20+ Photos That Will Be Really Hard To Get Out Your Head

In our everyday lives, we tend to go about our day as normal and monotonous as it can be. We each have our daily routine with no deviations. But here, we would like to present a list of photos that prove to be of interest and can give us a bit of a reprieve from the norm of life.

1. Sometimes clouds hide many shapes like animal forms, mountains and people shaped, but you can get this kind of cloud cover in the sky. If you look closely, you can see an evil face looking down on us and the weather is not even bad.

2. This new trend of retirement homes is well thought-out for our old folk. After they have lived their life adapting, they should be made comfortable in the appearance of their old time in their last years. It's the least we can do for this lot.

3. This origami spider is a wonder. Just take a look at this creation, the attention to detail and you will agree with us that this took some work to do. Therefore, we need a moment to admire it for all the effort it required. What could be next?

4. This cemetery of cars is actually an old mine in Wales, known as the Cavern of Lost Souls. It is being filled with automobiles since the 1970s because it is easier to dump them in there than to towed them back into town. When will it fill up?

5. These kinds of apartments are located in Bangkok, Thailand. They have an unusual amount of vegetation. It could be considered lovely, interesting or expensive. The cost of the upkeep of one of these places would be substantial.

6. A first look at the picture, a person would think is an old photo, But if you keep scrolling down, the truth will be unveiled. It is a montage picture and a very ingenious one at that. It is very impressive to see how it was achieved.

7. It is an optical illusion, that much it's true. Supposing that you have the correct viewpoint, you could get the magnificent picture. However, walking down the park would get you the side view, the elaborated one, the one how it came to be.

8. It is reported by the authorities that it was an American plane painted with German markings. It seems it survived World War II, but crashed on a California highway. It went out honorably after a long fight, even if it was the enemy.

9. This is a Murrini which is made from glass. This intricate pattern made in such a material seems impossible, but here we have it as proof. The artist has it listed as sold out. It must be very popular among religious folks.

10. This is a picture of a crabeater seal's skull. The reason its teeth are made this way is to help the animal keep in the krill when the water filters through them.  Ironically, it does not eat crab with those weirdly shaped fangs.

11. This bamboo sticks and in this formation makes us remember the jungle gym on the playgrounds when we were little. It must be very exciting to experience this one more time but as adults. But watch your head on the way through!

12. This is how Mars would have looked like billions of years ago, magnificent with blue and green colors through-out its surface. It is said that it could have sustain life, but the atmosphere was not strong enough, and so red Mars.

13. This pretty rock is actually a mineral called rhodochrosite. Many want to turn them into gemstones but there are factors against this: it is hard and rare to find them especially in this form like in this photo. It should not be a surprise!

14. These are seven volumes depicting the fall of Rome. How someone can write so much about an event, it is puzzling. At least, the cover artist has a sense of humor, don't you think? See how the pillars start collapsing as well.

15. They say that after a big storm, you get a rainbow. In this case, we got the rainbow, but it seems like mother nature had other plans. There was also thunder, that we imagine made a whole lot of ruckus. Just look at the picture to know!

16. Theses swarming bees may look and sound menacing, but you do not have to worry as they are harmless according to neurobiologist Thomas Seeley. They are actually deciding on their course of action to emigrate to another space.

17. This wolf cub seems real enough, but it is actually made with pipe cleaners. It is a very interesting life-like stuff animal, don't you think? It is looking intently as he was actually asking what you are doing and if you would give it a treat.

18. This tree stump is rotting away, but it is doing so in a very odd or romantic way depending on what you think. If you pay attention, you will see that it is turning into a heart-shaped hallow tree end. What can you make of it?

19. This tree is sporting camouflage. Any military man will envy this natural way as they would have to make an effort to blend in. Nothing like nature to rub in our faces that it has a knack for competition. It must be known that is shedding its bark.

20. These weird looking stones can be left to the imagination. No one will know definitely how they came to be, but no complaints there. But just looking at this picture, you would think it had a big eye with a lot of color surrounding it.

21. This is an incredible picture. However, it must be photoshopped because it cannot be possible to be staring into the jaws of this creature and stop to take a picture. No matter how awesome it might be, you will be scared out your mind.

22. The Titanic was considered the biggest ship of its time, but in the present, we have cruise ships that are even bigger than the famous craft. One such example is the Oasis-class cruise that you can see in the picture tripes in size the sunken ship.

23. This patch fill with books seems to be a kind of street art. It feels like many bookstores dumped all their stock to the road like a sort of incentive for people to grab a book and read. Hope it worked because nowadays we depend on electronics.

24. This is the natural way for whales to sleep. Uncomfortable, right? It seems they only do this for 15 minutes at a time. One, they find it hard to doze when they cannot breathe for much longer and two, they do not seem to move for that amount of time.

Pictures like these can make our dull day exciting. Many we could not even imagine were true or not. True or not, they are interesting to take a look. Share your thoughts on the comment section below. Hope you liked our article and shared it with your friends.

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