20+ Times Life Took It Way Too Hard On Seemingly Innocent People

Everybody, at least once, has felt as if you got out of bed on the wrong side. All the activities don't go as planned, and we tend to believe that life is cruelly playing a mean prank on us. The best remedy for that is to take it with humor, just like the people we have below. Get to see some funny situations that will make you laugh. 

1. This guy was attacked by mosquitos while riding his motorcycle, and his solution was to take a selfie. We are not sure what made him so attractive to these insects, but they were crazy for him. 

2. The owner of the house was sleeping soundly until 7:00 am in the morning when something woke him up abruptly. It turned out that a car hit the place where he slept. That's what we call bad luck! 

3. This girl bought a revealing top, and her parents did not let her put it on. So she came up with the idea of having her cat wear it. The kitty looks adorable, but she doesn't seem very happy about it. 

4. This boy wanted a remote control car for his birthday, and his dad certainly gave him one, but not the type he expected. Trying to be positive, at least he got something that rolls. 

5. There is nothing worse than to be starving and to buy a yummy slice of pizza, only to find out it is way smaller than what you expected. He would need like four of those to get full. 

6. On the left, we have a picture that a girlfriend took. She made sure that her soulmate looked handsome and with a great view. On the right, we have an image that the boyfriend took. At least she had the view!

7. The good news is that the person managed to enter a train that must have been very crowded. Sadly, his phone did not have the same fate. That will be a long and tedious trip without it. 

8. Not everybody is bilingual today, and that does not exclude TVs. A person tried to use subtitles on a Spanish TV, and that was the message he got. Sorry, buddy. You'll watch the soccer match without them.

9. It would be very interesting to know who sat on the toilet to break like that. But this one is not so bad; you only need some super glue, and problem solved! 

10. The owner of that truck decided to let everybody know the news about his new marital status. We guess he was pleased that at least he got a ramshackle vehicle. Some people don't even obtain that!

11. This guy couldn't understand why he couldn't listen to music with his speakers. Five minutes later, he found out the reason. Note to ourselves: Never buy Logitech products. 

12. This guy might be happy to sleep with his favorite food, but he won't be thrilled when he has millions of ants walking all over him. No Raid will be able to stop that onslaught.

13. You know you're having the worst day of your life when you get into your car and find out that it has been cheating on you. By the way, the owner's name is not Lauren. 

14. The guy in the picture thought that his cap would be a nice accessory for a photo with his girlfriend, but the wind thought something very different and ended up winning. Wind - 1, man - 0. 

15. This is what happens when you think a bridge is higher than what it seems, and you attempt to drive under it, only to end up like the truck in the photo. Some customers won't be satisfied.

16. The girl went to support her favorite soccer team but got sprayed in the face. We only hope it is just water and not something else. Can you imagine if it was...? Yikes! She won't go to another match.

17. Sometimes, life can be so ruthless that the only solution that you find is to give an end to it, and even robots do so. The one below resolved to drown itself. Rest In Peace, our dear friend! 

18. This person discovered what the remote controlled in a hard way: with water all over the place. We only hope it was not at a friend's house, but the good thing is that at least the device has a purpose. 

19. We are not sure, but it seems to be a glitch with that ticker, or maybe the events of Wreck-It Ralph are becoming a reality. Thanks to the movie, we know what's going on and how to solve it. 

20. There is nothing than an angry grandma wouldn't do. This one even developed Ninja skills instantly when a hungry seagull tried to steal her food. Way to go, granny! But we feel very sorry for that bird. 

21. One of the most common fears when using an escalator is to get your shoe stuck in it. Well, it became a reality to the unlucky owner of that sneaker. Farewell, my Adidas friend. 

22. We would cry like babies if this ever happened to us. Could you imagine losing the most delicious part of a pizza? Life cannot be crueler than this. 

23. This is the very reason why we don't like shopping online. A boyfriend wanted to impress his girl with a romantic and cute teddy bear. She was surprised but not positively, since she got Mr. Teddy Longlegs!

If you have ever felt like the unluckiest person with the worst day ever, perhaps the pictures above made you change your mind. We would not like to be in the shoes of any of those people, and you? Have you ever experienced something similar? Tell us in the comment section but don't forget to share this with your friends. 

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