15+ Times People Showed Zero Level Of Caring To What Others Think

People tend to calmly abide by the rules and regulations that society imposes. However, when our days get too hectic and harsh, we could switch to an I-don't-care mode to navigate life more smoothly. Below, we have a bunch of brave people that did things their way, and it is amusing to see. Take a look! 

1. Someone was on his way to work at 8:00 am and saw this dude. His commute must take forever, but he has it under control with a comfy blanket, snacks, and an exciting series.

2. We know that when Jack Frost comes to town to pay a visit, you must get your clothes ready for it. However, these two guys at the subway took it to a whole new level. 

3. People believe that cops are always severe and stringent people. But the officer in the photo proved that it is not like that all the time; nevertheless, he cannot complain if people start calling him a pig. 

4. The picture is an example of pretending to care about the security of a building. We are pretty sure that the security guard was asked to look for a lock, and he came up with this idea. No thief can break that!

5. The man who put that up is at the stage in which he does not care if he gets fired or not, regardless of his boss' threats. Anyway, a supervisor that does that is not one fun enough to work with. 

6. Neither the architects nor the owners of this house cared about the neighbors' comments, but as long as they don't play loud music at 3:00 am, everything is all good. 

7. Talking about motivation at the gym, this T-shirt is a great idea. We could definitely wear it, but after five minutes, we would be pouring water on us to speed up the process.

8. If you are brave enough to try this, you have to know that the client's real name was Tracy. Just remember that at least you have to make it rhyme, so it is not that obvious. 

9. When life gets too harsh, nobody can give you better support than yourself. Don't let any dirty look prevent you from finding happiness and comfort the way you want it. 

10. If you have never lost your luggage at the airport, you should feel lucky that it did not end up like this. Just imagine someone saying, "Sir, you can pick up your baggage outside before a raccoon gets it."

11. We bet that the designer of this was trying to create Frankenstein and changed his mind halfway. But after completing the piece, he just felt satisfied it was close enough to the real Marge.

12. Why do you have to pay tons of money to have an original Adidas piece of clothing when you can make it yourself? Besides, it is not as if someone is going to notice it...

13. This is what we call one good and productive worker. If one day you see your employees going too often to the photocopier, now you know what they might be doing. 

14. We all know that flying in economy class can be an uncomfortable experience since seats can lack in space. Well, this guy did what had to do to feel as comfy as possible. We cannot judge him!

15. This kid deserves a prize for creativity. He was asked to wear the most frightening thing an adult would be scared of, and he totally nailed it with his costume, simple but effective. 

16. This guy had his job interview on Halloween, so he decided to add an innovative touch to the meeting. We don't know about you, but we would definitely give him the job for creativity and boldness. 

As we could see, some people reach a point in which they just think, "what the heck; I am just going to do it," and forget about what people say. If that is not originality and bravery, then we don't know what would be. Have you ever done something similar? Share your experiences with us in the comment section! 

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