People Born In November: Things That Make People Love And Hate You

Believe it or not, the month you were born can say many things about you. For example, people born in November (Scorpios) are full of great qualities, but they also have a dark side that everyone must be aware of. So today, we will tell you a bit about this people. This will help you to understand them better, or in case you are the one who born in this month, you will get why sometimes you act as you do. Let’s see!

1. They have tons of ideas

These people are especially creative. If you need an idea to do something, they are perfect to help you with that. The mind of those born in November is always working, but sometimes this can play against them. Like any other person, they need to rest and take time to relax from all their work, but they usually forget this.

If you don’t know how to start a friendship with one of them, a good idea is to include them in some project. In that way, they will feel important, and you will give them something to work on. Besides, they tend to be committed to their projects, so they are the perfect partners to start a business or any other activity.

2. They are determined

As we said before, they are fully committed to every project they get related to. A person born in November will work intensely until achieving the goal they set to themselves and will help others on their projects too. As soon as they start doing a task, they won’t rest until they are done with it. This is why many people perceive them as hard-working people.

A great quality about them is that they stay focused on what they need to do, and also are very perfectionists. However, sometimes that can overwhelm the people who are around them, so we recommend them to chill a bit. It is okay to work hard for what you want, but you need to know when to stop and take a breath.  

3. They are faithful

If you want to someone loyal by your side, a person born in November is what you need. They are honest, kind and their biggest dream in life is to have a big family and a caring partner to spend their lives with. So of course, they are completely faithful people because they know how important is this value if they want to start a family.

You won’t need to worry about if they are seeing other persons or not, because this is something that they will never do. This is a quality that many others should imitate because this is not related to love relationships only but to familial bonds and friendships. Someone born in November never will let you down.

4. They are resentful

The last thing you will want is to have a Scorpio as your enemy. They can be very resentful, and they hardly forget the bad things people do to them. However, this can be negative even for themselves, because having a heart full of hate and hostility won’t allow them to heal their emotional wounds. Actually, this trait is something they shouldn't be proud of.

Also, they can be vengeful and lost their temperament if things don’t go as they planned. The thing is that they are very sensitive people, and that is why forgetting betrayal is so difficult for them. A Scorpio hardly puts their trust into someone, so being hurt by someone they loved it is something that they can’t and won’t forget.

5. They are jealous

Scorpios can be very dominant with their partners and don’t like to share the attention of their significant other. They even can be suspicious about their closest friends and is because they rarely trust someone. People who are born in November rather keep the distance from others, but they trust blindly in their couple.

But sometimes their jealousy can turn toxic, so we recommend them to maintain a balance. These possessive lovers probably don’t are aware of how dangerous this can be, but that is not an excuse for their behavior. As you may already know, loyalty is crucial for them, and that is why they can be so obsessed about this.

6. They are great conversationalists

Scorpios are great to hold conversations, and the best part about talking with them is that they know to give advice, and they will listen to you until you are done. It may seem simple, but this is a great gift that a lot of people doesn’t have. It is great to have a Scorpio as a friend because there won’t be silent moments between you.

However, they also tend to discuss a lot, and they are good at this. If they disagree on something, they won’t rest until they have explained all their reasons. This can be a bit tiring, so many will choose give them the reason just to stop arguing. Besides, they can turn a bit aggressive sometimes, but that is how they are.

7. They are intellectuals

This is a very attractive fact of this sign. Holding a conversation with someone born in November is delightful. They know a lot of interesting facts that demonstrate how smart they can be, and they are always up to date with what it is happening all around the world. If you have a doubt about a certain issue, they will be available to explain you everything about it. 

Their intellect makes them interesting people, so they are not like the rest. Scorpios will bring up curious topics that no one has mentioned to you before, and they are into reading and love going to museums. If you want a Scorpio to fall in love with you, you will need to impress their minds because that is what they value the most. 

As you may have realized, people born in November have a lot of special qualities, but also some negative treats. However, these characteristics shouldn’t determine a person’s behavior. In the end, your own decisions are what it matters and the way you control your personality. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your Scorpio friends. Surely they will learn something positive about this!

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