10 Unique Kids You Probably Have Not Heard About

People say that every child is different in many ways. Some are joyful, while others are more stoic, but it all has to do with their personalities and with their upbringing. Every once in a while, we see a kid that is so entrancing that he or she probably goes viral.

Sometimes, it has to do with their skills and their talents, and other times, it has to do with their incredible looks. This is the case of the children on this list who have captured the attention of people worldwide and Instagram users with their unique appearance.

1. Nariyana

This girl is from Yakutia, and she became a viral sensation because she is an albino. However, the eight-year-old goes to school just like other children, but the only problem is that she cannot receive sunlight for long and has to cover her face with sunglasses most of the time.

Nariyana has been dubbed the “Snow White” of Siberia, and she comes from a family with mostly black hair. Photographer Vadim Rufov posted a couple of her pictures on his social networks, and her fame skyrocketed from there. Now, other famous photographers want to work with her.

2. Millianna Worthy

This adorable girl was born with gray hair, and you probably think that it’s something from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but not at all. This is actually an odd genetic mutation that she inherited from her mother, Briana Worthy, who is 25 years old and lives in South Carolina.

They are the third and fourth generation in their family to have inherited this trait. Worthy’s grandmother had it since birth. This condition is called polyposis or hypochromia, which simply means that there is no melanin – color – on their hair, including eyebrows, eyelashes and more.

3. Junior Cox-Noon

This enchanting boy was born at Brighton City Hospital with a weight of 4.5 kilograms, but he became an instant sensation due to the thick tresses on his head. His mane is so majestic and full that some people have dubbed him “little bear”.

Having such more hair at birth is a sign of a genetic glitch that’s pretty rare. His head was fully covered by hair at the time of his birth, and doctors told his parents that it would stop. It apparently did not stop, but the craziest thing about it is that it grows straight up.

4. Dzhambulat Khatokhov

This kid holds the Guinness World Record for being the heftiest child in the world. He was born in 1999 – so he is not a kid anymore – in Terek, Kabardino-Balkaria, weighing somen ordinary 3 kilograms, and he was 50 cm in height. Nothing indicated that he would become so heavy.

At the age of one, he weighed 17 kilograms, and by the age of two, that had almost doubled. Most boys end up weight around 25 kilograms by then. He rose to stardom after appearing on a British show related to BodyShock, and he was given his title in Guinness in 2003.

5. Muin Bachonaev

This kid has the longest eyelashes in the world, with a size of 3.5 centimeters. As soon as he was born in Russia, that whole clinic was notified of his anomaly. He was born with a full set of hair, and his eyelashes rested on his cheeks.

Bachonaev has said that the long lashes are not bothersome, but many people ask him about them so that it’s a little annoying. Meanwhile, he entertains himself with football at The Moscow Academy, Spartak, and dreams about joining a vital team.

6. Ava Clarke

As soon as this child came into the world, people knew that there was something exceptional about her. Her eyes are blue-green, depending on the light; her lips are rose pink like a fairy tale, and her skin is white much like Snow White. Her parents had brown eyes and darker skin.

Clarke was born albino and with a genetic anomaly that almost made her blind. Luckily, she underwent surgery at the proper moment and has to use a set of glasses. She gets to go to school just like any other kid, does ballet, loves reading, and works as a fashion model.

7. Giuliano Stroe

This child is from Romania and also an athlete and a bodybuilder at his young age. He developed an interest in sports when he was just two years old, so his father decided to teach him intensive stuff. They had also dreamed about having a kid with superpowers.

They seem to have accomplished their dream because Stroe has a couple of records and one in the Guinness Book of World Records. He went viral after appearing on an Italian show, and now he is a Youtuber with a decent following.

8. Jare Ijalana

Nigerian photographer, Mofe Bamuyiwa, took some shots of the then five-year-old girl and posted them on social media. He got many comments and likes shortly after with users saying that she was the most beautiful girl they had ever seen.

However, Mofe received backlash from people that told him that picture was exploitation. The photographer also said that Jare is a healthy little girl with the face of an angel, though he did want her to look older in his pictures. He hoped to capture the look of an adult and a child at the same time.

9.  Budhathoki children

This family lives in the mountains of Nepal, and they have Werewolf Syndrome, which means that they have hair in areas that would typically not feature any. However, most of their bodies are covered by it all the time, not just during the full moon.

This anomaly affects the mother, Devi Budhathoki, and the three children, Mandira, Niraj and Manjura, and it is called Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa. Usually, this irregularity presents itself at birth, with the baby covered in a tiny fuzz all over.

10. Chahat Kumar

This kid from India has an affinity for eating. She could give Dzhambulat a run for his money because when she was eight months old, she weighed more than 17 kilograms. The parents blame God for their daughter’s heaviness, though that’s no way to confront a problem.

In fact, sometimes the little girl ends up eating four portions of whatever they are having, and her parents don’t have the heart to stop her. She wants to eat constantly, which concerns doctors tremendously, but they cannot do much for now.

What did you think of the kids on this list? Have you ever seen such extraordinary children before? We would like to see your opinion, so write a comment below, and share this article with your unusual friends.

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