Top 10 richest Country Stars: things they spend money on

Country music has become extremely popular, and there are millions of fans out there dying to know every intimate detail about their favorite singer. Do you ever wonder what the country stars spend their money on? Have you ever wondered who the richest music icons were and what their net worth adds up to?

These are some of the questions we look at today, and you'll be amazed! These stars sing about comforts, memorable times, both good and bad, and we take a look at some of the richest country singers who are estimated to be worth millions.

So, hold onto your cowboy boots and check out these famous stars in the making. 

10. Kenny Chesney 

Chesney has already recorded 20 albums with more than half ranked gold or higher. His net worth is estimated at $42 million. Most of his income comes from album and ticket sales. He is one of the most popular touring country singers, and his Flip Flop Summer tour was the highest net country road tour. 

Kenny typically earns $45 million a year, and he certainly knows how to spend it. His fancy mansion in Tenessee cost him a whopping $9.2 million. This dream home is an 11.143 square foot, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Another place he put on the market as posh property in the Virgin Islands for $7.9 million, and of course.

Being the country superstar that he is, he owns a few smaller estates in  Nashville. Chesney's stylish estate portfolio continues to grow. He bought a classy beach house in Malibu for $5.2 million. Living by the beach takes the most out of it, and he obviously agreed and purchased a lavish $3.7 million Reece Albertus yacht. 

9. Blake Shelton

Would you have ever thought that a small-town guy from Oklahoma would become a super coach for The Voice show, and get the title of one of the sexiest men in 2007? Shelton's net worth is around $60 million. This all comes from his singing, song-writing, and coaching.

His participation on The Voice has grown his net worth a lot, and he earns more than $13 million per season on the show, guiding his team. Shelton owns a 1200 acre ranch in Tishomingo, but after having his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, and her kids come around, he decided to purchase a $2.3 million estate as a wedding gift for her in the same area.

Wow! So, a beautiful ring was not enough for this couple. This is a luxurious Hawaiin style lakehouse with a great swimming pool and even has its own bar. His plans don't end there. He aims to open a restaurant and a brewery in Tishomingo as well. If Blake purchases one more home in that area, they may as well name it Sheltonville.  

8. Keith Urban

Urban is a successful country singer. So far, he won four Grammy Awards and is also coaching on The Voice Australia, judging on American Idol, and record sales contribute to his mindblowing $75 million net worth. It's no wonder that Keith can afford to buy a $39 million estate on the Upper East side for his wife, Nicole Kidman.

This is a 25-foot residence where Michael Jackson once lived. There is a pure golden interior design that has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Urban also has five classy cars with a total cost of $3.5 million. If you play the guitar, you may be interested in his very own guitar line. Yes, that's right! 

7. Reba McEntire

McEntire is the winner of a number awards and nominations. She has won 90 awards in her music and acting career, and was nominated for 200! Having a net worth of $95 million, it's not surprising that Reba lives in Beverley Hills.

Her house is estimated at $10 million. There is even a special room for her incredible hobby in her home. Can you guess what it is? She collects cowboy inspired boots and has more than 85 pairs, most of which were designed by herself. Not only is Reba stylish, but she is talented as well. 

6. Alan Jackson

Alan's net worth is also $95 to $110 million. Wow, these numbers keep rolling. Jackson is a living country music legend, mostly known for his honkytonk and traditional country sounds. He's sold millions of records worldwide and was introduced to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Jackson owns a fantastic 3.5-acre lakefront property on Center Hill. 

The house is valued at $5 million! The stunning complex contains an amazing Hampton-style mansion, bedroom cabin, or guest houses, seven garages and even a helicopter landing area. In addition to the deluxe property, Alan owns a great collection of antique cars and his love for automobiles has not gone unnoticed.

Ford agency offered Jackson a multi-million dollar contract to promote Ford trucks, and that's not his only extra income. He earns money from his unique collection of cowboy shirts and hats for the Cracker Barrel old country store, and a range of restaurants sell his specially released CD's, cowboy shirts and t-shirts, baseball caps and various home goods to name a few. 

5. Johnny Cash

Johnny is worth over $20 million because he's a true icon of the country-style music. Who wouldn't recognize the charming outlaw image he once had. Even after his death in 2003, he remains a music legend today, leaving behind a great legacy. 

Cash had five children, four daughters from his first marriage, and a son name, John Carter Cash from his second wife, but almost all the money was left to his son. This makes us wonder why he decided to leave the majority of his earnings to his son because his daughters only received $1 million each. 

Johnny's offspring tried to contest the announcement in court. His 4.5-acre estate is now on the market, with the expected price of $3 million. Is there really an estimation of a place where Johnny's greatest hits were written?

4. Garth Brooks 

Garth was named best-selling artist, putting him in line with The Beatles. For the record, he paid half of his net worth for a divorce settlement with his first wife. They were married for ten years and had three daughters, but his feeling for another country-singer, Trisha Yearwood, was stronger. 

No matter the consequences, Garth never abandoned his kids and stayed with them while they were schooling. Today, being a man of his word, he is selling a $3.5 million house in Oklahoma. It sure looks beautiful! He promised his wife, Trisha, that he'd move once his daughters graduated school. 

They are also selling their family next in Malabo for $7 million. It's a ranch-styled gorgeous house, with glass walls which include private access to Paradise Cove beach. It's a single story with a formal living room, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a breakfast recess, fitting 4200 square feet. 

3. George Strait

If the others were a bit high for you, Strait comes in at a staggering $300 million to $320 million net worth! George is considered to be the King of country, and not without reason. Unlike other country stars, his career did not start in Nashville.

At the age of 18, he was assigned to the U.S. Army, and started his career as a country artist with the help of an Army-sponsored band. By the time he finished his service, he was an experienced songwriter and performer. Today, Strait is one of the most influential artists of his style. He was even presented with Billboard's Legend of Life award. His net worth has increased to an estimate of $345 million.

He has a gorgeous 12.2-acre Doby estate in San Antonio which was on the market back in April this year. Although the price was not disclosed publicly, the estimation was at least $2 million. The mansion has 14 magnificent hand-sculpted fireplaces, one in each room. 

2. Toby Keith

Toby's net worth is $360 to $365 million and has been listed by Forbes as one of the highest paid country-stars. He was reported to have a net worth of just $65 million last year and has never made less than $48 million a year. Keith owns a $19.5 million property in Oklahoma.

It's a 160-acre ranch that has a huge 8900 square foot mansion and a two-story garage. It even has a 300-acre training facility for his newest passion, raising racehorses. He opened Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill (with a heart symbol instead of the word "love") in more than 15 states.

Not only is Toby a singer and businessman, but he's also a philanthropist. He helps to restore music education in disadvantaged U.S. public schools. Toby also cares about his musical career, but he also cares about the future of country music. 

1. Dolly Parton

Now, this is not surprising. Dolly's net worth is a jaw-dropping $500 million. She's known as a country-music living legend, and we can all agree. Forbes named her the richest female singer ever. Parton invested her money into a theme park, Dollywood, in Tennessee. 

It has $2.5 million visitors annually, even after 30 years. The park also features Dollywood's splash-country water recreation. An adult ticket for the day will cost you $67, and it's a fantastic 150-acre park that continues to expand. She's complimented it with a 300 room popular dream mall resort that cost her more than $300 million of investments!

What do you think about these outrageous earnings and expenses? We sure hope you enjoyed this county-loving scoop and remember to share this with your friends and family. Keep up-to-date with us for more country music updates and exciting news about the stars.    

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