9 Terrifying Stairways That Attract Desperate Visitors From Around The World

Normally, going up a flight of stairs is no problem, but there are several instances when this becomes a real challenge. We might suffer from vertigo or be afraid of falling, and that presents a real risk for many people. There are even sports that look for this situations, and athletes get more prolific at them all the time.

We are talking about sports like parkour, base jumping, and more, but none of them are as scary as the flight of stairs you will see in this article. We have no idea why anyone made them that precarious-looking, but the views from these places are spectacular. Keep reading to find out more about this, and we hope you enjoy this article.

1. The Rock of Guatapé

Also referred to as the Stone of El Peñol, this rock is part of the Andes Mountain range which extends over 3,371 km over several countries in South America. This landmark is located in Colombia, specifically, in the municipality of Guatapé, Antioquia. It features a set of stairs with more than 700 steps in a dangerous zigzag shape.

The steps adhere to the rock of the mountain. The first people who ever climbed to the top were a group of friends in 1954 who only had wooden boards as equipment. Nowadays, these place is very popular with tourists, and you can get there for a small price. We bet that you could probably take the best Instagram picture ever.

2. San Juan of Gaztelugatxe

This is an islet on Biscay that belongs to the municipality of Bermeo, Basque Country, and this flight of stairs has 241 steps, and if it seems familiar to you, it is because Game of Thrones shot several scenes at the spot. There’s a small chapel at the top, and a legend states that if you ring the bell three times you wish will come true, but lore also says the witches from the Spanish Inquisition were exiled there.

3. Mount Hua

These stairs are located near the city of Huayin in the Shaanxi province in one of the mountains considered the Five Great Mountains of China. They are not actually considered stairs because some steps are missing, and they have placed a couple of wooden boards with rails designed to hold on to. It’s over 2000 meters. The mountain itself is considered one of the country’s greatest tourist attractions.

4. The Haʻikū Stairs

They are also known as the Stairway to Heaven or the Haʻikū Ladder, and it’s an inclined hiking trail on the O’ahu island in Hawaii. There is a total of 3,922 steps that go over the mountain range called Oahu's Ko'olau. It’s also worth noting that its name does not come from the Japanese word that means poetry, Haiku. Instead, Haʻikū means Kahili flower.

Anyone who enjoys climbing, nature and adventure would surely fall in love with this scenery. However, there is a big caveat here because going up is actually forbidden, so this would be an illegal escapade. Government officials are still debating its reopening, but while we wait for that decision, you can take a look at the online photos.

5. Devil’s Cauldron waterfall

For this place, we have to look below Ecuador, where there is a waterfall in the Andes Mountain range. In fact, there are several waterfalls along the way of the Pastaza river in the province of Tungurahua. It is 80-meters high and almost 20-meters deep, and due to the beautiful greenery, it has become a popular tourist spot.

The hard is not going up, but rather going down because there is a high risk of falling down due to the water running the steps. You can travel on the pathway thanks to the plant signs, and reach the edge of the waterfall, overlooking the amazing scenery, but be careful because it looks crazily dangerous for normal people.

6. Machu Picchu

You might already be familiar with this famous landmark located in Peru, as it is one of the most famous mountain tops in the world. However, there are more than 3,000 stairs going up a whopping 2,400 meter in altitude. These steps were constructed more than 500 years ago and are usually, called “the stairs of death”.

We must point out that no one has actually died going up those steps, at least, in modern times. It’s one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, so you will have to pay a fee to walk up the flight of stairs, but everyone who has ever been there, calls it the most wonderful experience of their life. Nonetheless, it does look tiring.

7. Half Dome

This granite dome is located at the eastern part of Yosemite Valley in the national Yosemite Park in California. It is a natural formation of the soil, and one side is sheer while the other three sides are smooth, as if the dome was broken in half at some point. This flight of stairs covers 25 kilometers, and it was climbed for the first time in 1875.

These days, many people visit the park, while most go to the Half Dome in the summer. It’s a huge risk getting there, but safety measures have been taken to prevent anyone from getting hurt and to ensure the enjoyment of every tourist. The cable pathway might take a normal hiker approximately 10 to 12 hours to complete.

8. The Niesen

It’s a mountain peak located at the Bernese Alps in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland with an elevation of 2,362 meters. These set of stairs features more than 11,000 steps, with 3.5 kilometers in length and 1,669 in height. They are located next to the train tracks, so each step is actually really small, but this is considered the longest staircase in the world.

It is currently closed to the public, but every year, they open it for the Niesen Run, a marathon that goes through the range even though it is so dangerous. It’s a real testament to how beautiful the sights are because hundreds of people participate in the event. It would probably be one of the craziest experiences of your life.

9. Sagrada Familia (Church of the Holy Family)

This is an unfinished Roman Catholic Church located in Barcelona, Spain. It was originally designed by Antoni Gaudí more than 120 years ago, and his work is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features a narrow spiral staircase made out of stone. If you look up those stairs, you can see the shape of an eye. It’s a popular tourist spot and opens to the public all the time.

Would you ever try climbing one of these? Have you visited one of these sites before? They are definitely on our bucket list, but we won’t be climbing anything. We would like to see your opinion in the comments below, and please share this article with your adventurous friends.

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