16 Times Fathers Show They Can Be Flash Fast When It Comes To Their Kids

We know how kids can be when they're at that young clumsy age. Once they reach the toddler age and start running around, parents always need to keep an eye on them. Some situations could have unfortunate consequences if the parents are not fast enough to prevent accidents, but thanks to these speedy dads, their immediate reactions could even be classed as heroic. 

Let's take a look at these superhero dads who are certainly on the ball when it comes to their little ones.

16. This guy became a star on the media when he saved his son from a flying baseball bat. Way to go Shaun Cunningham!

15. This dad was super quick with his thinking when his daughter almost fell off a bridge. Thank goodness dad was there to save the day! 

14. Who said men can't multitask? Just look at the awesome dad feeding his baby. He managed to catch the ball and prevent serious facial injuries. Way to go, dad!

13. When you panic, things can turn south. Thankfully this dad had was calm and collected and knew exactly what to do to get out of the way in time. 

12. Here's another hero dad moment! This guy saved his little one from becoming shark bait. That sure was a close one! 

11. Just imagine a kid swinging a bat wildly at a party and dad comes in to save the little girl before she's the target. This one was seriously a dad-to-the-rescue moment. 

10. The dad was super calm and relaxed while his little one almost went tumbling off the sofa. No worries, dad's here to save the day. 

9. When there is no time to think, this dad reacts quickly and makes the right decision. 

8. Those waves sure have a powerful impact when crashing into the rocks. Thank goodness this dad was here to catch his son before flying off the edge. 

7. Though toilet paper may be soft, having a pack of rolls in your face must be sore. This dad catches the pack just in time before it hits his son's face. 

6. Here is another situation that reminds us to always be alert at baseball games. Just image what damage that bat would have done! Fast thinking, dad! 


5. This was a very close moment to a not so happy birthday. Dad saved the day with his awesome reflexes. 

4. Learning to ride a bike is never easy, but this dad stays close and makes sure his little one is safe. Good parenting in action. 

3. Never fear when dad is here. A quick tumble and the little one gets scooped up safely in dad's arms. 

2. This dad saves his daughter's life. Kids are so fast, you need to be on the lookout for them in case something like this happens. Wow, that was a close call! 

1. This family is relaxing and the little baby almost goes tumbling head-first off the coach. Thankfully mum and dad are there to help, but radar dad wakes up to catch the baby. 

Now for a bonus one! This dad found an ingenious way to play catch with his son. An awesome idea when you don't want to go running around for the ball or smash any windows. 

Wow, these dads sure are amazing! Have you been involved in any of these situations or similar? Tell us about it. We love hearing your stories as well. 

Remember to share this with your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more superhero parents that save the day with their quick thinking! 

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