25 Ideas That May Seem Silly But Are Actually Super Smart

There are hundreds of things in the world with a very definite purpose, but this does not mean that things cannot be used for something else, with some ingenuity and creativity. Regardless of how it looks, the important thing is that it fulfills its function and allows us to make our lives a little easier, or solve a problem. In this list, you will see many ideas that seem stupid, but they can be great.

25. A true Knight of Fried Foods knows how to protect himself when he has to overcome chicken wings that resist his hunger.

24. The new trend in backpacks that will arrive next summer will save you many extra expenses.

23. The important thing is to do the work and to do it in the best, and most comfortable, possible way with a smile.

22. When you want to take your wife for a walk, but it's enough for a luxurious vehicle, you can solve the situation with a Club car and a shopping cart.

21. If your hands are too busy to hold your burger and you cannot stop working, we have the solution.

20. You do not have to worry about washing the dishes if they are not dirty. This is called a genius! 

19. If you cannot get your hands off the control of the console, but still want to go out and do some exercise with your friends.

18. An interesting, and somewhat lazy, way to continue working without getting away from your precious and soft bed.

17. Do you think that this car has something different? Yes, we also realized that the logo of the brand is upside down and they must repair it.

16. We understand this guy's idea, but I do not know how safe, or healthy, it is to breathe air from a container that was filled with flammable gas.

15. Ok, this idea is excellent! Why has anyone thought of it before? We would save a lot of money on the beach.

14. It is an interesting and practical way to continue preparing lunch when you do not have pasta colander.

13. When you wet your shoes and need to dry them quickly, you can build one of these "automatic shoe dryers".

12. If the office closed and you have nothing to do with the old office drawers, you can turn them into an oven and cause a sensation in your block.

11. Although it looks a bit complicated, it is a way to adapt your bike to fight against the inclement weather and the snow season.

10. You do not have to get rid of your broken boots if you can find them a practical purpose somewhere in the house.

9. If you want to make sure your bathroom brush does its job well; you can increase its cleaning force a bit in this way.

8. I do not think it's the most effective way to protect your car, but it's better than nothing!

7. This union was written in history, sooner or later someone would think of something to do with the old bicycle pedal.

6. If you need to wear a pair of shoes that are too big you can put a pair of sanitary pads on them. Also, they help to avoid sweat and bad smell.

5. Did you just move into a new house and still have not been able to buy a new bin? You do not have to worry as long as you have a bench.

4. It is not a definitive solution, but if you need to save a little money you could prove how effective this replacement is.

3. A way to protect yourself from any accident, collision or some puncture while on the way to work.

2. Wing mirrors are essential to drive safely and avoid any kind of accidents, but this is a bit of an exaggeration.

1. A fork can be a very useful alternative when the handle of the door breaks and you need to solve the problem.

All are interesting ideas that can serve provisionally, although some are somewhat exaggerated and can even be seen as something dangerous. The important thing is to solve the problem and make life easier, even if it is not very aesthetic or practical, so the next time you need to solve a situation like this, use your ingenuity!

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