Here Is How Avengers Are Expected To Come Back To Life In 'Avengers 4'

The end of Avengers: Infinity War seemed like a cruel joke from Marvel at the theater, but it has been the most talked about movie in years, so clearly they did a good job with a such an unexpected finale. However, we know that most of the characters that died due to Thanos’ snap are going to be brought back, and here’s how.

The MCU won’t give up on new superheroes

We know that Spider-Man, Black Panther, and even Doctor Strange cannot be gone for long, as they are some of the additions to the MCU. Realistically, we know that the actors have already signed on for more movies, so they need to be revived immediately. The interesting part is how the remaining superheroes will accomplish this feat.

It cannot be a coincidence that some of the people that survived Thanos’ snap were, in fact, the original Avengers. Almost everyone else was disintegrated, so it’s up to the old-timers to save everyone once again, which makes sense considering that these actors built the MCU to what it is today, and most of them are saying goodbye to the franchise.

According to reports, Avengers 4 will mark the beginning of phase four in this wonderful saga, centering on the newer characters while the original ones take a back seat or disappear after battling the Mad Titan. Right now, there are many theories, but not much else is known about the story in the next installment, though we can always draw some conclusions from the comic books.

Soul Stone

The fateful moment when Thanos completes his mission, gathering all the stones to complete the Infinity Gauntlet and making his desires come true, he is sent to the Soul World. That is the orange place where he reunites with a young version of Gamora, whom Thanos’ killed to obtain the Soul Stone. The souls of our heroes could be trapped in that world.

One of them is none other than Doctor Strange, and he has the ability to open portals into the multiverse to travel to several different realms. Now, we are not saying that he could bring everybody back using a portal or even himself, but he might be able to travel to the Quantum Realm. Hank Pym could also help the wizard in this task.

They could possibly reunite with Scott Lang and work towards getting everyone out this way. Although that’s a lot of people – and beings – that would require assistance. Another option would be Doctor Strange’s astral projections, which he could use to send messages to the rest of the Avengers and find a way to help everyone locked in the Soul Stone.

Doctor Strange vs. Adam Warlock

Most people assume that the wizard will be the one who opens the escape hatch because the comic books featured another hero named Adam Warlock, but he is not part of the MCU yet, so another person should take his role. In case you do not remember, his character was teased in the post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

After Ayesha destroyed the Sovereign’s fleet in her fight with the Guardians, she becomes afraid of retaliation, so she comes up with a solution fitting to people obsessed with DNA. She made a birthing pod, and in it, she formed a being named Adam, who in her words is “more capable of destroying the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Theories on the internet state that Adam could appear in the next film out of the blue and save the day, but this does not sound like the MCU we have gotten to know after a decade of movies. Therefore, other fans believe that Doctor Strange will fill the warlock’ shoes. He is an important character in Marvel comics, but we do not think they will introduce him in Avengers 4.

More characters

If you thought that Infinity War was the biggest MCU crossover film, wait for the next one. It’s speculated that even more characters will appear next year than this year’s biggest motion picture. Some of the big heroes in the story were not seen much in the last film, but the next installment could be the place to shine.

It would be very interesting for the creators to make Doctor Strange a big player, especially because he used the time stone to saw all the possible futures of their battle with Thanos; more than 14 million and our heroes survive in one. Captain Marvel could also be the universe’s savior, though she will still be a new addition to the franchise.

Luckily, we are going to have her origin story before Avengers 4, and it fits because she could be the one to defeat Thanos in the end and has been described as “the most powerful in the MCU”. As for Adam Warlock, the saga would be better off introducing him, later on, like in the next Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

A new theory: Odin and the Infinity Stones

Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange might not be the only ones who could help change this mess. According to an online theory, Odin collected the stones a thousand years ago, but due to their immense power, he gave them up. However, he was in possession of the Soul Stone before it went to Vormir, and he might have seen Thanos’ actions with the help of the Time Stone.

If this is true, then maybe Odin did something to the Soul Stone, ensuring that the people that the Mad Titan wanted to snuff out were safe, but eventually they would need to get out of there, so he made a pathway of sorts. This theory also says that his soul could have been sent to the Soul Stone after his death in Thor: Ragnarok, which looked oddly similar to the dust everyone became.

Odin could help the characters inside the Soul Stone in many ways or might know how to destroy it from inside. However, if he is in fact in the Soul World, Thor’s visions of his father could have been real, revealing that the God of Asgard has the ability to communicate with those outside the stone as well. Sadly, we won’t know until next year.

What did you think of this theory? Could Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel save the day? It’s hard to imagine new people helping our heroes, but maybe that would work too. Could Adam actually appear? If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are trolling sub-Reddits for more theories. See you next time!

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