Everything To Know About The Duchess of Sussex’s Pregnancy Struggle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex got married more than five months ago, but we still remember everything about the royal wedding and how in loved the couple looked. Everyone was also on hyperalertness waiting for Meghan to announce her pregnancy, even though both of them said that they were not going to rush into having kids.

In October, we got confirmation about Markle’s pregnancy from Kensington Palace in an official tweet, and they said that the new baby was due sometime in the spring of 2019. But what does a royal pregnancy mean? How did she manage to hide her situation for three months with all eyes on her? We have the answers and more here.

1. It seems that not everyone was happy with the announcement.

As soon as the statement from Kensington Palace was released, everyone went crazy with joy because this is the first mixed-race baby in the British royal family, and Meghan is the first American to join them. However, a few people were not so happy to hear about the royal pregnancy, if certain reports are accurate. One of them was the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

The news came out a couple of days after Princess Eugenie’s wedding, and it seemed like her mother was mad about it because immediately after the tweet was posted, she went on her own social media with a picture of herself at the wedding. She also thanked Emanuel Ungaro for her clothes. The tweets that came after were all about her daughter too.

2. The Duchess worked hard at hiding her belly bump

Meghan Markle had a bit of an advantage over Kate Middleton when she joined the royal family because she was already used to the intensity of the paparazzi due to her former job as an actress. Moreover, she seemed to have learned tricks because the Duchess was able to hide her growing belly from the public for months.

According to People magazine, Markle used fashion to hide it, and her choice in wardrobe was very strategic. The reporters from the magazine noted that since August, her clothes were much bigger than usual for her since she always kept a tailored cut. She also accompanied her choices with big coats and used bouquets and purses over her stomach.

3. Her pregnancy might come with a couple of risks

For some women, pregnancy may be the most natural thing in the world, but others have some trouble, and most problems are because of age. Meghan was born in 1981, and some pregnancy experts say that it’s always harder with women over 35 years, so what can Markle expect from her situation at the age of 37?

According to Mayo Clinic, she might have to worry about gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, problems that could lead to a cesarean, low birth weight for the child, and there is also a chance that their kid could get chromosomal irregularities, aside from actually losing the baby. Wow, this seems like a lot to take, but they are just possibilities. She could still have a healthy baby in the end.

4. The baby name might already be public knowledge

It seems that the Duke and Duchess cannot just choose any name they want. According to Vogue, there are rules and traditions that they have to comply with. The name has to be historic and possibly honor a former family member, but it also has to remain modern. It is all a little confusing, to be honest, but the couple has lots of options to choose at this point.

There is also the likelihood that we already know that name that will be chosen, if we believe what Katie Baylis, the Betfair spokesperson, said to Express, “At this stage Diana, Arthur and Alice, which was favorite at different stages for Kate and William's babies, are the 12/1 front-runners.” At least, we know that the baby is not going to have a made-up name like Haghan or Merry.

5. Traveling could be a problem because of this disease

The royal couple has been traveling a lot lately because it is their job, but there are many problems with that, aside from watching what you eat and drink. The locations they go to are also filled with illnesses that may be unfamiliar to them. For example, Fiji and Tonga have cases of the Zika virus which can be extremely dangerous for a pregnant woman and her baby.

Luckily, according to Professor James G. Logan from the Department of Disease Control at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical, “I'm sure that they will have sought travel health advice in terms of protective methods regarding mosquito bites. There is a lot you can do to minimize risks.” No one would risk it with the royal baby; that’s for sure.

6. There will be no American trendy party traditions like a baby shower or a gender reveal

Maybe, Meghan Markle grew up dreaming about a baby shower, but she does not need it now because they have everything already. A gender reveal party, however, is something a bit more modern, and people online have gone viral with their crazy ideas. But, we know that the royal family is not going to have any of that to celebrate the new baby.

According to Victoria Arbiter, a royal expert, “a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate. There's nothing they can't go out and buy themselves.” Additionally, a gender reveal party is not going to happen because the sex and name of the baby are revealed once he or she is born, as per royal tradition.

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7. There will be a huge team of doctors at her disposal

Similarly to the Duchess of Cambridge, the former actress will have a group of 20 medical professionals watching out for her welfare and pregnancy. These doctors plan for everything regarding the royal pregnancy, preparing for every kind of emergency, according to Professor Tiong Ghee Teoh, a gynecologist.

He told Town & Country magazine, “We had a huge team for anything that could possibly go wrong; we had a team of people behind each specialty.” Additionally, all of them have signed NDAs, and they are all on call three months before the birth, which means that they have to be ready to go at the moment, and that means no alcohol.

8. Who knows about the birth of the baby?

It’s likely that the Duchess will give birth at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, and we know that the whole family will be biting their nails waiting for news about the baby. However, they have to wait longer because the person that has to be informed of the birth first is, of course, Queen Elizabeth II. She will be given the whole report on the child.

The public will know about it way after that. The doctors have to sign documents, the royal aide has to drive it from the hospital to the palace, and then it’s posted on a wooden easel for everyone to witness. Then, the announcement will be posted on social media. This seems a bit excessive, but they’re royal.

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9. Is there a possibility that the baby will have red hair?

This couple is honestly beautiful. Both of them have the kind of good looks found in Hollywood, which fits naturally, so the fans are waiting to see the new baby’s image. Will he or she take after his or her mother or father? What features will be most noticeable? Meghan Markle has black hair, and that’s dominant, but there’s a chance of red hair too.

The gene that carries red hair is recessive, so Meghan would have to have it, even if no one knows it, and then the baby could inherit it. Some people say that because Duchess is mixed-race, she won’t be able to have a redheaded kid, but it can happen. There have been documented cases of colored children with red hair.

What do you think about the new royal baby? Are you taking bets on his or her name? We wonder how Meghan and Harry will handle parenting. We would also like to know your opinion, so leave a comment below, and share this article with your friends, if they love the royal family.


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