21 Super Creative Design Solutions That Deserve A Medal Right Away

We have to thank designers for some of the greatest inventions of our time as they make our lives more comfortable, and sometimes, cooler. The following article shows some of the best objects that these people have come up with, and they're indeed one of a kind, so we want them now. Let's take a look. 

1. This bed comes on top of a platform, designed explicitly for conserving space, and it is a pretty look. Being on top will make you feel like a king or queen at nighttime. 

2. Any Star Wars fan will just love these special chopsticks. They are like lightsabers so that even while eating, you will know that you are one with the Force. 

3. If you know how Julius Ceasar died, or you like history, then this pencil holder will seem pretty funny to you. It would also be an excellent gift for a teacher. 

4. This restaurant needed more space, so they decided to make two-story tables. You would think that the people in the bottom booths might be uncomfortable, but everyone looks happy. 

5. This is not precisely a life-saving creation, but it's still a pretty great way to decorate your wall instead of just hanging the fire extinguisher on a blank space. 

6. This is a water bottle and a pill box all in one. It's such a clever idea, and it would probably suit all those people that have to keep on constant medication, like the elderly. 

7. Some albums might be a CD inside its case, but this vinyl record knows that people love buying smart products, so the black color of the disc fits with the cartoon woman's hair. 

8. This is the perfect can for people that love fishing. It's refreshing as well as instructional, so the people in the marketing department really deserve applause. 

9. In the daytime, this seems like a pretty dull sign for a company of caterers, but at night things change as the sign reveals another message. Who doesn't love Ceviche?

10. This is the perfect toothpaste tube for people that hate waste because it comes with its sliding key that will help get the product out. We love it!

11. We don't know exactly what the artist was trying to convey with this piece, but that use of the land to make it is pretty fantastic. Some people have all the ideas. 

12. This is the perfect bicycle rack for the library. It's that attention to details that separates designers from the rest of the world. If you love books, you'll think this is cool. 

13. Now, this is the best drawer for today's world. Technology has become such an integral part of our lives that we need to have an outlet everywhere we go. This is simple and organized. 

14. This is another fantastic idea for the local library. This picture shows the entrance to the kids' section of it, and we think it is absolutely brilliant. 

15. If you have ever been to an amusement park then you know that the lines are the worst. This is one of the lines at Hong Kong's Disneyland, and we are sure people are thankful. 

16. This is a staircase with an inspiring message. It promotes hard work as well as fitness because most people love using elevators to go everywhere.

17. Another entry for book lovers in this list. We see the collection of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire with a cool cover, reflecting some of the story. 

18. You might think that this is not the best work for a billboard, but it gets the message across and how desperately the company needs a graphic designer. 

19. Today's modern woman needs to have essential files with her all the time, so usbs come in all kinds of shapes, and this is one of the best we have ever seen. 

20. People who love sports will just adore this rock climbing wall on the side of the pool. When you reach the top, you can just let go for a refreshing splash. 

21. Sometimes getting a wire out the socket is hard, and most of us are scared of getting hurt, so this invention is practical, and it looks pretty handy too. 

What did you think about the designs on this list? Which one would you buy right now? We love that creations are inspired by our needs and for the sake of our wellfare. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love creativity. See you next time!

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