10 Shady Harry Potter Fan Theories Confirmed by J. K. Rowling

The Harry Potter series raised many questions for fans, though the final book seemingly answered most of them. However, some things remained a mystery. Many fans believed that their questions would never be explained because the Deathly Hallows was the final book in the series.

Unless J. K. Rowling got round to writing her promised encyclopedia of the series. The films did not end as planned, and Pottermore reported new information about them settling in online, while The Cursed Child and the new series of prequel movies, starting with Fantastic Beasts, granted us glimpses into the past and future of the setting.

J. K. Rowling has also become a notable personage on Twitter, where she has answered questions about the Harry Potter setting to fans around the world. The latest sections of Harry Potter media have responded to some of the lingering inquiries about the original books, but there is still much to learn about the world of magic and wizards.

So, let's have a look at the answers to those questions and see what's the real reason behind these things that make no sense, but have a purpose.

10. Azkaban contained the Dementors 

Those witches who were caught committing crimes in the UK were sent to Azkaban, which was guarded for the longest time by the Dementors. These dark creatures fed on the souls of the living and spread despair with their mere presence, which was why they were chosen to guard Azkaban. In Order of the Phoenix, we saw these creatures attacking Muggles which led some fans to speculate that Azkaban may have existed to keep these monstrosities in one place.

This would prevent them from running wild in the cities. Pottermore confirmed this theory with a page on Azkaban, which stated that the real reason Dementors were kept as the guards of Azkaban for so long was so that they could be confined, as they were being provided with souls. So, this was a prison, and the Dementors were the inmates. 

9. Voldermort generated more Horcruxes than we knew of

One of the disputed questions of the Harry Potter series involved the process behind creating a Horcrux. The only thing we know so far is that it requires the loss of a human life and an object to carry a part of the soul that had been parted, but J. K. Rowling had made it clear that there was more concerned when a Horcrux was made. The conundrum behind the method of creating a Horcrux led many fans to speculate that Voldemort had created more Horcruxes than Dumbledore ever realized. 

Finally, Pottermore proved that this theory was real when it declared that Professor Quirrell was a temporary Horcrux and that Voldemort's presence in his body was poisoning him from the inside out. It's possible that Voldemort may have created many similar temporary Horcruxes during his exile. Reminds us more of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 

8. Lycanthropy is actually a metaphor for HIV 

As real as the witches and wizards are, so are the werewolves in the Harry Potter universe and many magical creatures are afraid of being bitten by one, lest they mutate into a savage beast at the arrival of the full moon. Many Harry Potter fans noticed the parallels between lycanthropy and the treatment of those with HIV in the real world. Remus Lupin was denied many of the opportunities by his fellow wizards due to his condition.

Due to the persistent notions that surrounded his disease, he struggled to find a job. J. K. Rowling finally confirmed the connection between lycanthropy and HIV during the Lexicon Book court case, but wasn't known by all until it was mentioned in a series of e-books that assembled the information from Pottermore. That puts a damper on the Werewolf saga. 

7. The creature that Harry saw in purgatory was actually the afterlife and the fate of Voldemort

After Harry was struck down by Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows, he arrived in Limbo, where he witnessed a mutilated creature that was writhing in pain. It was never explained at the time who it was in the story, but some fans surmised that it was related to Voldemort, as he was also unconscious during the period when Harry was in Limbo.

J. K. Rowling revealed on her old website that the creature was the last piece of his wounded soul that still endured. Voldemort had destroyed his soul so much by creating all of the Horcruxes that a terrible fate awaited him in the afterlife. The movie version of The Deathly Hallows gave us more clarity on this, as it had a strong likeness to Voldemort.

6. Slughorn's potion smelled like Ron's hair and Hermione could sense it

Horace Slughorn left a better first impression when he took over the role of Potions Master from Severus Snape, since he wasn't a brute who bullied his students. Slughorn showed his class a variety of interesting potions to excite their interest in potion-making, and one of which was a powerful love potion, called Amortentia. Those who smelled Amortentia were meant to pick up their favorite scents, as Hermione exhibited in Half-Blood Prince.

However, she stopped herself from revealing the last of her favorite smells and seemed flustered by what she was about to say. When the Harry Potter series concluded, J. K. Rowling revealed that Hermione's secret favorite scent was actually Ron's hair, which would have revealed her attraction to him a book earlier if she had accidentally said it out loud.

5. After his encounter with the Dementor, Dudley became more sympathetic 

Dudley Dursley was not a nice character and mistreated Harry throughout their childhood together, which was provoked by the sadistic attitude of his parents. When Dudley showed up for the last time in The Deathly Hallows, he became a changed man. Suddenly he became worried about the well-being of Harry, and acquired a degree of empathy that he had never demonstrated before.

Dudley had previously encountered a Dementor in Order of the Phoenix and felt their dread firsthand. This led fans into theorizing that facing the creature had prompted the change in Dudley's personality. J. K. Rowling confirmed that Dudley had indeed been changed by his encounter with the Dementor, as their power caused him to see himself for what he truly was, which was an insensitive bully. So, this helped him become a better person.

4. There were other descendants of Salazar Slytherin that guarded The Chamber of Secrets

Salazar Slytherin constructed the Chamber of Secrets during his lifetime, which was meant to be a dependable place for confidences to be passed down to his descendants. Tom Riddle was just one of the many people who learned the secret of the chamber during their time at Hogwarts. One question that puzzled fans was how the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets could include the pipes within Hogwarts, as Salazar Slytherin had built it long before bathrooms and washbasins were invented.

This drove some fans to suggest that the other descendants of Slytherin continued to add to the Chamber to protect its location. The entry about the Chamber of Secrets on Pottermore verified this theory by stating that Corvinus Gaunt, a student at Hogwarts, ensured that the Chamber could still be reached when plumbing had been placed on top of it.

3. The reason why Harry didn't name one of his kids Remus was because he was saving that name for Teddy

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley had three children together. They were named James Sirius Potter, Lily Luna Potter, and Albus Severus Potter. Harry and Ginny had decided to call their children after people who were significant to them, but the fans noticed a notable name that was missing, Remus Lupin.

One viable theory behind the absence of Remus' name in the Potter family was that Harry was leaving it available for Teddy Lupin to use for his future children. J. K. Rowling authenticated this theory on Twitter. You'd think that Harry and Ginny would try and have another kid just to name him Hagrid Remus Potter to complete the set. 

2. Magic is passed on by the genes

J. K. Rowling was cautious to bypass creating set boundaries on the effects of magic, so as to keep it cryptic and changeable. It seemed like there was a lot more science going on behind-the-scenes in the Harry Potter world than we incipiently realized, as J. K. Rowling has established that genetics play a part in determining whether you are a wizard or not. The idea of magic genes had been bobbing around since the days of Chamber of Secrets. 

Fans finally connected the dots to magical DNA that existed of Squibs within the story. J. K. Rowling validated that magical genes existed and that they could emerge in anyone, including the descendants of Squibs and Muggles. She had initially planned for Dudley Dursely's kids to be witches and wizards, but instead chose Uncle Vernon's genetics to be too strong for magic to ever surface in his bloodline.

1. Godric Gryffindor needed a sword to fight muggles

When it comes to weaponry, magical swords were a fixture of fantasy stories and were partly why the Sword of Godric Gryffindor appeared in the Harry Potter series. Though it was never explained in the story why Gryffindor needed a sword in the first place, a magic wand seemed far more useful than a minor blade, no matter how enduring it was. 

One proposal put forward by the fans was that Gryffindor used the sword whenever he needed to fight Muggles in public, as he could use swordplay to conceal the fact that he was employing magic. Pottermore confirmed this theory with the revelation that wizards often carried conventional weapons in the period before the International Statute of Secrecy was put into effect, as using magic against a Muggle was considered to be unsporting.

What do you think about those conclusions? Are you relieved to have this confirmation finally? We sure are! Share this with your friends and family and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more exciting news in the world of magic! 

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