Fisherman Shares 20+ Photos of Terrifying Sea Creatures Found On His Adventures

There are still many mysteries surrounding the deep blue ocean in our world. Among those enigmas, we have the creatures that inhabit those waters. The following list is a series of pictures taken by Roman Fedortsov, a Russian fisherman. We urge you to proceed with caution.

1. This is one sad fish; so sad, that its face remarkable resembles that of a person. The black eyes, a nose with turn down lips forming the sorrowful make a human face.

2. This animal kind of looks like a spacecraft. You can imagine wings and the tail as the parts needed to fly. In this case, this fish travels through dark waters.

3. This specimen looks like a cartoon, only not watching it on a television set, but in real life. It is sort of a weird looking dragon with big yellow eyes.

4. Have you ever seen a cyclops? Well, in this picture you can get an idea of how that creature would look like if it were a fish. Fish cyclops, courtesy of mother nature.

5. This creature from the deep blue sea is a puffer fish. What we like to point out are its scary-looking teeth. Wonder if you meet it, would it hurt to get bitten?

6. This redfish is sticking out its tongue daring you to keep looking. It has an overall weird appearance, and apart from its red color, we do not know what to think about it.

7. In this picture, what takes the main focus is the teeth. Those big fangs must make it hard to close its mouth. Wonder what does needle-like dentures are for?

8. This looks like an animal that has a lot of tentacles. Maybe a deformed starfish with many little arms sticking out and many others so tiny that are actively growing.

9. If you remember the Lord of the Rings, these little fellows just remind us of some intrepid dwarfs on their quest. It's very uncanny how their faces resemble them.

10. It looks like a unique home waiting to be open, a lot like oysters. We have to decide if once open it would contain a pearl or food to be eaten. Maybe you like to make a little wager?

11. We believe this one is not so scary, but actually kind of cute. Its colors are oddly interesting blue hues. It seems a crime to eat it; it should be returned to the ocean.

12. Anybody else thinks this looks like a highlighted fish? Yes, it is a lumpsucker, also known as cleaner fish. It's purpose consist of reducing parasites on salmon farms.

13. This is another interesting creature from the bottom of the sea; we cannot decide if it is a crab or an octopus. What we can infer is that it has one great defense mechanism.

14. This one reminds us of Falkor the Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story. The resemblance is uncanny, its eyes, the nose, and even the ears are all there.

15. These little guys can give us some weird thoughts, but they are psolus phantapus. They are cucumber-like in form and have orange tentacles.

16. It is one weird slug-like animal. What we assume is the face has a sort of flower bouquet on top. What could it possibly do apart from picking our interest?

17. These fish are called shell pike. Nothing can prepare us for the many wonders we can find underwater. But this one, with its vibrant blue eye, makes us think of black ducks.

18. If you are not prepared for this picture, we recommend you skip it altogether. It is not for the faint of heart. Look at the worm-like tongue it has. Urgh!

19. It looks like a mass of some sort, but if you look closely, you can see it is made up of many sad little eyes. Apart from that, it keeps being a mystery.

20. These four fish look in various degrees of surprised. And rightly so; they are no longer swimming in the depths of the ocean. Maybe we caught them overwhelmed.

21. Anyone saw the picture and thought about shoe soles? But do not let it fool you, it is no shoe. It is one bluefish that looks like someone stepped on it.

22. This looks like a malformed shark. It needs sharper teeth and dark blue color to compare it to the big giant. That does not mean that is not a natural born killer.

23. Remember the lumpfish? These are more of them but in very different colors. We cannot get over the wonders that nature can produce.

24. We do not have to create monsters. Mother nature took to the task with this creature. Can you imagine it coming at you? We get the chills just thinking about it.

25. This face is one of disapproving portions. Nothing can get past it when it is looking that way at you. It reminds us of our parents face when we were up to no good.

Can you believe these kinds of specimens live under the sea? We wonder what else mother nature has in store for us. Share your thoughts on the comment section below. Hope you liked our article and shared it with your friends.

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