20 Times People Won A True Food Lottery Out Of The Blue

Occasionally, luck is on our side and we get more than we were expecting in the first place. The following people on the list were lucky enough to receive a little surprise in the form of food. Some of them got extra cookies and some got the perfect fruits. Take a look.

20. This man found one green grape that was actually eight grapes meshed together. Why does this happen?

19. This is a sign of luck! Five peanuts in one shell. Finding three is rare but this is the Holy Grail.

18. One man's wife found this in her bag of Skittles. Guess she can taste the rainbow all in one bite.

17. Many people don't know that there are eggs that come with two yolks. So this was a surprise for the people that made them.

16. A green pepper growing inside a red bell pepper. The more the merrier! 

15. This lucky person got three pizzas for the price of two. You've got to love when human error works in your favor.

14. This malfunctioning vending machine definitely worked for this lucky person! Gotta have them all!

13. This twin banana happens more often than you think. Either way, it's probably a sign of luck.

12. Normally, factories work to separate the faulty products like this huge sour patch kids but you've got to love when they sneak in.

11. We all dream of this perfect avocado. More of this delicious fruit means more guacamole for nachos.

10. This lucky person found a tiny tangerine within a tangerine. It's like a little baby. 

9. Another dream fruit in the form of a watermelon without seeds. In the future, all watermelons will probably look like this.

8. This is a gift from the Gods. It's probably the biggest fry in history. I would've measured it.

7. This lucky person found the strangest shaped kiwi but that only means that it's more fruit in one piece. Yummy!

6. Another huge fry but this time, it's curly. This lucky person had to thank the Gods for this deliciousness.

5. This lucky woman found a big blackberry. Was it sweeter than the others? Probably not, but bigger is always better.

4. Another huge fruit in the form of a strawberry. It's almost as big as this man's palm. We wonder if it tastes different.

3. This man found a huge potato wedge. We didn't know that potatoes could be this big. That's probably why there are huge fries also.

2. This is another gift from the universe and human error. Thank you, factory workers, for giving this bonus.

1. A Kinder egg with a double chocolate layer. It's a double surprise on the inside!

These are simply wonderful surprises. Maybe they are gifts from the universe that knows that you needed something to cheer you up on a bad day. Either way, we love seeing these weird occurrences and getting special treats in the form of food.

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