The Proof Appears That Dr. Strange Cursed The Time Stone

The end of Avengers: Infinity War left audiences reeling after Thanos accomplished his mission, wiping half of the universe off with a snap of his fingers after collecting all the Infinity Stones. We lost some major players in the Marvel Universe, but could Doctor Strange have done something after seeing all the alternative outcomes? Let’s take a look at this theory.

What happened?

Doctor Strange tells Tony Stark, “There was no other way,” before disappearing into dust like the rest of the characters that were annihilated by Thanos’ powers. But, what does this mean? We know that the wizard looked into the future for all the alternative outcomes of the fight against the Mad Titan, and our favorite heroes would only win in one.

It seems like they did not win at all since Thanos achieved his goal and was seen living happily in some mountains. However, it could all be part of what Steven saw, which means that he did everything in his power to make sure that things went according to plan. In a real war, some things have to be sacrificed before reaching the higher purpose.

Having to relinquish the Time Stone to save Iron Man’s life was not a mistake; it was part of the primary plan. But, if you remember correctly, at the beginning of the movie, Doctor Strange talks about having to protect the stone all costs, even if it means sacrificing the lives of everyone else. Therefore, why would he save Tony Stark?

A new theory

Naturally, theories are flying all over the internet, dissecting every part of the movie like the outcome, the alternate futures and every word that was spoken for answers about what is to come for our favorite superheroes. Everyone wants to know how the Avengers are going to reverse Thanos’ doing and restore the universe to its original form.

One of the many theories states that Doctor Strange cursed the Time Stone. Those that believe in it have researched all possible evidence regarding the alleged curse. The clue is found at the beginning of the movie when they fight against Ebony Maw in New York, and Steven tells him that he put an unbreakable spell on the stone.

The spell was apparently designed to stop anyone from taking the stone from Steven, who also said that it was a simple curse. Ebony Maw tells him that he will kill him and then take the stone, to which Strange says that it’s tough to remove a “dead man’s spell”. But, the villain was clearly too arrogant, so he never cracked whatever protection existed on the stone.

Now, it is hard to discern whether the spell was placed in the Eye of Agamotto or the actual stone, but that becomes moot when the mystical superhero decides to relinquish the stone to Thanos after their battle on Titan. For the purpose of this theory, let’s think that the curse was placed on the stone, and there’s more proof to support it.

When Thanos placed the Time Stone on the Infinity Gauntlet, Steven’s green rune spell appeared, surprising those who were able to notice it at first glance. It is a rather strange occurrence because it did not happen when he placed all the previously-found stones on the giant glove, and the runes are not part of the Time Stone, but part of the mystic arts.

In case you do not remember, Doctor Strange moves his hands in a particular manner, and his orange runes come out – the weird circles belonging to the mystic arts – but, why would they appear in that moment? Some would argue that maybe placing the stone on the gauntlet broke whatever protection it had from the mystic arts practitioners.

However, we also see the runes when reverses time to bring Vision back after the Scarlet Witch had to kill to destroy the Mind Stone. But, it makes no sense that the Time Stone would work so differently from all the other Infinity Stones. We know that Doctor Strange needs the runes in order to use the stone, but Thanos should not need it at all.

What is the use of the curse?

Now that we know the “evidence” suggesting that Steven cursed the stone, we need to understand why or how the spell could help. Well, the theory implies that the enchantment placed in the Time Stone caused the destruction of the Infinity Gauntlet. If you remember correctly, after Thanos’ finger snap and his scene with young Gamora, the glove seems to have been burned up.

Therefore, the Mad Titan is no longer able to use all the stones at the same time. We know that he can use them individually because that is how he transported himself out of Wakanda, but without the gauntlet, he will probably not be as fierce as he was in this movie. That gives the Avengers an actual chance of defeating him in the upcoming film.

You also have to remember Doctor Strange’s words during his fight with Ebony Maw, “You’ll find removing a dead man’s spell troublesome.” Steven was one of the victims of Thanos’ actions, so maybe his death turned the spell on, obliterating the gauntlet while the Mad Titan was distracted in the orange plane.

Do you think this theory is plausible? Did you notice the green runes on the gauntlet in those scenes? It is crazy how many things we actually miss while watching a movie. That is why we love the internet, and we love fans that come up with these questions. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who want to see Thanos finally defeated by the Avengers. See you next time!

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