20 Things That Make No Sense About Big Bang Theory Leonard And Penny's Relationship

We just can't get enough of those hilarious characters in The Big Bang Theory, and more insider scoops keep popping up for our viewing pleasure. Leonard was your typical nerd, and Penny, the beautiful girl next door that everyone fell in love with. These two hit it off, and after a long period, they grew closer and got married, but not without some bumps and weird regulations along the way. 

These two have gotten themselves into some strange situations over the years and undoubtedly had an odd relationship. Some of these things would bring up red flags in ordinary cases, but these two had some weird ways of dealing with things. 

So, let's take a look back at their relationship and try to make sense of some of the nonsense. 

20. Leonard doesn't know Penny's last name. There are some things that every relationship requires, and that is knowing your partner's full name. Penny's maiden name was never revealed, and this is one of the biggest secrets in the television show. This gives it a sense of mystery, we suppose. 

19. Penny did not care when Leonard cheated on her. It was clear from the beginning that Leonard was fortunate to have Penny in his life. Without her, he would have been very lonely, but he kissed another scientist on his trip. Surprisingly, Penny forgave him without a fuss. 

18. Leonard has tipped her a lot. Whenever the group went out for a treat at the restaurant where Penny worked, they made sure that she served them, and because Leonard liked her so much, he always made sure to tip her extra, so much that she was able to pay rent. 

17. She missed one of his marriage proposals. Leonard was very open about his feeling with Penny and very expressive. When the time came to propose, he made a considerable effort and proposed multiple times, but Penny let it slip and entirely missed his romantic attempts. 

16. Penny did not prepare any vows for their wedding. When these two married on the television show, the fans rejoiced. However, some things can go wrong and spoil that special moment. While Leonard prepared his heart-warming vows, Penny only recited a song. 

15. Leonard once called Penny stupid. The academic level between these two go way beyond the scales, and Leonard clearly has the upper hand. They first broke up when Penny felt inadequate, and Leonard actually called her unintelligent. That's enough reason to break up! 

14. Penny has ex-boyfriends stay over at her apartment. Leonard is very insecure and inexperienced when it comes to relationships. So, they don't always see eye-to-eye, especially when she has ex-boyfriends sleeping over, and that led into a fist-fight.

13. Leonard did not support Penny's acting career. Although Penny may not have been a successful actress, Leonard could have been more supportive, especially when she quit her job at The Cheesecake Factory to focus on her acting, regardless of what Leonard thought. 

12. They agreed to keep "bug reports" on their relationship. Most couples have their issues, but these two decided to provide each other with reports instead of discussing their problems like adults, and in turn, damaged their relationship. Of course, they learned their lesson. 

11. Leonard consoled Penny during her break-ups. Before they were an item, Leonard was always there for Penny when she had rough times in her relationships. This makes sense as to why he fell in love with her, and why she came to depend on him as more than a friend. 

10. It took Penny six seasons to say "I love you". Despite Penny's experiences with men, she took a very long time to say those three important little words. Leonard was extremely frustrated, but had an enormous amount of patience, waiting until she was ready. 

9. Penny was already married to Zack. As we already know, Leonard was not always faithful, but neither was Penny. Zack and Penny got married in Vegas, not knowing the ceremony was official, and this impacted in a bad way on her and Leonards' relationship. 

8. Penny hid her credit card debt. Penny was not very stable when it came to working with finance, and had a massive credit card debt which she kept secret before marrying Leonard. Sadly, being the man Leonard was, he would gladly clean up all her debt for her. 

7. They both made relationship agreements. Leonard decided to take advice from Sheldon's wacky books. After tying the knot. They signed an obligation to abide by each other rules, no matter how ridiculous. This included no more video games in underpants for Leonard.

6. Penny has a lot more experience in relationships than Leonard. Before Leonard, Penny had many other flings. So, she is able to help Leonard understand her needs more clearly, and show him the ropes, so to speak. 

5. Penny was a bully in high school. It was revealed numerous times throughout the series that Penny had a difficult childhood. She realized that she was a bully in school, and was relieved that Leonard didn't mind being married to her after she calmed her ways.

4. Penny beat Leonard at chess. When we think of these two, we don't really visualize Penny beating Leonard in such a complicated, strategic game. However, she appears to have brains as well as beauty and certainly surprised him. 

3. They are divided on having children. This is the age-old discussion in relationships, and these two certainly had their differences on the matter. Leonard wanted to have a family as soon as possible, but Penny was more inclined to wait and focus on her career. 

2. Leonard's mother disliked Penny. Mothers-in-laws can be tricky, especially when they are very broody over their sons. In this case, Leonards mother does not approve of Penny dating her son, but cannot change his mind. So in the end, she had no choice but to support his decision.

1. Her old boyfriend beat up Leonard and Sheldon. Leonard attempts to be brave in this case, and for extra protection against the giant monster, he takes Sheldon along. That, of course, made matters worse, and they both landed up losing their pants and having severe wedgies. 

Leonard sure sounds like a great guy! We hope you enjoyed these inside scoops of the stars from The Big Bang Theory as much as we loved sharing it with you. They were indeed hilarious, and we had a great time finding these moments. 

We cherish those moments that make watching television with the family worthwhile. Remember to share this with your friends and family, and make sure to keep up-to-date with us for more exciting and funny stories about the cast on your favorite television shows. 

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