Star Wars Explained: Meanings Behind Top 7 Colors Of Lightsabers

Everyone who watched Star Wars as a kid imagined themselves during a lightsaber battle, and often, they would use a stick or anything resembling one while making the sound. Additionally, we all chose the color of our weapon without really knowing if it was canon.

Not a lot of people know that each color in a lightsaber means something, and it’s related to the way they wield the Force. Therefore, in this article, we will be talking about the different meanings of their color in canon because it’s an important detail.


In the new canon, it is revealed that the color of the weapon is determined by the Force powers of the wielder, as we stated above, and it turns red with the influence of the Sith as they made them bleed. According to legend, though, the colors were obtained on different planets.

The user was given them in relation to his talents and predilection. Before we discuss the seven colors these come in, we must first talk about why the weapon shows light in the first place. They had a crystal inside them, which has no color.

It develops a color later depending on the Jedi’s personality and his aptitudes. However, you cannot just take a random crystal and stick it the weapon. It the rock fits with you, it will hum, but it does not, it will stay frozen.

1. Purple

Now, this is a color that was not supposed to exist in the universe, but actor Samuel L. Jackson got cast as Mace Windu, and he wanted to be different from the rest, so he asked creator George Lucas for a purple lightsaber.

The color means the user fights for the right side but has some dark side nuances and attacks, that he or she uses to overcome the dark side. Essentially, he could turn the power of the dark side against his opponent.

We know that red and blue make purple, so it works perfectly as the balance between light and dark. But, we do not know how Mace Windu made his lightsaber because Disney has not given that backstory any merit. We’ll hopefully get it soon.

2. Blue

Several Jedis have this color as it represents the keepers and defenders of the Peace. They are like the knights of the Jedi Order, the best of the best and the most centered. Unfortunately, we do not know precisely how the lightsaber turns blue instead of green in canon.

Most fans assume the young Jedis get a blue lightsaber, but we saw Obi-Wan with a blue weapon all his life, and Anakin’s was also blue, though this one was passed down to other characters in the franchise. We saw the kyber crystal in The Last Jedi when Rey scrutinizes it.

3. Green

The green color was only obtained by those Jedis with a strong use of the Force, and those that could had a different set of skills besides fighting like a Jedi consular, who negotiate first. However, these fighters will use their power if they need it, and they are the best.

A young Jedi would receive lightsaber lessons when they joined the young league, and they as grew into their powers, they would change their fighting style and mix them with acrobatics to become the fiercest opponent. Users of this color were Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Yoda.

4. Red

No organic crystal starts out as red, so that is why no light side Force wielders are ever seen with a red lightsaber. The only way to make your lightsaber red is to make it bleed, without consent. The color represents wrath, hate, agony, and annihilation; things all Siths love.

Some of the most popular users of the color were Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, Count Dooku, The Inquisitors, and Kylo Ren. Additionally, red lightsabers have a synthetic kyber crystal, which was made by man instead of formed by geological events.

5. Yellow

This is another rare color, though not as infrequent as purple. It was used by scholars and the Jedi Temple guards, otherwise known as sentinels. The kyber crystal saw these Jedis with a special mental ability, so they were different from the rest.

They were in between Jedi Guardians that normally wielded blue and Consulars, who usually handled green. Unfortunately, there is no explanation as to how the weapon turns yellow in canon yet, but the sentinels took shifts, meaning that no one owned the lightsaber.

6. White

We saw Ahsoka Tano handling this color on Star Wars Rebels, but no one knows how she got the crystal yet. The weapon turns white or silver when the wielder rears the “bleeding method”, liberating the rock from pain from a Sith user.

So, Ahsoka had to steal the lightsaber from a dark side user, and then “healed” it in order to obtain this color. We will have to wait and see if an in-depth explanation of this color is added to canon. Maybe in the animated series?

7. Black

Before the release of The Last Jedi, some fans speculated that Snoke had a black kyber crystal on the ring on his finger. This kind of lightsaber color has only been seen in Clone Wars, otherwise known as the Darksaber, because light and black is an oxymoron.

This is an ancient weapon that was taken from the Jedi Order by the Mandalorians many years before the events of that series. The color is already rare, but the other interesting thing is that its blade is flat and curved, almost like a sword. Darth Maul had it during that time.

However, no one knew where it was until we saw it in Rebels once again. You might have noticed that the Darksaber was written in the documents of Rogue One when Jyn Erso wants to pinch the Death Star plans.

Bonus info

The earliest Jedi wielded protosabers, as they were called back then, and they did not come with an internal power cell– they had not been created yet. Therefore, the lightsabers had an external power that the fighters would carry around on their waist, while it was connected to the weapon.

If they did not carry these around, the proto saber would not work. Can you imagine it shutting off during a dangerous battle? The Sith end up creating the first lightsaber with an internal power cell, which eliminated the necessity of wires.

On another anecdote, Luke’s lightsaber was originally supposed to be blue, and fans saw it in the promotions for episode VI, but George Lucas decided to make it green because blue was harder to see during battle sequences in the Sarlacc pit.

Did you know these facts about lightsabers? If you could choose, which color would you have for your own? We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment below, and share it this article with all Jedi friends.

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