6 Reasons Why People No Longer Enjoy Watching "The Walking Dead"

The Walking Dead stopped the world back in 2010 when it premiered. Television lovers adored the post-apocalyptic horror series that almost made them turn into zombies themselves and created an unquenchable hunger for more episodes and seasons. The next day at work, everyone talked about what happened to Rick Grimes, or what gripping storyline the show conveyed. 

Without a doubt, the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comics turned into a must-watch. However, the production took a drastic and gloomy turn. Little by little, The Walking Dead began to lose favor with fans, but the question is: why? That is precisely what this article is about. Keep on reading to discover the reason, but we have to warn you that there may be some spoilers. Let's get started! 

1. The characters

As a TV show, figures are one of the crucial elements, and TWD hasn't lacked in them. But sadly, the writers have struggled with a high number of unfortunate newcomers. Many characters have been squandered, walking away just when they got interesting or without being developed, while another significant amount has lingered for too long without a purpose. Let's first consider Beth Greene to explain the last point. 

She was first depicted as a farm girl but then turned into many other people. The character started to be intriguing when she became the caretaker of a corpse, but shortly after, she was depicted as a sort of mini-spy during her time at the hospital. We also have another excellent example with Father Gabriel Stokes. We totally get his purpose during the earlier seasons, but then all he does is to backstab his brethren.

As Beth, it seemed as if the writers did not know what to do with him. On the contrary, we could see really fascinating figures like T-Dog, Dr. Denise, or Noah, but they were taken out too soon, even before they had a significant impact on the fans of the show. This, in turn, caused that viewers did not care about the most dramatic moments of the show since they did not develop a connection with some of the characters. 

2. Getting fooled

Series lovers enjoy getting surprised by unexpected twists in the storyline and events that make us want more. TWD has tried to do that but in very infuriating ways for the viewers. To keep the flame alive, the producers have played mind tricks that left everyone thoroughly disappointed. For instance, in season 6, Glenn is ambushed by a crowd of zombies, and the masterminds behind it crafted a plot to make people believe he had been eaten.

With the aid of close-up shots and camera angles, it seems as if Glenn screamed in agony while his guts were pulled out of his body. Some episodes later, it was unveiled that the zombies ate another corpse he had on top of him, and Glenn managed to escape. Producers did not learn that the cheap trick did not go down well with the public and did it again, and again. Another instance is shown in the penultimate episode of season six.

Blood splashes on the screen as Daryl is shot, but in the end, it was intentional misdirection. To top it all off, after that episode, the showrunners pulled another one on viewers when Negan smashed the skull of an unknown person. People spent the whole summer wondering who he was and coming up with theories based on the comics, camera angles, and more. When we knew the answer, it was even crueler than expected. 

3. Lucille

Watchers that were familiar with Kirkman's comics much anticipated the arrival of Negan and his barbed bat, Lucille. But on the negative side, his entrance also implied a goodbye to fan-favorite figures, and in season 7, we knew we were right. Glenn Rhee and Abraham, for instance, were victims of Lucille. Moreover, the play out of carnage was way too much to take, even for zombie lovers. 

And if that was not enough, showrunners disregarded the sensitivity of the two characters' friends, family and, of course, the audience. Spectators that were on the fence about the show that was built on gore used this occasion to quit it owing to the extreme violence and the vile Negan. Some of the scenes with the character and his infamous Lucille were too much for fans to bear.

4. Darkness

And talking about shifts, the production also had a considerable change in the tone. Of course, when talking about a horror series, it is expected to include a lot of chopped limbs, bloody wounds, and corpses. In its infancy, it also explored the intricacies of existence and analyzed human nature. But after Negan's arrival, it turned into a brutal show in which characters took pleasure in pain and torture; this malevolent tone was not well-received. 

5. Getting off the track

Considering the name of the show, the premise that was held at first was Rick and his gang trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world and outsmart the zombies, sacrificing anything to achieve their goal. But as seasons passed by, TWD struggled to keep things fresh. Fans easily predict what would happen next: Rick leads the crew to a safe place until hell breaks loose. Then, someone dies, the gang mourns and then move on. 

Nobody expects that, with this type of cycling storytelling, fans can endure. On the other side, the series was about the undead, with Michonne's samurai slaying or Daryl's groundbreaking tactics to defeat zombies. But all that just decreased dramatically. The series then dedicated too much time to characters expressing their feeling, and Rick's ring fighting other crazy human foes. In a nutshell, the TV show lost focus. 

6. Robust competition

To add to its hurdles, TWD has had a fierce rivalry from other shows like iZombie or Z-Nation that satisfy zombie lovers' thirst but are less grim and gory. These opted for light-hearted versions of the undead, adding a little fun to the plots. This better balance of moods has genuinely gone down well with the audience, and perhaps that is why these shows are having a better time. Fans have had enough after eight dark and dreary seasons of TWD

How about you? Did you also call it quits on the show? Were you demotivated by one of these aspects? Now we understand why The Walking Dead had a dramatic drop in popularity among TV viewers, and maybe, nothing can save it from that rock bottom it has already hit, don't you think? Tell us your thoughts and share this article with others that used to love the program. See you next time!

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