10 Times The Kardashians Did Not Realize They Were Being Recorded On KUWTK Camera

As reality stars, we are pretty sure that the Kardashians are used to having cameras around them 24 hours day, seven days a week. However, they have had some slips in which they totally forgot that their moves were being recorded. Want to know them? Then check out this article!

1. North falls down

It is no secret to anybody that Kim can be a little self-centered from time to time, thinking that the whole world revolves around her. But no one could ever believe that her selfishness can take her so far to neglect her own daughter, because that is what happened back in April 2016.

Kim and her sister Kourtney, along with their children, were visiting the Museum of Art in LA. While looking around, North, who was only two at that time, slipped and fell to the ground. Surprisingly, Kim was too busy looking at her phone, but auntie Kourtney went to the rescue. Was Kim an absent parent? Yes, and fans saw it. 

2. Penelope's fall

North was not the only kid in the family to have an incident. Her cousin Penelope also took a nasty fall in October 2015. The three-year-old was out and about with her mom and her nanny when the unfortunate situation occurred. When Penelope was approaching the car, her nanny opened the door.

The car door then smacked the little girl on the face, knocking her immediately to the ground before bursting into tears. The good thing is that the girl's mama rushed to her aid, unwittingly that paparazzi's cameras were capturing the moment. 

3. Trying on dresses

This mishap did not happen to the girls, but to Caytlin Jenner before she came out of the closet. She previously admitted that she had been battling against her real gender identity way before confessing it to the world. So when her daughters were only little girls, she used to dress up like a woman.

She waited until everyone left the house to try on girly outfits. Once, she went to Kylie's room to check herself out on a large mirror, without knowing that the girl had left her webcam on, and the whole moment was recorded. Luckily for Jenner, her kids were too young to understand what was going on.

4. PDA with ex

It could be tough to get over an ex, and it is even harder when the PDA moments you spent with him are immortalized on the Internet. That is what happened to Kylie with her ex Tyga. Back in 2016, the lovebirds were caught on camera at a club in Hollywood.

They couldn't keep their hands off each other, and their public display of affection was recorded on a Snapchat video that showed them passionately kissing and groping. The pair stopped when they discovered that someone was filming them. Sadly for the lovebirds, it was too little too late. 

5. Picking a nose

Kylie is a very spontaneous girl who is not afraid of showing her true self and feeling comfortable to whom she is dating. So when she was with Tyga, she was seen having some really goofy moments, and some other disgusting ones. 

Maybe the top model forgot that her phone was recording, but her fans could see her on a Snapchat video picking or scratching her nose while sharing some time with her ex. Instead of seeming puzzled, Tyga's comment had her in stitches. 

6. Catching some Z's

The life of a father could turn very exhausting, particularly when you have three offsprings, and celebs do not escape from it. Kanye West, Kim's hubby, was also a victim of being recorded during a quite funny moment, despite his aversion to cameras. 

During a baby shopping trip in the west of Hollywood along with friends John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Kanye and his daughter were being too quiet. That was when Kim noticed that he had fallen asleep on a rocking chair while North was catnapping on a display couch. That must have been some tiring shopping time! 

7. Smiling at...

We are pretty sure that Kim must have wanted Kanye to have his eyes closed when they both attended the Video Music Awards of this year. The Kardashian resolved to record the moment she saw her husband smiling, because, let's be clear, it is not typical for this guy. 

The rapper was clearly hypnotized by something on stage, and it was nothing less than Rihanna's derriere. When Kim discovered what he was grinning at, she quickly cut the Snapchat video she was recording. But little did she know that someone else was capturing the whole hilarious moment. 

8. Getting drunk

From the show KUWTK, it is evident to all viewers that Scott Disick, Kourtney's ex-partner and the father of her three children, had some struggles with alcohol. When the oldest of the Kardashian sisters was eight months pregnant, Scott was boozing it up in Sin City.

He had convinced his mother-in-law to celebrate her birthday in Las Vegas with him at the helm. But the guy drank so much that he ended up pouring champagne on Kriss Jenner, who reacted against him with anger, yells, and curses. It was definitely not a moment to feel proud of. 

9. Hackers

Cybercriminals love having celebrities as victims since they can really profit off stolen videos, photographies, and information. Kriss Jenner lived it in her own flesh in 2015 when she was a victim of a hack. Apparently, some hackers broke into her iCloud account to have access to the camera in her closet.

That way, the criminals managed to get some footage of Jenner changing her clothes, and wanted to exchange it for money. It was extortion in its purest form, so the mother of the Kardashian clan freaked out when she found out what the hackers wanted, and even expressed she felt violated. 

10. Thieves

Kiki was also a victim of a crime when she was in Paris two years ago. However, her experience was even more traumatizing because she got robbed at gunpoint in her own hotel room. Unfortunately for them, as celebrities and reality show stars, they had to handle the situation in front of the cameras.

They were still filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians at that time; thus, the sequels of the theft were made public thanks to the program. The good thing is that justice prevailed because ten thieves were indicted and faced criminal charges. They were caught by some CCTV cameras in the area.

As we could see, being a reality show personality is not easy. Everybody can know the Kardashians' hilarious, embarrassing, and private moves. Would you like to have your life in the spotlight as they do? There are positive aspects of being a celeb, but this one is definitely not one of them. Until next time!

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