12 Most Likely Names For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Baby

It has been a momentous year for the British Royal Family. They had Harry and Meghan's wedding, Prince Louis' birth, the first same-sex royal marriage, and Princess Eugenie walking down the aisle a month ago. To add up to the list of cheerful events, we had the announcement of the firstborn for the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex. 

And after knowing that a royal is expecting, there is nothing better for people than to start betting on how the baby is going to be named. Today, we have compiled the best possible options for the newlyweds according to experts. Take a look and start tempting fortune with your best shot!

The couple's opinion

During their royal tour around Australia and other various countries, reporters did not miss the opportunity to question Meghan and Harry about their offspring's name. The former actress indicated they were given a long list of names but haven't thought of it yet as it is still early. 

They will have to sit down and take a look at the list to make their choice. Nevertheless, the rest of the world is one step ahead of the process since many experts have already claimed possible options. According to Pamela Redmond, the co-creator of a baby name website called Nameberry, Meghan and Harry have more flexibility. 

She further explained that, since their baby is not likely to sit on the throne as William and Kate's offspring, they have more freedom when it comes to naming their child. That is what happened to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson when they had Beatrice and Eugenie.

The flexibility lies in the fact that they don't have to go for monikers that kings and queens borne in the past. The former actress could assert her personal convictions and American background in the baby's name. Conversely, they could pay tribute to a beloved relative. With that in mind, let's take a look at some possible options for girls. 

1. Victoria 

Although they are not obliged to it, there is a long list of traditional names in the history of the British family. According to Ladbrokes, a betting site, the most likely choice is Victoria, perhaps as a homage to the late queen. Bear in mind that Elizabeth II is her great-great-granddaughter.

2.  Diana

This should not come as a surprise. William honored the name of his late mother and broke some royal ice in one of Princess Charlotte's middle names. However, Harry could use his freedom to pay full tribute to his progenitor, opting for Diana as the first name of a girl. 

The newlyweds proved in their wedding that they do care about keeping the Queen of Hearts' legacy alive. They used her favorite flowers, white garden roses, and crafted Meghan's engagement ring with some gems from Diana's personal collection as well. Choosing the Princess of Wales' name would be the jewel of the crown.

3. Alice

We have seen this moniker for a while every time a new royal baby is expected, and it has remained a favorite among bookies. It is a gorgeous name, and it has some pretty good royal pedigree. It is the name of not only Queen Elizabeth II's aunt but also Prince Philip's mother. 

4. Dorothea

Nameberry's co-creator predicted that a good bet is an extended form for the moniker of Meghan's mother, Doria. Additionally, Sophia-Dorothea was King George I's daughter; therefore, it has enough noble credibility. It also means "gift of God" in Greek, and an American feminist icon has it, Dorothea Dix. 

5. Sophia

If Meghan and Harry want a perfect bridge between British and American cultures, then the ideal name would be Sophia. Although it is a royal name, it is very trendy in the US as well. It means wisdom, and it is fashionable among feminist parents. Would Meghan and Harry fit that category?

6. Eleanor

Pamela also indicated that, like its forerunner, this name is both noble and feminist. It is an iconic moniker in royal circles. Eleanor was the wife of King Henry II. Moreover, we have Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the ex-president of the US. Now, if the stork delivers a boy, we also have some prospects. Take a look!

7. Albert

Ladbrokes places the name of the beloved husband of Queen Victoria as the runner-up. Albert did a great job as the Prince Consort of the well-known royal so his moniker could be a great option. However, this name is ranked in a much lower slot, 16 to be specific, in another betting site called Betfair. 

8. Arthur

This name was very popular as an option for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child. And people were not so mistaken since it was chosen as one of Prince Louis' middle names, and it is also one of Prince William's. Moreover, it could be a great nod to the legendary English king. 

9. Philip

And talking about a tribute to relatives, it would be great if one of the grandchildren of the Duke of Edinburgh picks his moniker for his or her new baby. The Queen's husband has been a remarkable Prince Consort, father, and grandfather, so we are pretty sure Harry would be honored to have a little Philip.

10. Spencer

Should Meghan and Harry have a baby boy, that would be no impediment for them to worship Princess Diana. Instead of using her first name, they could be using her last name. For instance, Spencer is the middle name of the British writer Winston Churchill, and it also refers to the classic American actor, Spencer Tracy. 

11. James

The cards for Kate and William's children also showed this name, and it has a lot of advantages. First of all, it is a royal name with pedigree, plus it is trendy in the UK. Moreover, one of Meghan's maternal great-grandfathers is called like that, and it is the name of Catherine's brother, so chances are high. 

12. Alvin

It is not our favorite, but the name could be enrolled in the British royal family's list. Pamela explained that it is Doria's father's moniker. Alvin Ragland was an antique dealer that gave his LA house to her daughter. It even has a significant meaning: noble friend, and it could be perfect for a great variety of nicknames. 

We cannot forget that, even though some options appear to be shoo-ins, our beloved royals are experts at bucking the odds. The youngest royal kid's name came in at 33/1 odds, and for this new offspring, the possibilities could change in the upcoming months. What's your best bet? Tell us in the comment section. 

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