7 Well Hidden Facts About The Pawn Stars

We will never know exactly what goes behind-the-scenes of a reality show. Viewers only get to see what the series wants to show the world, but sometimes whatever the stars did in their real lives becomes top news. It was shocking to must fans when Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee was arrested for possession of illegal substances.

He was already in trouble with the law for a sexual assault case. On another note, Richard Harrison, better known as The Old Man, died earlier this year at the age of 77. There are many things that might intrigue our readers when it comes to the main players of this show, and all those juicy details are explained below.

7. It is not the first time that Chumlee gets in trouble with the law

In 2016, the police raided Chumlee’s house for their investigation into sexual assault allegations against him. However, he never faced charges for that case, but the officers found all kinds of drugs in his home, as well as several heavy duty weapons that were not registered to him. They even found a special room in his house nicknamed “Chum Chum Room”, which has a stripper pole.

In 2012, the Pawn star was caught by CCTV in a fight with an unknown man while he was out with his friends on Hollywood Boulevard. Chumlee said that the man wanted a ride and was intimidating with a weapon. However, the reality personality and his friends ran away from the spot after beating the stranger to the ground.

6. All kinds of weird items to pawn

Being the owner of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, it is only natural to imagine that Rick Harrison has seen all sorts of objects that people tried to sell him over the years. When asked about the weirdest of all, he usually says it was Japanese dirty magazines, but they were not ordinary. The stack of sexy images was over 200 years old.

"It's all hand-painted. It's on a scroll down to every bodily fluid. Everything's really exaggerated. It's sort of creepy and then after I bought it, I realized my mother comes into the pawn shop so I couldn't display it out there.”

Another surprising situation happened when a man tried to sell Rick a set of human skulls. It appears that they were purchased at a dental school, but the Pawn star refused to buy them. Honestly, for a pawn shop that is located in Las Vegas, a stack of dirty images and some skulls seem pretty tame. It could have been worse.

5. They already know what they are buying

Most people know that reality shows are scripted, so our readers should not be surprised to hear that the guys already know what items they are going to buy in that episode. Honestly, cameras cannot just go around that day to day workings of a shop and expect things to get exciting out of the blue. Everything has already been appraised before filming.

But that does not mean that the items are fake or have been specially found. The brokers of the shop manager, Travis Brenton, show the producers unique objects that have been brought and then the most interesting ones are picked for the shootings. According to Rocco Landi, once the producers choose the article, the sellers have to receive coaching on how to act in front of cameras.

“Some people have a great item to sell, but they appear nervous on film. It can take several tries to get it right, depending on the person. … Producers have cut items from the show because the seller could not 'pull it together' on camera, but it doesn't happen often." 

Moreover, executive producer, Brent Montgomery, said that scripts are given to make the sell more interesting, and the price of the object is negotiated before recordings. They do that because they have encountered people that rode the price up or refused to really sell the item, showing up just to be on television.

4. The stars do not work at the shop

Neither Rick Harrison nor the late Rich Harrison works at the shop; the manager Travis Benton handles the day-to-day things at the store. Filming goes on in private with people who had agreed to sign releases. You probably imagine that shootings are a problem for the real manager and the other costumers.

The reason they are not at the store all the time is that people would want to take photos with them constantly, and that would violate certain laws in Nevada, which protect that privacy of people. A fan might accidentally take a shot of someone else in the store and that could become a serious problem for the store.

3. The show hinders normal business operations

When they shoot an episode of (World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the store has to close down, and Travis Benton even said that they lose business because of those interruptions. In addition, because of the popularity of the reality series, most of the people that go to the pawn shop are not there to actually sell or buy anything.

2. The store draws attention from tourists

You do not need to worry about the shop closing down anytime soon because more than 4,000 people show up every day. According to Harrison, the store is just as popular for tourists at the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, and more people visit it than that Hoover Dam. There are even hours-long lines to get inside the pawn shop.

However, in case you are planning a trip to Las Vegas soon and want to see your favorite reality stars, they are almost never there. Sometimes, one might come out and give autographs to fans for a short period, but the chances of getting one are very small considering the number of people that could be waiting all day.

1. Rick came up with the idea of a reality show many years ago

Harrison always knew that getting on television was the ideal way to attract more business, so he agreed to have the shop exposed on a Comedy Central show called (Insomniac in 2003, and he also starred in a PBS documentary. Rick started pitching his idea for a reality series to several Network, and HBO was originally interested.

But the pilot they came up with was horrible, and Rick’s contract expired, so he left for Leftfield Productions, and he remains with them to this day.

"I figured that a show would mean free publicity and free publicity would mean more business. But everyone told me that no one wants to watch a show about four fat guys in a pawnshop.”

Rick Harrison was a genius, even before seeing the kind of reality shows produced today. Everything gets picked up right now. Did you know these facts already? Have you been watching the show lately? We would like to see your opinion in the comment section. Come back for more interesting stories like this one.

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