10 Super Expensive Dresses Once Worn By The Royals

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex are undoubtedly fashion trendsetters because anything they wear immediately gets sold out. Of course, only wealthy people can actually afford to buy those clothes. The following article describes the ten most amazing gowns ever donned by the Royal Family, so let’s take a look.

1. A dress for a wedding

If you remember correctly, back in 2011, when Kate Middleton married Prince William, her sister Pippa was named maid of honor in breach of royal tradition. However, on Pippa’s nuptials, the Duchess of Cambridge was not in the bridal party, though she wore a fantastic dress for the occasion.

The bride should always have the spotlight on her wedding day, but Kate looked beautiful in a pale pink ensemble with an intricately designed hat. The gown was made by Alexander McQueen, a favorite of Middleton, and was worth around $15,000.

2. Queen Elizabeth

Before being crowned Queen, Elizabeth II tied the knot with Prince Philip. The ceremony was held two years after the end of WWII, so everyone was excited about the wedding, including the people who needed an escape from such dark times. It was actually difficult for the Princess to get her dress.

The country was just coming out of the war; she had to use ration tickets to get the material for her gown. Luckily, the government gave her 200 more tickets. It is hard to calculate the price for Elizabeth’s dress back then, but the replica designed for The Crown was worth $35,000 and took weeks to complete.

3. Princess Diana

A couple of months ago, Meghan Markle walked down the aisle carrying a large veil, but it was not as long as the one on Princess Diana’s wedding gown. The Princess of Wales wore a 25-foot long train, decorated with sequins, handmade embroidery, and more than 10,000 pearls.

The dress itself was also a collection fabric, and you can bet that it was not cheap at all. It cost around $150,000, and it is still remembered as one of the most important wedding dresses in history. Sadly, it would be a popular style today.

4. Meghan Markle

You probably noticed that Markle’s wedding dress was a lot simpler than the ones worn by previous ladies during their ceremonies, but that does not mean that it was cheap or an afterthought. The fabric and tailoring were done to perfection, which made even more expensive.

It was designed by the French brand, Givenchy. You might also remember that Kim Kardashian got married in a Givenchy wedding dress that cost around $500,000. However, Meghan’s dress was approximately $340,000.

5. Kate Middleton

Many people consider the Duchess of Cambridge as the best fashionista in the Royal Family, and they call her fame, “The Kate Middleton Effect”. Therefore, no one was surprised to her in an incredible wedding gown, which had been kept a secret until the day of the ceremony.

Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton was the architect of this gown. The white bodice was made of satin with a lace floral pattern added on top and 58 buttons at the back. Moreover, the dress cost around $330,000, but we think it was worth it.

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6. A dress for a coronation

If a wedding dress takes such meticulous detail and weeks to make, you can probably imagine that a coronation dress is much more complicated. The designers of Queen Elizabeth II’s gown studied, designed and worked tirelessly for eights months to make the impressive piece.

One of the most fascinating parts was the intricate golden embroidery, which took countless hours of work. The material was White Duchess satin, and it was decorated with seed pearls, sequins, and crystals, which would have made it incredibly expensive, though no one knows the actual price.

7. Grace Kelly

Megha Markle was the actress to marry into the British Royal family, but a famous thespian married into another Royal family years ago. Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and her dress is still remembered as one of the most fairy-tale gowns in history.

It was reported that Middleton was inspired by Grace Kelly’s ensemble for her own. It took 100 yards of silk and 25 yards of taffeta to create, and the designer was Helen Rose, who made a bodice and an under-bodice and skirt for support. It would be worth $150,000 today.

8. Princess Stephanie

The Princess married Prince Guillaume, the Duke of Luxembourg, in a dress designed by Ellie Saab. It was reported that the piece took 3,900 hours of work to complete, with only 700 used for pulling it together. The rest of the time was used on the embroidery.

The train measured around 13 feet, decorated with 50,000 pearls and 80,000 gems. Moreover, the ensemble has a gorgeous leaf pattern that went perfectly with the diamond tiara and the veil. It was worth around $250,000.

9. Marie-Chantal Miller

Over a 1,000 guest were invited the wedding ceremony of Prince Pavlos of Greece and Marie-Chantal. Even Queen Elizabeth II was there. Her gown was designed by Valentino Garavani, who also made 62 outfits for several guests.

The train measured 4.5 meters and was made out of expensive Chantilly lace, and the gown itself was made out of ivory silk with encrusted pearls. 25 people worked for four months, and 12 types of lace were used, to make a dress worth around $225,000.

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10. Queen Letizia

Letizia married King Felipe VI in Santa Maria La Real De La Almudena Cathedral and wore one of the best wedding gowns in the world. It featured long sleeves designed by Manuel Pertegaz, who added real gold into the floral pattern, and it had a 14-foot long train.

Not many other dresses compare to this one, mostly because it is one of the most expensive wedding gowns in history. It cost a whopping $8 million, which seems a bit excessive for any piece of clothing, but a royal family can easily afford it.

We wonder why some girls dream of having expensive weddings gowns when they could use the money for so many other things. Which of these dresses was your favorite? If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are obsessed with nuptials. See you next time!


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