16 Times Meghan Markle's Style Was A Copy Of Diana's And People Love It

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Princess Diana of Wales may have a lot of differences, but they do have one thing in common: they are both royal fashion symbols. The People's Princess is acknowledged as one of the most stylish women of all time, not only within the blue-blood family but worldwide. On the other hand, we have Meghan who has been unveiling her clothing choices and gaining followers around the world. 

But you don't have to be eagle-eyed paparazzi to spot some parallelism in the way these two ladies dress. Therefore, now we wonder whether the Duchess unconsciously imitates her late mother-in-law's style or she does it on purpose to honor her. In some occasions, they even looked like twins, and to prove you that, we bring you some of those instances. Take a look at all the moments in which these two female royals matched their outfits. 

1. Pink off-the-shoulder piece

We saw Meghan wearing a blush pink off-the-shoulder dress by Carolina Herrera. Although it is probable that the Duchess of Sussex' clothing option for the Trooping the Color event this year was a bit controversial, she was not the first royal which such a decision. Her gown reminded us of the one her mother-in-law put on in 1987 for a night out at the Royal Ballet in Germany. Surprisingly, both Bardot necklines feature buttons. Coincidence? 

2. Navy blue lace dress

Meghan donned this Diane Von Furstenberg piece long before getting to know her current husband. Back in 2012, the former actress was promoting her TV show Suits in a USA Network event when she decided to don the dress. It was as if Meghan foreshadowed her royal association because Diana put on a similar gown when attended a gala performance of La Boheme in 1996 at The Royal Albert Hall.

3. Flowy blue print dresses

The loose-fitting gown by Oscar de la Renta was Meghan's choice for attending a family wedding with her hubby during the summertime of this year in England. The piece from the designer's 2018 collection made us remember the blue-and-white floral ensemble by Catherine Walker that Lady Diana donned during a visit to Saudi Arabia in 1986. The similarities in the colors and patterns are just amazing!

4. Structured white coats

Lady Diana's outerwear by Versace was seen in January 1996 when she was arriving at Brown's Hotel London for a luncheon hosted by the Association of American Correspondents. Meghan Markle decided to follow suit with a Canadian version for a very momentous event in her life: the announcement of her engagement with Harry back in November 2017 at Kensington Palace. The 750-dollar coat by Line the Label was sold out within minutes.

5. Oversized hats

Even with accessories, Meghan and Diana can be mistaken as sisters. Meghan went for a wide-brimmed somber headgear in London this year on Anzac Day service, a national day of remembrance for all those service people who died in wars, conflicts, and operations. In 1984, Lady Diana wore a black hat by Philip Somerville during Remembrance Day and a walkabout in Munich, Germany. 

6. Pinstripes

Back in 1991, the People's Princess donned a sleek pinstriped blazer on top of a navy blue shirt for a walkabout in Sheffield and Rotherham. It was evident that the Duchess also liked this particular pattern because she used it in a midi dress for the reception of the Commonwealth Youth forum earlier this year. The Altuzarra outfit looked as if it was tailored for Meghan, and we cannot miss out that both pieces featured button detailing. 

7. Classic jeans and white blouse

Even when being casual, these two royals are very alike. Prince Harry's mother kept it simple when she had to travel to Bosnia Herzegovina in 1997 to create awareness about landmines. She had 90s vibes with a white button-down and a pair of high-waisted faded jeans. When the former actress attended the Invictus Games last year with her then-boyfriend, Prince Harry, she wore a pair of jeans and a Misha Nonoo's husband shirt. 

8. Girls in suits

It is not common for female royals to wear tuxedos but the two girls in question dared to do it. The first one was Diana in 1986 when she wore a well-tailored pants suit by Jasper Conrad and paired it with a fuchsia bowtie. Twenty-two years later, her daughter-in-law put on a similar ensemble at the Endeavor Fund Awards. She combined her Alexander McQueen's pussy-bow bodysuit with a white blouse as well.

9. V-neck red dresses

Markle wanted to look fantastic when she went to Today show for a pre-engagement appearance in July 2016 in the city of New York, and she did it in a scarlet piece with V-neck. In the other picture, we can see the Princess of Wales at the premiere of Julie Walter's movie Just Like a Woman 24 years before. She went for a red silk gown designed by Victor Edelstein. She liked it so much that she wore it more than five times during her life. 

10. Going green

It is evident that Prince Harry's wife prefers neutral colors, but sometimes she steps out of her comfort zone to venture into a more colorful territory. For the Invictus Games of this year, Meghan wore a flowy midi dress by Self-Portrait that had a black pattern with a green background. This piece resembles Diana's dress by Catherine Walker during her trip to Saudi Arabia in 1986. 

11. Royal Ascot Attire

Much as most of the official royal engagements, the five-day horse race is steeped in tradition and has a stringent daywear code. So when Meghan had to attend for the first time, she opted for something similar to what Di wore back in 1995 for the same celebration. She wore a black-and-white outfit, and her daughter-in-law went for the classic color scheme in a Givenchy ensemble. For her mandatory fascinator, she selected one by Philip Treacy.

12. Looking fabulous in Glen Plaid 

Also called Prince of Wales Check, this is a classic yet elegant pattern that belongs to the royal family. So no wonder why the Queen of Hearts resorted to it when she had to look for a sleek skirt suit to travel through London's Paddington Station in May 1988. The American ex-actress added a modern touch with an off-the-shoulder jacket by Theory when she visited Cardiff, Wales in January of this year. 

13. Fashionable berets

Although for many of us a hat is a very unusual accessory in our closet, it is not like that for royal women. From extravagant fascinators to hats and berets, female royals really know what proper headwear means. In this case, Diana and Meghan both wore berets: Di donned a black one to the Braemar Highland Games, whereas Markle put on a white variation at London's Commonwealth Day service shortly before tying the knot. 

14. Halter neck dresses

When nature has favored you with a fantastic physique, the best way to show off your bone structure is wearing a halter neck. The gorgeous Diana exhibited one in an evening gown when she went to a reception at Spencer House in London. Harry's wife put on a floor-length white dress with bare shoulders for a much more special occasion: her wedding. Stella McCartney designed her reception gown. 

15. Getting triangular 

The first solo engagement as a member of the royal family is a momentous event, so it is understandable that Markle wanted to stand out. She definitely did it with a gorgeous black dress with a triangular pattern on the top for the opening of an art exhibit. It is impossible not to remember Princess Diana's instance in 1986 when visited Saudi Arabia. She donned a dress with a similar pattern but white with navy blue. 

16. Aquamarine rings

Going back again to the accessories, we have another piece that is common in these royals' closets. And the most shocking thing is that they both wore the very same ring. The English jeweler Asprey was responsible for creating the piece for Diana in the late 1990s, and she donned it in different engagements. Harry gave it to his wife, who put it on for her wedding reception on May 19 as her "something blue". 

After considering all those moments that Meghan Markle and Princess Diana matched their outfits almost identically, we are not sure if it was mere serendipity or if the former Suits actress is trying to follow in her mother-in-law's footstep. It is said that brilliant minds think alike, so perhaps that is the case here. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time! 

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