10 Unfortunate Things That Are Destined To Happen In Marvel's Avengers 4

Many fans are dying to know the outcome of Avengers 4 next year. There have already been leaked photos and theories buzzing around, but what is the real plot for the upcoming Avengers movie and how are they all going to cope after their previous disaster. 

Let's take a closer look inside the Avengers 4 movie. 

10. Resurrection

Fans are still upset when thinking about Peter Parker dying in Tony Stark's arm and all the other heroes turning to piles of dust, but we're confident they'll return. We're not saying this because more than half of them have movies coming out in the future, but because Marvel would have killed off some major money-making characters that the fans have been supporting for years! 

It would literally be financial suicide to kill a character such as Black Panther, who is not only important, but was just introduced to the Marvel world, and the movie was outstanding, to say the least. However, tears are shed when we think about veteran Marvel actors whose contracts are finished after Avengers 4. Sadly, we may have to face the reality of saying goodbye to some of the favorite actors if they don't renew their agreements. 

9. What's gone is gone

While those who perished at the end of Infinity War will probably be brought back, and those who died before Thanos snapped his fingers probably won't. It may be a massive disappointment to the fans, but it makes sense. Where have we watched a movie with an overwhelming ending that led in a happy ending?

We need those tears. Just imagine if we all got married to Pepper Pots and retired, living happily ever after? We need those dreadful moments to keep that emotional impact, and certain characters such as Loki and Vision aren't necessarily characters that are seen as part of MCU's future. Sadly, their demise seemed fitting when you think of their storyline. 

8. Retirement

There is the possibility that some superheroes will retire in Avengers 4. For example, in the case of Ant-Man, The Wasp and his loved ones were turned to dust. Either way, it may put a damper on things. We only have two options, and we either lose our favorite superhero in some horrific tragedy or, they retire from being heroes. 

7. Thanos will finally be destroyed

Ok, this is not really a sad thing unless he was one of your favorite supervillains. It is, however, one of the coolest villains in the MCU, so losing him will add a slight bump in the works. Let's hope it is a badass death scene, and whichever guy sees himself as Thanos's successor, will be enough to top this Mad Titan. 

6. The outcome

There is no doubt that our heroes will be brought back, but what about the half of the population that Thanos destroyed? It is kind of impossible to believe that everyone will return. So, how will Avengers 4 deal with this world? All their friends, loved ones and neighbors are gone. This will be an interesting spin, and we can't wait to see how it will affect those who survived.

5. What will happen to Ant-Man?

If you have not seen Ant-Man, here are a few spoilers. In the post-credit scene, Paul is in the Quantum Realm collecting some particles, and when he calls out to the others to get resized, no one is there to assist him because they've all been turned into dust. So, not only does he have to escape the Quantum Realm, he'll have to face the loss of his love interest and family, not to mention the potential loss of his daughter. That is really some bad news right there for many fans.

 4. Don't forget about the Guardians

After Thanos snapped his fingers, only two members remained, Nebula and Rocket Racoon. Are they the same dominant team without their leader? Things may be even tougher for them now that they're on their own. All of these plot points are meant to make the fans think more profoundly, but we'll have to wait and find out. 

3. Set photos

There are always photographs that somehow get leaked and spread online. Thankfully, this gives us a hint into what we can expect in the next Avengers. These photos featured the New York set that was used in the final The Avengers battle scene where they confront the Chitauri Army. 

So, of course, they'll be returning to the scene of the crime, but the questions are why, and how? Does Stark perhaps figure out how to time-travel or get off Titan? Is he going to try and reverse what happened? It certainly won't be easy for him or any other surviving Avenger, but we are definitely looking forward to seeing the outcome. 

2. Captain Marvel

Many fans think that Carol Danvers, actress Brie Larson playing the role of Captain Marvel, will be the one to save the day. We can understand how fans would think that thanks to the post-credit scene in which Infinity War showed a symbol on Nick Fury's space-age beeper that just so happens to be Captain Marvel's logo. Thus, the storyline may hinge on the actions of Captain Marvel. So, let's hope she doesn't get killed off like Black Panther. 

1. Doctor Strange will come to the rescue

Benedict Cumberbatch was one of the few actors that actually got to read the entire scripts for the two final Avengers movies. This means that Doctor Strange will most likely play a prominent role in Avengers 4. Don't you think this is interesting? If we recall, he was one of the many characters who turned into dust. So we can expect to see a different version of him after having an emotional toll in the past. 

What do you think will happen in the next Avengers? Do you have a few theories of your own? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing your thoughts. Make sure to share this with your friends and family, and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more exciting MCU leaks. 

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