in the hospital often during her first trimester. Luckily, the Duchess of a Sussex did not seem to suffer from the same ailment, and it was easier for them to hide as no baggy clothes could conceal morning sickness.

What the pregnancy means for future schedules

Now that they have revealed their news, the former actress should be concerned a bit while traveling in her condition, mainly because they have just started their royal tour. The couple is set to go to Fiji, where people have contracted the Zika virus, which is known for causing problems in babies if the mother gets sick. She will have to be vigilant. 

We hope that everything regarding their pregnancy flows smoothly from now on and that their baby arrives safely in the spring. A new child is always a source of celebration, and this will be Harry and Meghan’s first kid, which makes things more special. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love royal baby announcements. See you next time!

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