15+ Behind The Scenes Photos From 'Parks and Recreation' That Can Totally Change How You Know It

We could enjoy Parks and Recreation, an American political satire TV sitcom, for some years until its finale in 2015. During seven seasons, its creators, Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, entertained us with funny and gripping storylines that made us want more and more.

Well, it turns out that, after its last episode, the very same screenwriters behind it, Alan Yang and Aisha Muharrar, decided to post some pictures on their social network to remember all the seven seasons of the show. Let's take a look at them! 

1. Do you remember when park security ranger Carl Lorthner got his new security cart that was courtesy of Leslie? Here we have a picture of Samberg, O'Heir, Poehler, and Ansari right before that moment. 

2. In this picture, we can see Aziz Ansari, who played Leslie's sarcastic subordinate Tom Haverford, and Andy Samberg, who portrayed Carl Lorthner on some episodes of season two. 

3. Going to Washington for the first time is a crucial moment in anyone's life. Here we have Chris Pratt (Andy Dwyer) looking adorably thrilled for his experience. 

4. And how can we forget that meta moment of Amy Poehler with her character Leslie Knope? We can see that she was totally ready to become the President of the United States. 

5. Pratt looks in perfect shape as Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Now we know that his prepping time started with a push-up contest with Yang and Lorenzo on the set of season 4.

6. A significant moment during the sixteenth episode of the third season was the preparation of the funeral for Pawnee's famous miniature horse Li'l Sebastian. We will never forget it!

7. This detailed photograph of the Pawnee Goddesses cabin reminds us of all those funny moments that we watched Leslie's scout group in the wilderness for a weekend.

8. Having good actors is really important, but getting Joe Biden to play a cameo during season 4 is another level. He served as a Vice President during Obama's term, and he played himself in the show.

9. The Employment Enjoyment Summerslam Grill Jam Fun-Splosion was an annual event hosted by Leslie to thank her staff. Thanks to O'Heir's shirt, we can remember the list of all the games. 

10. When costume designer Kirston asked Poehler if she wanted something like this, she replied, "exactly that, please." She was ready to represent Leslie on her big day with Ben in her trailer.

11. The picture shows Nick Offerman with Tom, the pig he wanted to slaughter and then cook during season 5. His character, Ron Swanson, wanted to do it because of bacon. Meet your meat!

12. This is one of our very favorite Andy Dwyer's scenes. A little-known fact is that the phrase "I love you, and I like you" was borrowed from Rashida Jones' sweet papa.

13. We cannot forget Jim O'Heir's Jerry Gergich, who was one of the most critical characters throughout all the seasons. Here, we can see his desk all packed-up. Farewell, Jerry!

14. And talking about offices, we cannot ignore the last look on Leslie's desk. We certainly miss this place a lot, so now we can go and start sobbing!

 15. After many hilarious situations, on wedding attempt number two, Leslie and Ben finally got married. This image here just captured perfectly that beautiful moment in season 5.

16. Getting apart from people who you share so much time and experiences must not be easy. This cast was not ready to let go, and this picture is great proof. 

17. It's all about "Duke Silver". Here he is getting all warmed up in that jazz. "Duke Silver" was, in fact, Ron Swanson's stage name during his moonlighting as a musician.

18. And here we have a shot of a moment that cannot be forgotten. This is what occurred after shooting Two Parties episode, which was about Leslie's bachelorette party.

19. Chris Pratt had a fantastic episode. At first, we thought it was taken right from The Exorcist, but then we figured out it was another great plot of the series. This actor is amazingly funny!

20. And to save the best for the last, we can appreciate a wondrous photograph of the complete cast of Parks and Rec, including Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins) and Rob Lowe (Chris Traeger). Lovely!

We love you and like you, Parks and Recreation. Therefore, it is very refreshing to look back at the series that gave us so many good moments. Which one was your favorite one? Let us know in the comments below, but don't forget to share this article with other followers. 

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