25 Times People Would Wish They Have Had More Carefully Asked For Gifts

Not everyone has the same taste in gifts because we’re all different. Many people don’t even know how to give good gifts. The following people received some weird gifts that they simply had to share online. Some of them are great, though. Take a look.

25. This present/prank could be funny depending on your girlfriend. Some girls would not appreciate this at all.

24. Nothing is better than getting roses as presents. Four is the best number too.

23. A mug that predicts the future...or maybe suggest drinking from it to take more breaks during the day?

22. Coworkers wanted to cheer their friend up. Might be a bit too much, though. But they're pink so it's ok.

21. Hurricane Irma brought this man a present in the form of a trampoline. This happens more often than you imagine.

20. As time goes by, we get younger, not older. This mom's kids know how to please her.

19. This is a sassy present or an excuse to touch someone. Either way, it's a cool shirt.

18. It seems that cat-related gifts are always appreciated. This is a pretty cool shirt, where can we get one?

17. This welcome mat is weird but it's also pretty cool. We would love to have this in our house. 

16. This teacher received a weird present from her students for her wedding. Guess she should focus on 'her children are ever part of her.'

15. This man wanted a cute picture of their dog for his wife. This is the result because the dog was scared. 

14. Your best friend knows you perfectly. To the point that she wants to remind you to stop making bad decisions.

13. You beg your partner for a dog and receive this on Christmas. Best present ever!

12. Some girls want the biggest rock in the world as an engagement present. This was clearly taken too literally, though, it's pretty clever. 

11. Mugs with pictures have always been great presents. This girl clearly got the funniest childhood memory.

10. Your friend Joel clearly needed a specific answer. How is a spatula a gift? Unless you're a chef.

9. You have to love people that love themselves. This guy clearly likes having T-shirts of himself. It's pretty funny.

8. Are we living in a 'Game of Thrones' ere where 9-year-olds get a sword? It's pretty, though.

7. A proud parent giving his kid a special gift. You have to love this dad's sense of humor. You better not spend it all in one place.

6. His parents said, 'Happy Birthday, we've had enough of you. Bye!' Not the most subtle hint.

5. These T-shirts are great presents for pet owners. From the look on this girl's face, she loves it. Can't say the same about the cat, though.

4. This is the weirdest present/prank ever. A food container that has an iPhone box that contains food. It's also quite genius.

3. This is a present we would all love because sometimes mornings are just too difficult to rush.

2. The perfect gift for any teacher that has seen some questionable answers on every exam.

1. Thoughtful parents gave a teacher this wine bottle. You've got to love their honesty and their sense of humor.

Next time, it would be best to tell people what you want for Christmas or your birthday. Unless you love these weird moments with strange presents. We have to admit that most of them make the Internet smile so it's not a total waste of time.

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