30 Mistakes Even True Fans Constantly Miss In "Friends"

We all love Friends, and because it's so popular, it may just be one of the best sitcoms on television. All television shows and movies come with their little flaws, and the audience does not even notice many of them. Friends had ten seasons and 236 episodes, and there were certainly a lot of continuity errors. Even the reruns had issues, but we never really noticed because the show was so hilarious.

As always when producing a show, you'll find that most of the mistakes discovered are pretty easy to explain. The cast and crew have to do multiple takes of scenes, and editing sometimes takes bits and pieces out to match a final cut, leaving room for errors in wardrobe or set-dressing.

However, these mistakes are not meant to be in the final product, and some are rather obvious when you pay attention to the episodes. As fans, we are so engrossed in the show that we don't always catch mistakes, and the only way to make sure is to pause or rewind scenes once you've caught a glimpse of something misplaced. 

So, let's take a closer look at these continuity errors that you'll find easy to spot once you're aware of them. 

30. Paul could not have used the stairs when he left Monica's building. Monica led Paul out of her apartment in the pilot. He turned to walk to the right, but the stairs were on the left of the building. 

29. The Paper towels appear rolled and then unrolled. When Phoebe told Rachel that Pablo made a pass at her, in her upset state, she grabbed a paper towel hanging from the roll. After she stretched it across the kitchen, the paper appeared unrolled after their apology. 

28. The missing table.  When the monkey ran away in episode 19 of season 1, there was a table inside the apartment under the hanging picture which was near the door. When animal control showed up, the table was missing. 

27. The moving mugs. Rachel was clearing cups from the tables and asked Ross for advice in episode 4 of season 2. When he sat down on the chair in front of the counter, a red mug was behind him on a tray. The green and red mugs then switched places when Rachel spoke again.

26. The disappearing necklace. Rachel was wearing a necklace in episode 7 of season 2. When she spoke to Monica, she had it on, but later on in the conversation, the chain seemed to have disappeared. 

25. A visible set. In episode 20 of season 2, you can see the door over Richard and Chandler's shoulder while playing foosball. When the camera panned at the part where they continued chatting, you could see the hallway and wall behind them where they should have rebuilt.

24. The stain changed in size. In episode 2 of season 3, Phoebe got hummus on her dress. When she checked her message on her machine, the blot was significantly smaller, but then reverted to a giant stain again when they put the Christmas ribbon on her dress. 

23. The open door shut by itself. In episode 13 of season 3, Monica and Rachel's bedrooms were both wide open in the background while Monica helped Richard clean the tomato off his shirt. When they realized they were in each other's space, Monica's door was suddenly closed. 

22. The suits switched hands. In episode 21 of season 3, Ross had a TV appearance and didn't know which outfit to wear. He showed Joey and Chandler a blue suit and a brown one. When he took them out of the carrier bags, they flipped over from the sides they were initially on. 

21. The guitar disappeared. In episode 7 of season 4, Ross offered Phoebe a guitar to play. She was still holding it when they spoke about the instrument and tried finding its "sound", but then when he encouraged him to play, the guitar was no longer in her hands. 

20. The empty glass refilled itself. In episode 14 of season 4, Monica had poured herself a full glass of orange juice, but when she put it down to feel Phoebe's baby kicking, the glass was close to half full when she picked it up again. Then, after talking some more, it was full. 

19. The writing on the Magna Doodle changed. During one scene in episode 20 of season 4, the writing kept changing on the board behind Ross. One part it read "get out", and then another it read "poop", then changed back to "get out" again. 

18. As Monica knocked on her door, a sock appeared on her hand. In episode 2 of season 5, Rachel asked Monica to decide on her love life. As Ross opened the door, Monica was standing there with a sock on her right hand, but just before that she was barehanded. 

17. Phoebe's 3D glasses disappear from her hand. In episode 13 of season 5, it was Phoebe's grandmother's funeral. She held seven pairs of 3D glasses in both hands but then when she spoke to Frank, the ones in her right hand were gone. 

16. Joey's shirt changes on-screen. Joey spots an attractive girl in Ross's apartment in episode 17 of season 5. When he came in, he was wearing a black shirt, but then as he knocked again, his shirt was a different color.  

15. The red slider on the Magna Doodle changed sides. In episode 11 of season 6, the red slider on the board was on the right side. When Monica and Chandler stormed into the kitchen to confront Janine, the slider changed to the left-hand side. 

14. The firefighter's helmet switched to a different hand. Phoebe had a fire in her apartment in episode 18 of season 6, and the firefighter had a helmet in his right hand, under his arm. When he walked over to them, it had swapped over to the other arm. 

13. Ross's water bottle disappeared and reappeared in his hand. When Ross spoke to Chandler in episode 18 of season 6 while holding a water bottle, the conversation continued, and suddenly the bottle was no longer in Ross's hand. 

12. The engagement announcement test was repetitive. In episode 5 or season 7, Monica and Chandler announced their engagement in a newspaper print. If you take a closer look, you'll see that the sentences repeat itself on several lines. 

11. The Magna Doodle pen changed positions. Chandler walked into the kitchen in episode 11 of season 7, and the pen swung as the door opened. When he closed the door, however, the pen was securely back on the board. 

10. The wedding dress changed. Monica found a wedding dress that she loved in episode 17 of season 7 and even fought another bride for it. When she came in wearing a wedding dress, it was not the one that she bought in the shop.

9. The wedding present that rewrapped itself. In episode 2 of season 8, Monica couldn't wait to unwrap her and Chandler's wedding gifts. However, there was a huge gift in front of her that seemed to unwrap and rewrap itself through various shots. 

8. A jar on the shelf disappeared.  In episode 5 of season 8, Phoebe walked into her kitchen restaurant. Monica's jar was not on the shelf near the door in the first shot, but when Phoebe returned and stood next to Tim, it was on the shelf in the background. 

7. Tim's arms' placement changed. There were some heated debates in episode 5 of season 8 where Monica and Phoebe wanted to fire and break up with Tim. As they spoke, he crossed his arms, but changed his position in another shot, then placed them back in their original spot.

6. Emma's hat changed color. When Rachel and Ross brought Emma home from the hospital in episode 2 of season 9, their baby was sleeping in her bassinet wearing a pink hat. When Rachel decided to pick the baby up, the cap changed color. 

5. Sandy's puppets switched hands. A nanny was hired for the baby in episode 6 of season 9. Sandy had two puppets where one was green with yellow clothing in his left hand, and the other was purple with a blue outfit in his right hand. They swapped hands during a conversation. 

4. Joey's drink changed from bottles to cans. In episode 15 of season 9, Joey held three cans of drinks in his right hand and two bottles in his left. Two of the bottles on the left hand became cans of soda, and he had a fourth can in his right hand. 

3. Emma suddenly has a toy in her hands. In episode 5 of season 10, Rachel picked Emma up from the bed, and they were both empty-handed. Rachel then looked down at the toys attempting to pick one up but didn't, and then we see Emma holding one of the toys. 

2. Joey's dirty shirt cleaned itself. In the Thanksgiving episode 8 of season 10, Joey got his head stuck and fell into the food on the table. His shirt was covered in food, but then moments later, his shirt seemed much cleaner. 

1. Hospital bracelets appear and then disappear on Chandler's wrist. When Erica gave birth to twins in the series finale, Chandler showed up at the hospital wearing two identification bracelets on his wrist. While chatting to Monica, the bracelets had disappeared but then reappeared later.

Did you notice any of these mistakes while watching Friends? When it comes to continuity, there are always little pieces that we miss, but it's fun when you discover them. We hope you enjoyed this as much as we loved sharing it with you. 

Remember to share this with your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more exciting behind-the-scenes in your favorite television shows, and find out what bloopers the fans may have missed. 

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