10 Striking Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Friends

Even if you are one of the biggest Friends fan in the world, there are many things that you might not be aware of regarding one of the best sitcoms of all time. The following article reveals some insider details from behind-the-scenes that have never been disclosed before, so let’s dive into it to learn more about this show.

1. Courteney Cox's fertility

During the final seasons, viewers saw Chandler and Monica struggling to have a baby, and it was one of the only heartbreaking moments of the series because Monica wanted a kid for years. In fact, that is the reason she broke up with Richard in the first place.

The actress was compelling in the role because her husband, David Arquette, and she also went through this hardship. They suffered a couple of miscarriages, tried IVF and other things to conceive a baby. Luckily, the couple welcomed their daughter, Coco, in 2004.

2. The male friends were not invited to Aniston’s Wedding

The actress’ separation from Brad Pitt was the focus of the media for some time, but fortunately, Jen found love again with Justin Theroux, and they got married in secret in 2015 with Courteney Cox as the maid of honor, and Lisa Kudrow as a guest at the party.

However, it was revealed later that none of the male actors of the original show were invited to the ceremony. Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc talked about it, but they also said that it was not because they had any problems internally; it was just Jennifer’s decision.

3. Aniston hated “The Rachel”

If you watched this show in the 90s, then you probably remember Rachel’s iconic hairdo on the first couple of seasons, and you might even have requested it at the local hair salon. However, it turns out that the actress hated the style, calling it “the ugliest haircut she’d ever laid eyes on”.

We understand entirely because the haircut is not really timeless, and Jen was also very fashionable. In any case, people still loved any hairstyle that Rachel rocked, because she was seen with several different do’s for the rest of the show, and they looked gorgeous on her.

4. No Emmy nominations for Cox

Even though the neat-freak chef was our favorite character, Courteney Cox was never nominated for the prestigious Emmy Awards. Some of her fellow actors, like Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc, were designated a couple of times, going so far as to win the accolade.

All the actors share almost the same screen time over the course of ten years, but unfortunately, Courteney was overlooked by the television academy every single year. Meanwhile, all the male actors were nominated while Lisa and Jennifer won.

5. Aniston’s ex-fiance made a cameo

You might be thinking we are talking about Brad Pitt, but that is not the case because the handsome actor was not the only man in the actress’ life that appeared in the sitcom. During the first couple of seasons, Aniston was dating actor Tate Donovan, also known as Marissa’s dad on The O.C.

When things went sour in their real-life relationship, Tate was hired for a small arc on the series playing Rachel’s love interest, so it was probably extremely awkward for both actors to perform. However, viewers had no idea this was happening.

6. Matt LeBlanc needed the money

We know that Joey was mostly broke during the first couple of seasons because he was an aspiring actor with barely any prospects. However, you might find it interesting to know that LeBlanc was going through something similar in his real life.

The actor revealed that he had around $10 on his wallet at the time of his audition because other gigs had not been successful. It is crazy to imagine that he became one of the best-paid people in television thanks to the triumph of Friends.

7. Matthew Perry was just as awkward as Chandler

“Could you BE anymore awkward?” If you remember Chandler clearly, then you also know that part of his adorableness came from his weird personality. He was sarcastic, self-conscious, and not the best at flirting with girls. Apparently, the role was not at all problematic for Perry.

It turns out, the writers of the show decided to base most of Mr. Bing’s personality on Matthew’s genuine characteristics, which is probably why he became one of the most beloved characters on television. “I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

8. The character of Rachel was almost re-cast

Fate is a funny thing because Jennifer Aniston had been cast in another CBS show before landing the role of Rachel. The pilot was called Muddling Through, and her part consisted of a woman who got out of prison after killing her husband.

Due to the shooting schedule, Jennifer could not give herself completely to Friends, though the other one was apparently going to fail. The showrunners even auditioned other girls to play Rachel, but luckily, the other series was not picked up, and the rest is history.

9. Perry does not remember a lot about the show

Some fans can recall even the tiniest detail in every episode, so they probably imagine that the actors remember absolutely everything as well. However, that is not the case of Matthew Perry, who went through a very tough period during his time on the series.

He revealed in an interview years after the sitcom ended that he does not remember most of it because of his drug addiction. Apparently, season three to six are all muddled up in his head. The actor did not keep his problems a secret, but their effect is somewhat surprising.

10. All the actors got together to negotiate their salary

You might remember that the cast of Friends got a record-breaking deal with the sitcom, and they all ended up earning $1 million per episode. However, when they were first hired, they received around $22,500, and on the second season, Aniston and Schwimmer got a raise of $40,000.

Later on, David Schwimmer, who plays Ross, got the group together to negotiate a deal with the showrunners so that they all earned the same amount, which should be a reflection of the success of the show. Obviously, banding together for a collective cause works.

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Did you already know most of the secrets? Are you as big a fan of Friends as we are? We are currently seeing a lot of shows getting rebooted, so it would be awesome to see this sitcom once again. If you liked this article, share it with your friends when the rain starts to pour. See you next time!

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