30+ Simple Tattoos For First Timers That Deliver An Inspiring Message

For women, getting a tattoo is not an easy decision, mainly because it is an image that will be marked on your skin for the rest of your life. That is why the design tends to have a profound meaning or reminds us of something special, but coming up with the idea can turn into a difficult task. So if you're thinking of putting some ink on you, you'd better take a look at the compilation of the best ideas for girls. 

1. If you have a green thumb, the best way to immortalize your taste is through a gorgeous rose. This one was amazingly drawn in detail. 

2. This one is very minimalist but still pretty. Whether you're a bird lover or not, it also symbolizes freedom and independence. It was a great choice of color as well.

3. This tattoo is lovely for any girl that is a Japan's culture lover. Below, we have a mini version of a cherry blossom branch, better known in Japan as Sakura.

4. Red roses are very romantic, and the place where this girl decided to put them is just perfect. She would look amazing with a hairdo to show off her tattoo.

5. This image is simple yet a good option to add some adornment to your wrist. Those rings look even better with that tiny detail on top.

6. Tulips are beautiful, and the ones in the design look astonishing, particularly on that shade of blue. Would you get one?

7. The style in which this poppy was made is very delicate. It seems as if it was vanishing, and it must look very good with a pair of good high heels.

8. Daisies are an excellent choice for jovial and upbeat girls. If you are one of those, consider getting this flower. It will give a nice touch to your wrist if you have it there. 

9. Ear tattoos can be tough to make. It is a small space, so the artist needs the dexterity to achieve a good result. This one, for sure, was very skillful. 

10. If you're more into astral bodies, this one is definitely for you. The moon in the image is particularly pretty because it looks like a pendant. 

11. And to continue talking about astrology, here we have another moon but with a different style. This one looks more like a Sailor Moon type, but it is still stunning. 

12. Who would have thought that you could have a mini solar system in your ear? Well, it is possible, and here we have proof; the Moon, the Sun, and the stars, all in one.

13. This tattoo is very similar to the previous but at a different place. If you love exhibiting your ankles with a nice pair of pants or a skirt, then this is an excellent option for you. 

14. Stars alone are also a great option, and the one below is geometrical. In case you have something meaningful with the number 3, then this is an accurate combination.

15. For a more colorful option with stars, here we have another design. Even better if you like astrology because this one represents Taurus; color, stars, and your sign: the perfect combination.

16. We are all into something, and if your thing is reading, what would be better to reflect that that a tattoo? We bet bookworms will love this design. 

17. For all those Little Prince's fans that like to look at life from a different perspective, here we have the ideal tattoo for you. However, not everybody would appreciate this masterpiece. 

18. "Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart, so enjoy the little things in life." This one goes for all our Winnie the Pooh lovers. 

19. What would be a better combination for someone who is keen on nature and abstract art than this tattoo? Can you figure out the shapes hidden in those doodles?

20. Not to forget that you always have to love yourself, here you have a great representation of the concept. Remember, no one else would do it but you. 

21. We love our furry friends, so an honorable way to pay tribute to them would be getting a minimalist tattoo like this one. Isn't it adorable?

22. Keeping on with animal devotees, we have a fantastic piece with an elephant. It even has some water splashing over, so it looks astonishing. Moreover, it is very detailed and perfectly made.

23. This is way too adorable. We have never imagined that a porcupine would look so lovely on a tattoo, mainly because is holding a little flower. Perfect mixture for an overload of cuteness! 

24. A friend lost his best friend and decided to have a reminder of him, so she got a very similar tattoo. Nothing would bring greater memories than an image like this one.

25. We could not leave out our feline friends from the list. This design, although it looks like a cartoon, is well made and charming. 

26. Have you ever lost your favorite ring? Well, it will never happen if you decide to get a ring tattoo. This one is very girly and colorful, and it would match with any manicure.

27. Think about a phrase that you would like to embody forever, one that helps you through thick and thin. After you decide it, convert it into a bracelet tattoo.

28. Do you like cats? Then this is the ideal tattoo for you. It is very cheerful and jovial, plus it shows your love for felines. 

29. Minimalism is the way to go when you don't like complicated things on your skin. So getting some lines and dots is an excellent choice to accomplish that.

30. We have to confess that it is not the best place for a tattoo, especially if you consider that you will grow older, but the design is still pretty when you like flowers.

31. Autumn is the favorite season of many people. If that is your case, then consider getting some brownish leaves. It could also remind you of the fragility of life.

32. Sometimes, we feel that we lose things like a child with a balloon. To remember that anything in life can be recovered, get this design on your skin.

33. Here we have another small piece that is still very nice, even better if your soulmate proposed through a message on the sky. It'd be a great way to remember that forever.

34. To have a friendly reminder that you're still alive, we have a funny design below. Plus, if you're a medical student, it would add more value to your choice.

35. Have you thought of getting a tattoo with your friends? Then we have the ideal and most original alternative for you, guys. You can even personalize the smiley faces!

Would you ever get one of these designs? Or even better, have you gotten a similar one? If that is your case, do not hesitate to share a picture with us. We would love to see it! But don't forget to share this great article with any friend that is thinking of getting a tattoo sometime soon. Remember that the design is one of the most important aspects, so help them with these ideas. See you next time! 

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