15+ Times People Followed Advice On The Internet And Instantly Regretted It

The invention of the Internet brought about all kinds of special things like people sharing advice with one another, commonly referred to as life-hacks. However, not everything you see online is a good tip, and if you do not believe us, take a look at the pictures below. 

1. This person thought that you could boil an egg in a microwave. At this point, he is just lucky that only a mess was made. It could have been worse.

2. If you think that you don't need to replace your wipers with new wipers, then take a look at this person who followed bad advice. It was a good idea, but not necessarily great in execution. 

3. Some life-hacks are designed for particularly lazy people. So, if you want to eat in front of the television but lack a table, why not use a toilet seat?

4. Some phones nowadays can withstand water and everything, but that is a flip phone. Whoever thought cleaning it like that was normal, is just plain crazy. 

5. Another person that decided to clean their phone in water. Have these people not learned over decades that electricity and water don't mix well together?

6. This is a great life-hack if you somehow get stranded in a deserted island without any other options. However, in daily life, this is just plain ridiculous. People will give you the Miranda Priestly look. 

7. Whoever said that you needed to buy a universal remote for your entire home theater is just insane because this guy has a quick solution. Or is it?

8. Again Miranda Priestly would never approve this hack. Yes, you can technically alter your old clothes at home and make them trendy, but should you?

9. Whatever happened to mashing potatoes with a fork? Well, do not try this ever because a bakery in London actually got fined $150,000 for doing this disgusting thing. 

10. If you have a leaky pipe at home, it is best to call an expert because there is no amount of ducktape that will help you fix it. Water and glue do not mix well either. 

11. Sometimes, girls get harassed when they use public transportation, but this girl came up with the best idea to ensure her personal space. It looks dangerous, though.

12. If you forgot your trusty bottle opener at home when you decided to go on that road trip, don't worry. You can just use your seatbelt, and everything will be fine. 

13. If you are running late, you can have breakfast and brush your teeth at the same time. Honestly, this makes us gag more than anything. It seems like a prank rather than a hack. 

14. Some people lose their keys easily, so the best they can do is search the internet for simple solutions. However, we don't think that a nose ring can hold that much weight. Ouch!

15. Apparently, adding a screwdriver to your tire will stop it from skidding. It would also stop it from working, but some people have no common sense. 

16. If you don't have batteries to replenish your smoke detector, then just put up a pan of popcorn. If they start popping, then you know it's time to run for your life. 

17. What better way to hold your spaghetti than your friendly, neighborhood snake? They are great companions in the kitchen. Well, only if you speak Parseltongue. 

18. Cutting a bagel in half can be a daunting experience, so this man saw a hack on the internet that also works perfectly. Hope he enjoys a bagel with an extra side of iron. 

19. Well, this is actually a great hack. People who don't smoke sometimes miss out on a great conversation, mostly because we don't want to get cancer. But this could work. 

20. Are you tired of boiling water everytime you have to make pasta or eggs? You can boil several liters at once and save them for later. Please note our sarcasm because this is just crazy. 

What did you think of the "life-hacks" in this list? Have you tried any of them? Are you just as baffled as us that some people actually did them? If you liked this article, share it with your friends who might fall for some of these ideas and have some fun of your own. See you next time!

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