10 crazy facts about the Queen and her husband Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been married for more than seventy years. Definitely, it is an important accomplishment because their marriage has been under the eye of the storm ever since they said, “I do”, with a lot of pressure, stress, rumors, and expectations around their union. Although it is likely that you often see the couple on television, we can bet that you do not know all the interesting and impressive facts of their union. But do not worry, keep reading this article to find out.

1. Young love

Elizabeth and Philip met many times when they were children, and were introduced in 19344 at the wedding of Philip’s cousin, the Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark with Prince George, who was Elizabeth’s uncle. At that time, the current monarch of the United Kingdom was only eight years old.

They saw each other again three years later, but by then Elizabeth was thirteen and Philip eighteen, during a meeting at the Royal Naval College in 1939, that they fell in love and began to exchange love letters. Philip was serving in the British Navy during World War II.

2. Family

Believe it or not, the Queen of England and her husband are distantly related through their royal ancestors. The practice of marrying someone of blue blood from the same family was, in fact, quite common. They are second cousins by King Christian IX of Denmark.

Additionally, they are third cousins through his great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901. Philip is a descendant of the queen’s family through maternal lines. On the other hand, Elizabeth is a descendant through paternal lines.

3. The objection

At first, King George VI did not approve exactly his daughter's marital decision. The monarch was worried about what the British public would say if his daughter married a Greek Prince. However, that was not the only thing that limited the king's opinion.

Another thing that irritated him was Philip's loud and scandalous laughter, and his maritime and discourteous manners. In the end, the relationship continued, and Philip asked him for the hand of his love in marriage in 1946. The king granted permission under one condition.

4. The engagement

The concern father’s condition was that the couple’s formal engagement be delayed until Elizabeth turned 21 the following April. Both the king and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, felt that their daughter was too young.

For that reason, they feared that she would marry the first man she met. Philip and Elizabeth were officially engaged on July 1947. After the announcement, the British press dismissed Philip by calling him German for having family of this nationality and because his three sisters were married to German princes.

5. The sacrifices for love

Therefore, to marry the love of his life, Philip had to make some changes that were meant sacrifices for love. First, since the king did not want to make the official announcement of his daughter’s engagement until she turned 21, the couple had to keep the relationship secret and concealed.

Apart from that, none of the members of his family who were Germans was able to attend the wedding, including his three sisters who had married German men. In addition, Philip had to convert from the Greek Orthodox Church to Anglicanism, without leaving aside that he had to renounce his title of Prince of Greece and Denmark.

6. The citizenship

As part of the sacrifices that Philip had to make, perhaps the most extraordinary was to renounce his citizenship and become a naturalized British citizen. Otherwise, he would not have been able to marry the British Princess.

7. The dress

When someone thinks of a royal wedding, the words glamorous, elegant, and extravagant come to mind. However, this was not the case for the nuptials of this couple. Great Britain was recovering from World War II when the couple got married, so the finances of the crown were not the best.

Because of that fact, the heiress to the throne used rationing coupons that were given away at the time, to pay for the materials necessary to make her dress. The government granted her two hundred extra coupons for that purpose. The result was a beautiful confection embroidered with crystals and with a train of four and a half meters.

8. The master bedroom

Elizabeth and Philip were like any other married couple after the wedding, except for one very important thing. When the couple moved to the Clarence House in 1949, they did not sleep together; instead, each had a separate room but connected.

The purpose was simple practicality. The couple’s cousin, Lady Pamela Mountbatten, shared the reason for this peculiar custom and stated, “nobody wants to be bothered by snoring or kicking at midnight. However, when you want intimacy, then you can share the room”.

9. The Coronation

When King George died, and Elizabeth officially became queen, that did not mean that her husband would receive a new title as well. By his nuptials with the princess, Philip received the title of Duke of Edinburgh. However, Philip would never become king because of the way the British monarchy works.

After the coronation of his wife in 1953, he continued being Duke for some time. Four years later, Philip officially became a prince. Given the uncertainty at the time, some suggest that the title came as a way to relieve tensions in the royal couple.

10. Faithfulness

With such a public marriage, surely there would be news about the pair. One of those was that maybe Philip was not entirely faithful to his marriage. Strong rumors were associating Philip with women he had known over the years.

For example, author Gyles Brandreth discovered that one of these speculations was that Philip had romantically involved himself with a nameless woman whom he constantly saw in a photographer’s apartment. The rumors were never confirmed, but they continued for some time.

It seems that the beginnings of this beautiful and long-lived couple were not entirely perfect. However, they are the ideal reference to affirm that love can overcome everything. What did you think of these impressive details of the blue blood marriage?

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