50 Artists Pay Tribute To The Late Legendary Comic Book Creator, Stan Lee

For many of us around the world, November 12 was a sad day when we heard the news of Stan Lee's passing. At the age of 95, Stan was well-known for his creations and iconic heroes such as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, and many more. He has truly left a legacy behind and will be remembered by generations to come. 

If you look online today, you'll see that fans are paying tribute to this legendary man, and even Hollywood celebrities like Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. expressed their condolences. The superheroes that Stan created were definitely a huge part of our lives and many of our childhood. Even though he has passed away, his memories are of a warm, loving and kind creative genius, who will live on through us. 

So let's have a look at some of the amazing artwork that best tribute and honor Stan Lee! 

1. This portrays how happy Stan was, and his creations truly admired him for giving them life. Look how adorable they look! 

2. Wow, this is rather an emotional piece, but absolutely beautiful! Stan slowly disintegrates into ash after Thanos' snap, leaving us with a bit of light sadness.

3. This is a humble piece, showing the respect all the superheroes have for their creator. 

4. Wow, this is actually heart-warming and a bit sad. Stan is finally with his wife who passed away a year ago. Now they are finally together in the cosmos. 

5. This is more on the lighter side, and yes, we fully agree! Stan was amazing at creating his Marvel Universe because we all love it. 

6. You'll see many Spidey tributes, and this one is rather sweet. A warm farewell hug from his most famous superhero who looked up to Stan. 

7. Here's some awesome digital art - Spidey has a picture of Stan on his mobile.

8. This is a cute picture of a kid dedicating his work to Stan. Many of us were inspired by this great man and will continue to honor him.

9. This is an impressive illustration and very well detailed. Digital art has brought out some stunning creative pieces. 

10. Spider-Man and Stan are walking together one last time. Excellent as well.

11. Ah... Here is one where Stan gets taken to the heavens by Thor. What an awesome way to travel, don't you think?

12. The colors are rather fitting for the gloomy atmosphere in this one. Showing how the loss of a great man can put a damper on life for a bit. 

13. High-fives all round for Stan the Man! This is a nice piece and has a happy feel to it as well. 

14. Here is one that is a little sad, as we see the superheroes standing around an empty desk where their creator once seated

15. Wow! Here's a super colorful one. Really love the energy in this picture. Of course, two sexy ladies are side-by-side with Stan as usual. 

16. These remind us of Funko toys. They're adorable, don't you agree? They should make some collectibles like these. 

17. The black n' white images are always beautiful with the variations of shading. This is a lovely picture. 

18. We had to laugh at this one. Remember Stan's cameo in Avengers? He was so upset that Tony failed to recognize him twice, that he deliberately called him Stank instead of Stark. 

19. Here's a little one that pays tribute to all the memorabilia that honor Stan. This is a nice one as well. 

20. This one is rather funny. Spider-Man is going to rescue Stan and bring him back to his family in the MCU. Very cleverly thought!

21. This is a great picture as well. Makes you wonder, was Spider-Man really Stan in disguise? Hmmm...

22. Stan Lee served his country in the war, and this is a beautiful piece that pays tribute to his service and cameos. 

23. Here is another cartoonish piece that shows how loved Stan was and his superhero creations were more like his children. 

24. This really fits the part! Great piece to honor the Man! They even included his tag-line.

25. This is a fantastic piece! It's so beautiful with all the colors, and if you look closely, those splashes of color are actually superheroes coming to life. 

26. Silhouettes are always great as well, and this is a lovely piece of art where Stan moves onward to his next journey. 

27. Yes, if there were ever a king of MCU, it would be Stan. Here he is sitting on his well-deserved throne. Very creative, don't you agree?

28. This is lovely. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it, and this is a beautiful, warm piece. 

29. This one makes us think that it's possibly Stan behind the mask because Spidey is holding a pair of his glasses. Great piece! 

30. This is amazing because it has all the movies and dates that were created by Stan. We think it's really fantastic. 

31. When writers are busy at their typewriters creating characters, it may seem these personas are standing behind them, patiently waiting for their next move in the plot. 

32. Here's a nice little rough sketch. No matter the medium, this is also a wonderful tribute to add to the collection. 

33. Here's a different kind of style to pay tribute to the legendary Stan. 

34. Another Spidey picture to show that Stan will be greatly missed by all. 

35. Stan was definitely looked up to as a father figure by his characters, and this is a warm-hearted picture of him and one of his superheroes saying goodbye.

36. No need to be technical or dramatic, because this is a great stenciled piece of work. 

37. Here's another jaw-dropping, colorful picture showing all the color and life that Stan's Universe gave us. 

38. This is rather adorable! Mini-Stan the Man! That, of course, is Spidey, holding him up. 

39. This sketch is a masterpiece. Just imagine how long it must have taken to draw! 

40. This one is fitting for the season and shows Spider-Man holding onto the memory of Stan.

41. The Creator picture, but a Stan Lee version. We love this one! 

42. This is is plain and simple, yet sends the message across. 

43. If you were to image Stan in all his glory and part of his superheroes, this would be it! 

44. Another amazing sketch adaptation. Great picture of The Man! 

45. Here is one of Stan in his creative mode, as always. Great picture. 

46. This is a rather awesome smudge effect. It shows how Stan splashes out in color with his amazing characters. 

47. This is really a brilliant piece. We love how the characters are zombified in the background and Excelsior sits on his throne with a huge grin. 

48. We can never get enough of those sketches. Here's another great piece to honor the legend.

49. Unusual one for you. If you look closely, you can read the pictures. Great idea! 

50. Finally, we come to our last entry in this tribute, and it's an adorable picture of the sad superheroes left behind. 

Wow, these are amazing pieces of art, and we are sure Stan Lee would have been impressed and appreciated all the love and dedication his fans have for him. We really hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as we loved sharing them with you.

We'll never forget Stan Lee and his fantastic work. Remember to share this with your friends and family, and if you have any drawings that you've created to honor Stan, share them with us! Keep up-to-date with us for more memorable moments.

Bonus - someone drew this touching piece to remind us how much Stan missed his wife for the past year. Try not to cry too much.

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