16 Celebrities Who Have Completely Changed Their Faces

For Hollywood stars, everyone anticipates some retouching here and there. At the end of the day, we are talking about celebs that want to look more than perfect on camera, so they are willing to do whatever they can to look absolutely astonishing. However, there are some that have taken the bar way too high. 

The celebrities that we have today in our rank have changed beyond recognition. No one can confirm whether it is the result of age, make-up, or some beauty enhancements, but what we are 100% sure is that they don't look the same from their early years. You'd better scroll down before these stars change their faces again. 

16. Ashley Judd

In early 2012, rumors about surgery sparked about the actress. However, Ashley used her exceptional writing skills in an article for The Daily Beast and said, "when I was sick for more than a month and on medication (multiple rounds of steroids), the accusation is that because my face looks puffy, I have 'clearly had work done.'" 

15. Olivia Munn

People speculated that the gorgeous girl with Chinese descent had a face change, but she explained it all to Hollywood Life, indicating she had lost 12 pounds when training for Xmen and that leaned out her cheeks and jawline. She also changed her eyebrow's shape and is helping keep wrinkles away by eating Japanese potatoes.

14. Nicole Kidman

Back in 2013, the actress stated that she hadn't had any surgery, but she did try Botox. Allegedly, it did not work for her and got it out to be able to move her face again. However, viewers weren't sure about it when she went to UK's The Graham Norton Show in 2015. "Her face has all the movement of a glacier," reported Mirror.

13. Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson's sister, much as her brother, is renowned for "reinventing" her appearance from time to time. She has had some work done, but she was owned up to a nose job so far. However, when her fans saw her at a Vogue Fashion event in Dubai, Daily Mail said that the pop singer was unrecognizable. 

12. John Travolta

We know that the American actor has changed a lot over the past few years; however, after viewers saw him as lawyer Robert Shapiro in the mini-series The People Vs. OJ Simpson, his transformation arose comments that he looked "plastic" or as if his face "had melted", according to Daily Mail

11. Rose McGowan

This face change seemed to be very understandable. Back in 2007, the Italian actress was involved in a car crash that caused her facial injuries and, as a result, she needed some surgeries. However, in her book, she confessed that her new appearance was the outcome of a medical procedure that went wrong

10. Daniel Craig

The actor is not known as James Bond for anything; it's impossible not to recognize her strong-jawed face and steely eyes. That is why when Daniel went to the British Academy Film Awards in February this year, everybody noticed something wrong. Right away, netizens started to say his new face was the result of cosmetic fillers. 

9. Kathy Griffin

The American comedian is recognized for her snarky sense of humor and does not exclude talking about herself. She has been very frank about the work she has had on her and detailed everything during an interview with People. She once had a lipo and said, "the idea was to look like Jennifer Aniston. It didn't work out at all."

8. Heidi Montag

The American TV personality is better known for The Hills and her ten plastic surgeries rather than her talent. Worst part? She had them all in one day. Apparently, that is all she is getting since she told Extra in 2014, "I’m just done with all of it. I’m going to age gracefully and bow out." Will she keep her promise? 

7. Meg Ryan

Everyone remembers the pretty face of the American actress in Sleepless in Seattle, but since then, it has morphed undoubtedly. As reported by Radar Online, Meg has had a lot of plastic procedures. "When Meg’s in Martha’s Vineyard, where she has a home, the locals hardly recognize her," said a friend to the online mag. 

6. Melanie Griffith

Some retouching usually helps enhance our physique, but in some other cases, it does more harm than good. That seems to be the case of Melanie, who unveiled to Daily Mail that "the tweets I get are really nasty. Most are telling me I look horrible."  It appears that people don't like her changes and are very vocal about it.

5. Donatella Versace

The Italian designer should not come as a surprise. When looking at her face during her teenage year, her appearance was entirely different, and the reason is that she had not undergone any surgery. As the plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek told Hollywood Life, "she’s pretty much had it all. Botox, fillers, lasers for the skin."

4. Renée Zellweger

With this American actress, it all started back in 2014 when she turned up at Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. Since then, rumors of plastic surgery began to spread. About it, Zellweger once told People Magazine, "I'm glad folks think I look different! I'm living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows."

3. Matthew Lewis

We are not sure if dealing with magic for all that time helped the English actor, but he instantly became a brawny hottie when his new body and face emerged on social media. He once confessed to ET that he had to quit alcohol to play Me Before You's triathlete. Besides that, we can attribute his changes to our old friend, puberty.

2. Kylie Jenner

This Kardashian underwent a major transformation, and we are not just talking about lip fillers, although that was evident after the "Kylie Jenner Challenge". However, even her friends are pretty sure she has done more than that, as reported by In Touch Weekly

1. Lil' Kim

Have you seen the American rapper recently? Your eyes won't believe how she looks now. The songwriter has received severe backlash by netizens for the alteration of her facial features and, apparently, her skin color. In the picture, we can see her with a pale complexion, long blonde hair, and a slim nose. 

While in most of the cases the face changes are because they went under the knife, for another group of stars, the reasons were others like a good lifestyle, illnesses, and puberty. Do you believe what these celebs have said about their transformations? Tell us your points of view with us but don't forget to share this article as well. 
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