20 Photos That Show Unexpected Things Discovered Via Google Maps

Google Maps is an interesting tool from the Google family where you can virtually see almost every place of the world. For this very same reason many times people have seen some unusual things while using Google Maps, some alarming and others creepy. So, let’s see which are the most unexpected things discovered using this website.

20. This was found in 2009, can you see what it says? It's pointing to "a hole".

19. This is the view of an aeronautical museum and it's awesome to see how many planes they have there. 

18. This was seen in the Atacama desert and it has many, many years old.

17. This was made by Coca-Cola in a mountain from Chile to celebrate their 100 anniversary. 

16. That cruise among buildings is a shopping mall from Hong Kong. 

15. This can be seen only from afar and is in the Kyrenia Mountain. 

14. This house can be seen on Google Maps and it has an amazing maze with the shape of a footprint.

13. Someone was using Google Maps and suddenly found this on the shore of Whitstable, Kent. An enormous crab!

12. With the aerial view of Google Maps, you can see this play site in Spain based on the travels of Gulliver.

11. These pyramids were found in Antarctica and it shocked everyone.

10. This image made some scientist think that South America separated from Antarctica due to a meteorite.

9. At first, this image freaked out some people but then it was found that it was made by an eccentric architect. 

8. This floating pontoon can be seen even from space!

7. This is how it looks a big cemetery in Iraq with the aerial view. 

6. Believe it or not, this is an abandoned movie theater in the Sinai's desert. 

5. A lot of people thought this was a giant snake but it wasn't anything more than a wake in New Zealand.

4. The street view captured this man with a cat on his head. 

3. The page glitched and gave this curious view as result. 

2. This image scared some because it looks like an alien on the moon. 

1. And finally, definitely, this is one of the most particular images ever captured by Google Maps and its Street view.

Google Maps is a very interesting page that you can use and also find curious images too. Also, you can walk the streets and have the experience of walking them by yourself. Go search for something! The next one in finding a weird image may be you.  

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