Game Of Thrones' Cast Killed Off: Where Are They Now?

Some time ago, when watching a television show, we always knew that a particular character would never be killed off, but Game of Thrones changed the game completely. Many protagonists have died over seven seasons, and you are probably wondering what the actors are doing now. The following article will answer that question, so let’s get into it.

Sean Bean – Ned Stark

The patriarch of the Stark family should have heeded Tyrion Lannister’s advice when he said that the Hand of the King does not live long. His beheading was awful, especially considering it was Joffrey’s doing. Sean Bean was a tremendous actor before his time on this show, and you might remember him from Lord of the Rings.

He played Boromir who looked eerily similar to Ned. However, you might also know him as the villain in GoldenEye, Clear and Present Danger, and The Island. The actor became a meme because he was killed in almost all his roles; he has been stabbed, shot, beaten, hanged, thrown from a roof by Pierce Brosnan, and he got killed in season one of GOT.

Fortunately, Bean is doing much better in real life and has moved on to shows like The Oath and Legend, though it got canceled. He was nominated for Accused at the International Emmys, and he has moved on to play a priest on Broken. Clearly, there have been series where his character was not killed, so we’re glad for him.

Rose Leslie – Ygritte

The wilding woman became Jon Snow’s love interest for a while, and when he betrayed her, it was horrible, but her death was even worse, although we know that the author would not make one of the remaining Starks marry a free folk girl. Meanwhile, the actress starred in horror films after the show like Honeymoon and Sticky Notes.

She also had an appearance on the spin-off series of The Good Wife titled The Good Fight. Furthermore, Rose made a pretty great commitment this year. Her character may not have landed the man, but Rose did in real life as she married Kit Harrington in a lovely ceremony near Wardhill Castle, on a property owned by her father.

Some of her fellow GOT actors attended the wedding, of course. Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, and Emilia Clarke were there, and fortunately, this wedding did not resemble any nuptials from the show. Some of our favorite characters died on the Red Wedding, but the most hated character died on the Purple Wedding, much to everyone’s delight.

Jack Gleeson – Joffrey Baratheon

This actor deserved all the accolades in the world because everyone hated him with an unmatched passion. Even author George RR Martin congratulated him, “Congratulations on your marvelous performance, everyone hates you.” Everyone celebrated his death and GOT fans remember that episode as one of the best in history.

Luckily, Gleeson is nothing like his on-screen role, but there is a reason why no one has heard much from him since he left the series. The 21-year-old is currently focusing on his career, pursuing a degree in philosophy and theology at Trinity College in Dublin and taking a step back from the limelight. “I’ve been acting since age 8. I just stopped enjoying it as much as I used to.”

Richard Madden – Robb Stark

His time on the show ended at the Red Wedding when supporters of the Lannisters went against him, and Roose Bolton killed his pregnant wife. After leaving, he moved on with small roles in de’Medici and Oasis, but his most significant role was Prince Charming in the Disney live-action movie, Cinderella. There was even talk that he could be the next James Bond, but Daniel Craig is not over yet.

Pedro Pascal – Prince Oberyn

We all wanted to see this character complete his mission of avenging his family’s death, but he got his head smashed in by George “The Mountain” Clegane, even though we all thought he had won. He moved on to play Javier Peña in Netflix’s Narcos and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The actor will star next to Gal Gadot in next year’s Wonder Woman.

Kristian Nairn – Hodor

Just when Hodor was dying, we discovered the truth about his life and how it was all connected to his role in protecting Brann. His bravery despite his mental incapacity made his death even more tragic. In real life, Nairn is a house DJ and made a tour called Rave of Thrones, which sounds like so much fun, we wish to see him sometime.

“I’ll always say a ‘Hodor’ right at the end [of a set] because I think I’d probably get lynched if I didn’t."

Iwan Rheon – Ramsay Bolton

It is hard to decide whether Ramsay is more hateful than Joffrey, but we can all agree that his death was just as satisfying as the Purple Wedding scene. Since leaving the show, the actor has kept working on television on series like Vicious, Riviera and even Marvel’s Inhumans. Aside from acting, he is also a musician who named his latest records after his girlfriend.

Jason Momoa – Khal Drogo

He was definitely an iconic character in the show despite dying in the first season, though we were glad to see little flashes of him in the last season. Meanwhile, the actor is doing fantastic in real life, as he landed the part of Aquaman in Justice League, and his solo movie premieres in December, but Jason actually kept his role a secret for five years.

Michelle Fairley – Catelyn Stark

The matriarch of the Starks had to see her son, daughter-in-law, and future grandchild die in the Red Wedding before she was killed. You might remember her from her small role in Harry Potter as Hermione’s mother, and she was Margaret Beaufort in White Princess. However, she is currently working on theater in Julius Ceasar.

Aidan Gillen – Little Finger

This is another character no one was sad to see go, though we did not hate him as much as Joffrey. It was surprising that he survived for so long. The actor appeared in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, and Peaky Blinders. You might also want to check out the new movie Bohemian Rhapsody, where he plays Queen’s manager, John Reid.

He is also working on a new sci-fi show called Project Blue Book and the role of Josef Allen Hynek, an astrophysicist known for working on UFO studios in the 60s. Gillen is the last character on our list, but we are sure that next season is going to feature the deaths of many of our favorite characters, and we will be here to tell you all about it.

Did you enjoy Joffrey and Ramsay’s deaths as much as we did? Were you surprised to see these actors moving on with their careers? We imagine that a show with such popularity can launch someone’s whole career. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are dying for the season eight of Game of Thrones. See you next time!

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