A Star Is Born: Top 10 Behind-the-Scenes Facts That Make The Movie Even Greater

If you are a fan of the latest version of A Star Is Born, then we have everything you need to know about the movie starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The story follows a musician who falls in love with a struggling singer that has been disillusioned by the world.

They start dating, and many things happen in their relationship while the singer keeps becoming a star. This article will reveal the top ten unknown facts about this movie. We hope you let us know how you feel about it in the comments.

1. The star could have been Beyoncé

Knowing this is a bit weird because we just loved Lady Gaga in the role, but if Beyoncé had decided to get on board, that would have been astronomical. You probably know that this story has been versioned several times in the past.

Before this version saw the light, another interpretation of the story was in the works with Clint Eastwood as director, and Beyoncé would have been the female lead. “I did not think that I would ever get the opportunity to be the…star,” the singer said. Cooper would have still gotten the male lead.

2. The real performances

The budget of this film was around $35 to $40 million, and as music was the central part of the film, those scenes where they sang were during actual concerts. It would have been impossible to find as many extras as they really needed.

Thanks to Chris Kristofferson, the stars were able to get on a real stage on the artists’ Glastonbury Music Festival. Another concert they used was Willie Nelson’s, and Bradley told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that they only had about eight minutes to shoot.

3. Real life is not as different as the movie

As you know, Cooper’s character meets Lady Gaga’s role during a performance of La Vie En Rose at a drag club. According to the superstars, the scene was too similar to the way they met in real life, although they are both pretty famous in the entertainment industry.

They had only met a couple of times in the past, but once Bradley saw Lady Gaga performing that same song during a charity event in Los Angeles. Back then, the movie was still in production, and Cooper was looking for the perfect lead actress.

“It shot like a diamond through my brain. I love the way she moved, the sound of her voice.”

4. They gave a nod to Judy Garland

Before this year’s version, three movies had been released already. In 1937, Janet Gaynor acted opposite Fredric March. In 1957, Judy Garland performed next to James Mason, and in 1976, Barbara Streisand reprised the role with Kris Kristofferson.

There is a scene where Gaga mumbles through Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a song that rose in popularity thanks to Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. What a unique, but subtle, way of honoring one of the past leading ladies.

5. Cooper was no musician before this film

The Oscar-nominated actor showed that he had amazing performing skills, despite the fact that he never had musical experience. He studied guitar and piano after signing on for the character, and he got inspiration from Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.

Lady Gaga was blown away by how talented he was after watching him sing for the first time. “Oh my god, Bradley. You have a tremendous voice. Has anyone ever heard you sing before?” The singer could not stop praising her co-star.

6. A deep bond

Despite never knowing each other properly before working together on this project, Bradley and Gaga had a lot of heat, which made their passion on the film more real. The singer even revealed in an interview that when she met him, she said, “Have I known you my whole life?”

They actually made their own words so that their work would be better. For example, Bradley would say that word “Tony” to Lady Gaga, and that brought deep feelings for the actress because of Tony Bennet. Words like “Ninja” and “Assasin” were uttered when Gaga had to be absorbed.

7. Willie Nelson’s son was responsible for some of the soundtrack

In 2016, Cooper attended a Neil Young concert, and the backup bassist was Lukas Nelson, best known as Willie Nelson’s son. The actor was so captivated by his talent that he said that for the first time in his life, his eyes strayed from Neil Young to the guitarist.

It seems like talent runs in the genes. Lukas Nelson and his band, Promise of the Real, act as Jackson’s band, and the guitarist wrote some songs for the film. Later on, Lady Gaga sang backup for Lukas’ 2017 album.

8. Bradley might have tanned too much

The actor was centered on looking like a real cowboy rock star. Every two weeks, Bradley had a tanning appointment, and he got the full-body experience. He would also wake up and use Vita Liberata’s tanning treatment, makeup, the Tom Ford Bronzer and more.

According to makeup artist Ve Neill, "On the days he was supposed to look really messed up, I'd stipple in a glazing red gel at the top of his eyelids and bottom of his lash line, so it looked like he'd really been up all night drinking."

9. They used real people not just extras

In the same way, they decided to shoot the concert scenes at real music festivals, Cooper and the executives wanted the film to feel as real as possible. Therefore, instead of employing actors for tiny roles, they decided to get real people.

The chosen ones were often friends of the actors. Lady Gaga’s hair and makeup stylists appeared as the main female lead’s own beauty people. Additionally, the dancers and choreographers in the movie were the singer’s private crew.

10. Makeup scandal

There is a scene in the film where Bradley asks to touch Lady Gaga’s nose, and it became a controversial topic. During screen tests, the actor took out a makeup remover and wiped Gaga’s face with it, taking it all away and telling her that he did not want her in cosmetics.

Fans took offense to these comments, and they said that a man has no right to tell a woman what to do. However, in the first remake of the film, the male lead removes the lady’s makeup, so Bradley probably wanted to reinvent it.

What did you think of these facts about the new version of A Star is Born? Did you enjoy the movie and the soundtrack? We would like to know your opinion so leave a comment below, and share this article with all your friends who love Lady Gaga.

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