20+ Times Things At A Store Went In The Most Unexpected Way

Oh! A supermarket; sometimes going there doesn't feel like shopping but watching life unfolds naturally. Yes, we know that you might be thinking it is just a place to buy your groceries, but you would never believe the things you can experience there. Scroll down to uncover the most bizarre moments at this commercial establishment. 

1. This is an excellent example of a good sense of humor and reality. This gentleman bought his food while spreading the message and creating awareness about Polio. Kudos for him! 

2. It takes a very creative mind to turn a dull local grocer into a video game display just using soda boxes. We don't know about you, but we think that the employee who did that deserves a pay rise. 

3. In this pic, you can see sweet chili pepper Doritos, Lays, and then you have fluffy cheese and garlic cat. Is this available in other flavors? We would like to take two, please. 

4. We cannot stop laughing out loud with this one. It takes a lot of courage to say that bluntly to a customer. We just hope he did not get fired because of that. 

5. When you have soccer running in your blood, a Brazilian man can turn a simple visit to the supermarket into a preview of the next World Cup. This is what we call good skills!

6. This is what happens when you take signs at the supermarket too seriously. We bet this dad makes his children laugh a lot. He, without any doubt, is a cool one (Got the pun?). 

7. If these are not the cutest twin grandmothers in the world, then we don't know who would be. Could you imagine having them both at home? Double doses of baked cookies. Nice! 

8. When you are a devoted gardener, it does not matter whose plants you take care of. In this image, we have a grandpa watering wilting plants at Walmart. The funniest thing? He is not even an employee.

9. In life, we have black and white, the yin and the yang, oil and water, and then we have these two. Which one would you like to encounter at a grocery store? 

10. Some people are concerned about having others steal their jobs. Well, now we should be worried about extraterrestrial beings doing so as well. This is what we call inclusion. 

11. Who said that our lives could not be a film? Here, we have a dude that went to IKEA and pretended to be in a Swedish Arthouse movie. If you are bored, now you know what to do. 

12. Shopping can be pretty exhausting sometimes. If not, ask this little buddy who fell asleep at a bodega in New York City, or perhaps he is praying so he can find a mouse! 

13. This grandmother in the picture was not happy at all with the name of the product. We did not know that Walmart could have such scary products. 

14. This is where Samwell Tarty ended up when he couldn't do what he loved at The Citadel: WALL-mart. Game of Thrones finally became a reality!

15. If you are an Android-Phone lover, this is what you can do: wear a shirt with the same color of Apple Store employees' to recommend products to clients. But we have to warn you that you can be kicked out.

16. We are not sure if this happened after or before the fish got the seafood section of the supermarket. Anyway, we bet Angelica will be thrilled. We've found Cynthia!

17. This kitty was not very pleased when his owner told him they were going home without his favorite fish treats from the supermarket. That is an angry face! 

18. This little boy has a brilliant future on social media. He went from row to row doing precisely the same. If he wanted to practice his "ugly face", he succeeded in it!

19. We are not quite sure what this baby boy saw, but it must have been pretty impressive. Or maybe, it's very likely he is just busy filling his diaper. All moms can confirm that. 

20. You can tell Mother's Day is close when you find this at Walmart at 4:00 am. They know no gun would protect them from an angry momma without her card. 

21. The security of a supermarket tried to get this little friend out of that shelf and failed. Cat vs. Security: 1- 0. We wouldn't mess with a cat like that one, though. 

22. Some people take their dogs and cats for a walk, while other bizarre folks take their hedgehog to grocery shop. He looks comfier than many kids nuzzled in that blanket.

23. Walmart surprisingly has the habit of doing original things like this. In the picture, we have a local greeter playing the violin. Isn't he the coolest person in the whole store? 

24. What a cute "kid" that girl has. However, we never imagined seeing one outside of a farm, and this one does not look very comfortable there. Poor thing!

25. This is adorable. While at IKEA, this kid decided to become an astronaut, and his mom decided to join him. Or perhaps she did it to avoid those tempting deals on her way...

26. The monk in the picture stopped a guy with his dog in the cart only to tell him that his pet reminded him of one he had seen in an image. Isn't that creepy enough?

27. Some people are just born for specific jobs, like the girl in the picture. She was meant to be a "Kashera". If not, look at her counting those bills at the speed of light. 

28. The lady decided to have lunch with Pikachu, but she was not gentle enough to help him reach the table. He must be starving! Poor thing! 

29. Who said that you had to get your daily smiley on your social networks? This is a very original way to make people smile, but now we wonder if she really knows it shows. 

30. The cashier went bananas after realizing that someone was buying one hundred units of that yellow fruit. Now the remaining question is: why? Does he have a dozen monkeys or what?

31. The struggle is real. This is one living proof that someone was having a mental battle between being healthy or not and lost over Reese's. Who wouldn't? 

32. We bet that mom was mistaken because that book does not seem to be made for kids. Just look at his face! We can foresee therapy sessions in his future. 

33. A man went to Walgreens during the morning and felt as if someone had licked his arm. Sadly for him, it was not a girl but a cute bundle of fur next to him.

34. If you thought that miracles couldn't occur at IKEA, you'd better think twice after looking at this picture. Some others would say the person only needed them to park in the handicap space. 

35. Is this a new style in the other part of the world that we don't know about? Here we have a regular businessman wearing high heels. But we admire his skills to manage to walk with such things. 

36. A customer at a local Kroger dropped a bag of salt on the floor and did not tell anyone about it. However, he did leave a message. He was messy but polite. 

37. Here, we have a lot of possibilities to explain a bottle of whiskey and fried chicken, plus pink tulips with cupcakes: two different nights, single vs. in a relationship, or two girlfriends. 

38. Some stores think that the can be very funny and come up with ideas like this. Well, someone has to tell them it is not that "punny". 

39. A couple of stores do not accept a specific type of customers. Here, we have an employee that is trying to trap a pigeon silently, but as we can see, he hasn't been successful.

40. Well, this is a brilliant use of TVs at a Korean Costco, entirely different from American: marketing and avoiding some crying babies. It looks like they even brought them pillows. 

41. A mom lost a little kid in Target, and a while later, she found him right there. If you have ever said to your kid that he or she has to be with an adult, you have to be more explicit.

42. Some people spoil, dress, and take their pets for a walk. Who said that it does not include strolling your pup at a store? However, he seems to be in trouble with the police.

43. Supermarkets need a lot of security, so they have stepped up this aspect to guarantee their customers are safe. Below, we have a scary and tough guard doing his job.


44. Well, we thought we had seen everything when it comes to bizarre pets at supermarkets. Now we have a lady with a duck, and it is not precisely one for dinner. 

45. This guy must be Johny Bravo's grandfather or the very same Johny after so many years. If not, he is at least an older and hairier version of a well-known president. 

46. Some stores only think about one target audience. The one in the picture just thought about their dwarf customers but did not consider that regular-sized people would not fit.

47. Well, we cannot criticize the way this mom keeps her child under control at a supermarket. In fact, many people would love to see this technique on whiny and naughty children. 

48. A guy did not miss the opportunity of taking a picture to this man, mainly because he said he was not wearing that shirt anymore. Well, everyone would agree he should put it on every single day. It's perfect!

49. Some people really have fun at supermarkets, but for most kids, it is the dullest activity ever. If you are not sure about it, look at the picture of this boy below. 

50. We had to save the best for the last: the greatest supermarket ever with a bar included. It must be very popular; all seats are full, which means the business is doing well.

Well, as we could see, a supermarket is not only for shopping. We can find weird people, strange pets, and unique products. We are sure that these pictures were very entertaining, so do not forget to share this article to others who would love to have a good time. See you next time! 

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