18+ Pictures That True Dog Lovers Would Find Very Understandable

There is a reason why people say that dogs are man's best friend. They give us laughter, comfort, and unconditional love even in the hardest times, so we really should appreciate them more. The following list shows some cute puppies that will make you say "Awww". Let's take a look. 

1. This sweet little German Shepherd was wearing a shower cap to avoid getting its ears wet. So adorable! But it's also necessary because dogs can get ear infections if not probably protected. 

2. Some people get rid of their pets once a baby comes along, but that is the biggest mistake of all. The bond dogs form with the tiny humans is the best in the world. 

3. This little boy is jealous that the new tiny baby is taking up all of his dad's attention, and he wants some cuddles too. We are sure that his owner loves him also. 

4. There is nothing like hugging your dog during the tough moments to soothe your spirit. This brave female soldier knows that for sure, and it's just lovely. 

5. This little mama does not look happy about having a different kind of litter. We wonder how those chicks got so attached to the golden Labrador. 

6. Some organizations take dogs to hospitals to cheer up patients, but we think this is the dog's owner, who is getting kisses from a good boy that missed its dad. 

7. We grew up thinking that dogs and cats are enemies, but we have also seen tons of cool videos of both interacting on the internet, and this picture is more evidence that they can be friends. 

8. This little boy learned how to help his mama around when she got too tired. This is so precious, but we know that our owns dogs will never do that. They would be biting the purse instead. 

9. Being a kid is hard, and this black Lab knows it all too well. That is why he is comforting his human child after a tough day at the hospital. We want cuddles also!

10. When you are around a dog, you never get tired of hugs and kisses from that little tail wagger. Just look at this owner and her Retriever. They are so happy. 

11. This another cute example of the bond between owner and dog, as they both like camping and sleeping close together, as well as being goofy for the camera. 

12. This Bernese Mountain Dog is the coolest boy in town while riding a convertible. We would have loved to see this picture with the top off for the perfect effect. 

13. There will be no fairer judge than this German Shepherd in any competition. But in this case, we think he is just a fan cheering his team on during the game. 

14. Sometimes, we wonder what dogs do all day when at work or school, and the truth is that they are probably waiting for you to come back like this one. 

15. Research has proven that animals bring comfort to those in the direst circumstances, and this picture is proof of that. We hope that man recovered because the dog was so happy to see him. 

16. There are a few dogs that don't realize how big they actually are. In fact, most of them think they are babies, and that's true, but this huge boy is also adorable. 

17. This "little" wolf thinks he's just a puppy in the arms of his owners. Look at the smile on his face, and the happiness on the human's faces is also fantastic. 

18. We cannot believe the incredible self-restraint of this dog that he fell asleep without eating any of those burgers. What a precious picture to witness!

19. This definitely belongs in the ceiling at the Sistine Chapel because it is ten times more heavenly than anything Michelangelo ever did. 

20. Good boys hug each other after a beautiful day playing at the lake, and even though they have different colored coats, these guys look like siblings. 

21. Check out this video of a dog refusing to let his human go away on business, after stealing his luggage. We cannot get over it! "You're not going anywhere ever again!"

22. And finally, we don't think this cat in the rearview mirror is amused at all by this article, so maybe next time we will focus on why we couldn't live without cats either. 

What did you think of the images on this list? Looking at pictures of dogs always brings out a lot of emotions, and we hope you enjoyed them as much as us. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while debating whether dogs are better than cats. See you next time!

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