25+ Times People Went Too Far With Their Home Halloween Decorations

The spookiest time of the year has come, and people are getting prepared to scare others. As you may already know, some are big fans of the Halloween season, and they don’t only look for the perfect disguise but also decorate their houses like horrific places. This list is full of neighbors that surprised everyone with their Halloween decorations. Let’s see!

1. This house deserves an award. The people who live in it had a lot of creativity, and they created a monster that will freak out kids before they can even ask for candies.

2. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you want to create a Halloween decoration. For this, they only used a pallet, red lights, and fake hands. It is so creepy!

3. This is a projection that a family set up in their front window. It looks so realistic that we are sure some will scream by just seeing it. We wouldn’t like to be there!

4. This is the Pumpkin House in Kenova, West Virginia. We think they could even make a record by the number of decorated pumpkins they have. Surely they spent a lot of time doing that.

5. This is literally a decoration out of this world. We can’t believe how realistic this seems. Just look at the little alien who just crashed his UFO. It is a bit funny, though.

6. This family definitely put too much effort into making that life-size Michael Myers house. Probably the had to hire a contractor to assemble and disassemble it.

7. Look at this pumpkin monster, it is so scary! We are surprised by the creativity some people has to make this kind of things. It is pretty obvious they love Halloween.

8. This Halloween display is just amazing! This family even created pumpkin characters to decorate their house. Not only spooky but also a bit funny.

9. This decoration is so hilarious! The owner of this house always decorates his front porch making a graveyard for trends that “died” in the current year. His idea is totally unique.

10. As we said before, you don’t need to do anything complex to get your house in the Halloween mood. In this house they just used silhouettes, and you can create them with cardboard.

11. A Reddit user told that these were the Halloween decorations in his neighborhood. This guy makes these by hand and puts them up every year. Isn't it incredible?

12. This Halloween decoration consists of a pun, besides The Walking Dead inspires it. Some might consider this joke to be a bit cruel, but no one can deny it is funny.

13. A person put this in the drain at the front of his house, and it looks very realistic. We can’t imagine how scared the neighbors will be by seeing this.

14. We think that the people who live here don’t want kids asking for trick-or-treating at their doors, because this decoration is too scary to approach. We definitely would skip this house.

15. In this house, they chose to make a funny decoration instead of a spooky one. They used several pumpkins to create the man in the rocking chair, and don’t forget to notice the dog.

16. Sometimes it's the things that take the least effort, that are the most chilling. Just like these hands that surface in a puddle. We must recognize this is a very clever idea.

17. This The Walking Dead display had a lot of commitment to detail. The people who made this put a lot of effort on it, and it is just amazing how they even recreated a scene of the show.

18. A Reddit user said: “Money is a bit tight right now, so I made some homemade Halloween decorations. Turned out pretty good, I think." It definitely did!

19. These neighbors take Halloween too seriously. Look at the giant spider they created, and the fake corpses they put on the spiderweb. It looks so amazing that this even could trigger someone’s arachnophobia.

20. These are supposed to be skeletons breaking into someone’s house to murder them. Doesn’t look funny? We think the dog is the best part of all this decoration set.

We are sure that now you will have plenty of ideas for your Halloween decoration. As you may have noticed, you don’t need a lot of money to create something convincing. The only thing you will need is your creativity and disposition. We are sure your neighbors will love if you try any of these ideas. Stay tuned for our next articles!

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