12+ Times People Decided To Upgrade Their Boring Lives With Instant Action

Some people tend not to think about the consequences of their actions, even in the silliest situations. Luckily, they get into such antics that they bring us laughter, so the following list shows some of the goofiest things people have done, but don't try this at home because some could have serious consequences. 

1. This is simply one of the most hilarious moments. Did she forget that water freezes?

2. When you get a girlfriend, your guy friends have to take a backseat until your breakup. 

3. We don't know if this was made for a Halloween party or this guy just drinks a lot of Mountain Dew and didn't want to throw away so much material that could work for this costume. 

4. To understand this, you have to sing it like the intro of the Lion King. Yeah, it took us a while to get it. 

5. Now that is what we call time well spent. Clearly, he learned a lot of math while being silly. 

6. Nothing is more fragile than your feelings obviously, but this person was just goofing around. "Kiki, do you love me?"

7. Well, I don't think an officer can really blame this car owner for anything. It's a green car. They should change the term if they want to ban him from parking there. 

8. What were they thinking with this sign? Is it "Frozen Hispanic Food"? Otherwise, we think that there may be some frozen Josés and Marias in there. 

9. All signs nowadays have to be bilingual because we live in the world after Despacito but this is not exactly what we had in mind. 

10. Well, sometimes you have got to pull out all the stops to make your girl happy, but we would never spend that water in ramen noodles. It's too expensive. 

11. Sometimes, you cannot afford a Lacoste t-shirt, but there are several ways around that. This guy had the best idea, and it definitely looks legit. 

12. Maybe this woman was not doing this on purpose, but it's just too perfect - and too creepy - for it to be a coincidence. A horror movie could be inspired by this. 

13. We guess this girl could not buy a cello, so she improvised with a guitar and a clothes hanger. However, there is no way that made a good sound. 

14. Well, marihuana is getting legalized in most first world countries, so soon enough this won't be that surprising. Even in a Christian neighborhood. 

15. Now, she is what we call a great girlfriend. It's plain silly, but we can bet that this guy was laughing that whole night. 

16. A woman was having a garage sale and for laughs, she added this sign to her dog. It's like she can tell what that paper said and got upset. "Evil hooman, trying to sell me."

17. Well, we are definitely not satisfied with your service, UPS. How could you do this to us? We have been faithful!

18. Some people are goofy, but others cross the line into stupid like the people in this picture. How is the truck supposed to run now, geniuses? 

19. We all have that one girl on Instagram that posts everything she eats and her selfies are all "duckface", and here we have a mixture of both things and spilled food. Bravo!

20. Driving through a frozen lake was obviously not the best idea this person had. We can laugh about it because we see the footprints in the snow, otherwise, we would be panicking.

What did you think of this silly people? Have you accidentally done something that turned out to be stupid but you didn't realize it until after? If you liked this article, share it with your goofy friends to give them a laugh. See you next time!

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