Avengers 4 And Galactus: Things May Develop Quickly

Fan theories about Avengers 4 have talked about everything that might happen in the final movie. From time-travel to how the missing superheroes will be brought back, but there is a new fan theory that no one has talked about yet. Thanos might seem like the most fearsome foe, though a new villain might come into play in the final movie. Let’s dive into this.

A new theory

As if the threat of Thanos was not enough, this new idea suggests that the incredibly powerful villain, Galactus, could make an appearance in the next movie. We know that he is quite powerful in the comic books and finally bringing him into the MCU would mean serious changes for our superheroes, so it could be the perfect way to begin Phase 4 in this fantastic saga.

No one expected the end of Infinity War, so maybe that is why people cannot stop talking about it and coming up with more theories every day. Of course, we want to get back the heroes that were lost after Thanos’ snap, but people are also looking forward to new characters, after all, Marvel had actually teased the existence of Thanos for a while.

We assume that he is going to be defeated in Avengers 4, but then what? You cannot have a superhero story if there are no villains to fight. Loki is apparently dead, but even if not, he seemingly turned good. Therefore, it looks like the heroes could be left without an actual purpose after vanquishing the Mad Titan, so the introduction of a new villain is not so farfetched.

Why Galactus?

That said, this new enemy from the Marvel Universe is a whole different matter, and he could launch the next phase in the MCU to even more exciting levels, ensuring that this saga continues for at least another decade, if the producers play their cards right. It seems that we will be enjoying comic book-based films for the rest of our lives.

But let’s talk about this character first. Galactus was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and he appeared for the first time in Fantastic Four #48, The Coming of Galactus, 1966. Although they are evil, we can all agree that a good enemy for our favorite superheroes can be a pretty interesting character. However, some foes have been pretty average.

They all want power and to rule our planet without a real purpose, and that can get boring pretty quickly. On another note, there are some villains that only exist to antagonize the hero like Bizarro and Venom, who always go against the same main character. Therefore, in 1966, Kirby and Lee wanted to change things up, creating an enemy that was completely original.

His origin

His backstory is different from any previously seen about a supervillain in the Marvel comic books. He was fearless humanoid Space explorer called Galan. He came from an incarnation of Earth 616 on the planet Taa. It was a utopian world where its residents were the most superior in the universe, and then came the Big Bang, which formed stars and planets but also expanded existence.

However, after expanding for long, the universe contracted which caused a disturbance. The citizens of Taa were barely surviving because the event gave off severe levels of radiation around the galaxy, and almost all life was getting destroyed. Galan was tasked to travel into the universe to find a way to fix things and save his planet.

Unfortunately, there was no solution, and everyone left in Taa was going to die soon. He wanted to “go out in a blaze of glory” with his people by taking their spaceship into the Cosmic Egg Catastrophe. However, Galan lived while the rest of his friends died by the radiation, and he gained superpowers and started going by the name Galactus.

Now, this might seem like an ordinary villain origin story because, in the end, he gained powers from an accident and radiation, but that is where the similarity ends. Galan surpassed normal life and became something akin to a God. Furthermore, most villains want power and to settle a debt while Galactus has no sense of right and wrong.

He does terrible things to many because he survives by feeding of living planets and their energy, but it is not a personal choice, necessarily. His actions essentially help maintain the balance of the universe, and he has been depicted as both the main character in comic books and the enemy of the hero in others. His only purpose is to keep feeding on energy because his hunger is never quenched.

What does this mean for the MCU?

Infinity War was clearly a game changer in this franchise because we had never been given a movie where our heroes did not defeat the villain at the end. This means that creators are experimenting with the world of Marvel and its characters. Moreover, we have seen so many places in the universe already thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor.

Therefore, it would be awesome if they introduced Galactus at this point. We know that Thanos is alive, though some theories question that, the Infinity Gauntlet was destroyed by his snap, so coupled with his heartbreak over killing Gamora, he is probably at his lowest point even if he did win in the end. A new villain would rejuvenate the saga.

The Infinity Stones

If you have read fan theories before, then you probably know about the one that says that Infinity Stones have actually caused all the events in the movies, guiding our heroes and villains into everything that has happened. We saw Thor having a vision about the stones in Age of Ultron and Heimdall told him that the end was near, which came true in Thor: Ragnarok.

He also saw four Infinity Stones which was a bit confusing at first, why not six? Some said that the Mind Stone was guiding Thor’s vision. We know that these crystals are some of the most incredible artifacts in the universe, and fans said that they had been overseeing everything in the Avengers’ lives. Thor even said that they were pawns at one point.

Most assumed that the one doing that was Thanos, but it could have been something or someone much more powerful. Moreover, the Mind Stone could have wanted Thor to have the Infinity Gauntlet to save Asgard and the balance of the universe possibly, but that did not happen. Thanos might have been working towards a higher purpose, but this probably created a mess in the cosmos.

To summarize, half the universe was wiped out and Asgard, the protector of the nine realms, is also gone, so things are a mess in the MCU, leaving Earth in even more danger than before. Additionally, Thor has a more prominent role to play regarding the Infinity Stones because he was the only one who almost defeated Thanos with Stormbreaker.

A mightier foe

If Galactus does, in fact, show up, the Avengers would need the help of everyone in the universe to destroy him, even Thanos. In the comic books, we saw that Thanos killed tons of people in order to attract a girl, but in Infinity War, it was for this sense of righteousness to save people because the universe had finite resources.

The fact that he cried after sacrificing Gamora means that the MCU version of the Mad Titan might not be all bad, so he could change his mind if someone wanted to destroy “the peace” he had made by gathering the stones. After all, Thanos only wanted to wipe out half the universe, not all of it which Galactus could.

With the upcoming merger between Fox and Disney, fans are hoping to see characters like Deadpool, X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Galactus is one of the best villains in the Marvel Universe, even actor Stefan Kapicic, who plays Colossus in Deadpool, said that he would like to see the giant enemy on theaters, as it could be a reason to bring together all our heroes.

It might be wishful thinking

Yes, we can all agree that it would be fantastic, but introducing Galactus to the MCU would require a ton of work, aside from special effects. If Marvel Studios took six years to incorporate Thanos into this world, how much time would they take to present the new villain? It might be best to wait because making rush decisions would ultimately affect the character.

Furthermore, we would not like to see Thanos becoming the good guy, after all, he did in Infinity War. We have already seen a lot of going back and forth with Loki who has tried taking Asgard, but then he backtracked and saved everyone. We love antiheroes like Deadpool because their sense of morality is skewed, Thanos is not an example of that. 

It took a long time to make the story of the Mad Titan, so trying to change it by making him a good person, would wash him out, and it could affect Galactus too. That is just too big an error for such an impressive studio to make. It is better to wait and see if they do merge the new villain after the Avengers solve what happened in Infinity War.

What did you think about the possible entrance of Galactus? How would our superheroes destroy such a being? We cannot wait to see how the MCU moves one after Avengers 4, and if this theory becomes a reality. If you liked this article, share it with all your friends who enjoy villains more than the main protagonists in comic books. See you next time!

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