9 Huge Terrifying Snakes That Have Faced People In The Wild

Snakes are reptiles that belong to the family of diapsids, which includes turtles, lizards, crocodiles, and even some birds. They are some of the best and most feared predators in our world, according to several legends in human history. Several years ago, biologist and explorer Daniel De Granville spotted a huge anaconda that measured over 7 meters long in the Amazon forest with several cameras.

De Granville says that these creatures are not necessarily dangerous, and he was able to get a close up picture with the animal and live to tell the tale. In the following article, we will detail several similar encounters of humans with some of the scariest beings to roam our lands. If you belong in Slytherin, then you will probably like this list. Let’s dive in.

1. Titanoboa

This extinct creature must have been incredible to witness. According to biologists, it measured more than 12 meters and weighed almost a ton. Sadly, it disappeared from this world more than 60 million years ago. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History demonstrates the huge size of the snake in an exhibit, and the sculpture alone is pretty scary.

It was almost like another dinosaur, to be honest, and it would eat other big living beings like crocodiles, hippopotamus, and more. Furthermore, the snake was said to live in La Guajira, Colombia because several fossils were found in the Cerrejón Formation, and it’s that largest snake ever encountered, surpassing the Gigantophis.

2. Large Python

Back in 2016, a large python was found by some construction workers in Malaysia, and it measured approximately eight meters. It was wrapped around a tree when these men discovered it, and they decided to capture it, keeping it calm and watchful, while they waited for public services to take handle it.

Its weight was estimated at almost 250 kilograms, which means that several workers had to come together in order to move her. Sadly, it died after being in captivity, presumably because of the stress of being taken away from her land. However, it left an egg that became a new python, and hopefully, this one will survive, unlike its mom.

3. Green Anaconda

The biggest one ever discovered was seen by Dr. Jesús Antonio Ribas, and it measured around six meters long back then. This kind of snake is indigenous to South America, it likes to live in near water, but it is not venomous. Their Latin name means “good swimmer”, which makes total sense because of their homeland.

There are many accounts of several encounters with these creatures from the native people of South America who have said they can reach lengths of 12 meters or more, although it has not been proven. However, for adventurous people, there’s actually a reward in place of $50,000 for whoever catches one of these. Would you try it?

4. Reticulated Python

This is a kind of snake that can be found in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and it’s also one of the largest reptiles in the world, and among the heaviest snakes. Pythons are not venomous, but rather they are constrictors, and there are several reported cases of people who have died strangled by this animal, who can also swim very well.

One sighting was allegedly reported in 1912 in Indonesia, in a small village near a tropical forest. It measured more than ten meters. In 2004, people of the island of Sumatra claimed to have seen an even bigger one, but it turned out to be a scam. It was big but not as big as the one in Indonesia.

5. Fluffy

You do not expect a serpent, or any reptile for the matter, to be named Fluffy, but that is what a man named his pet snake. It held the Guinness World Record for the longest specimen in captivity with 24 feet. The owner had to give it to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio, USA because he obviously could not keep it. Sadly, the snake died in 2010.

6. Yacumama

According to South American lore, the Yacumama is a sea monster that measured 30 meters and would appear in the rivers and lakes of the Amazon jungle. The tale says that she is the mother of all other sea creatures, and the natives used to blow on a conch horn before entering the water, believing that the Yacumama would appear if it was near.

7. Man-eater

The people of Indonesia witnessed yet another a terrifying encounter with another reptile on the outskirts of a small village. This is because the country is surrounded by several jungle areas where these animals still roam freely. The locals were searching for a missing friend for days, and unfortunately, they found him in the worst possible situation. He had been devoured by a 7-meter long creature.

8. Medusa

After the death of Fluffy, another python took the top spot for largest reticulated python in the Guinness World Records, measuring at 7.67 meters. This snake was named Medusa, obviously after the Greek mythology monster, a woman with snakes for hair. This snake was part of a horror in the US and 15 people were needed to carry it from place to place.

9. Anaconda in Brazil

Back in September 2016, several workers reported a monstrous vision; an anaconda measuring more than 11.5 meters and around 1 meter in diameter. This all happened during a planned explosion of a cave in Altamira, north of Brazil. People online were outraged because the blast, sadly, killed the specimen. It's awful, but many creatures die because of human's actions.

What did you think of our list of this fearsome snakes? Have you ever encountered a serpent in your life? It’s not that easy unless you live near tropical areas or swamps. Even if they are frightening, we have to strive to protect them from extinction, and they are not dangerous if you don’t bother them. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who enjoy these amazing creatures even if they are quite scary. See you next time!

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