Hidden Things In The MCU That Even Eagle-Eyed Fans Struggle To See At First Glance

In the past ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced more than 20 films, and there is no end in sight. The best part about these movies is the fact that they are connected like a giant filmmaking series, so the creators have always added special things that only huge fans might catch after watching one of them a million times. Let’s take a look at the best Easter eggs in Marvel.

1. A plane we have all seen before

Things are about to change in the world of Marvel due to the deal between Disney and Fox, but for a long time, the Avengers never mixed with X-Men despite having joint plots in the comic books. Luckily, this does not mean that there aren't several nods to acknowledge that these characters all come from the same universe.

There is a scene in Iron Man where Tony Stark wants to conduct a test flight of his new suit, and he asked JARVIS for the altitude record of plane SR-71 Blackbird, which is a model that inspired the one used for several tasks by the X-Men, though we might know it better as “The Blackbird” or the X-Jet. The film obviously does not say that this is specifically that plane, but we know it is.

2. Another known hero from the Golden Age

We saw a lot of WWII during Captain America: The First Avenger, and it was definitely a patriotic film especially during the Stark Expo when Steve and Bucky are walking by a glass showing a costume that says “Dr. Phineas Horton Presents: The Synthetic Man”. Marvel fans know that Phineas Horton is the scientist responsible for the Human Torch.

He was an android that later adopted the name Jim Hammond in Marvel Comics #1 in 1939, who was kept in a glass cylinder like the scene with Steve and Bucky, and he is still known as one of the first characters that cemented the Marvel Universe though at the time the company was known as Timely Comics. Other characters like Namor the Sub-Mariner were more recognized, though.

3. A complex kind of universe

The MCU is a whole universe in itself, but Marvel Entertainment is a much bigger place, in fact, the MCU even has a number: 199999, which means that it is located within the bigger picture of this incredible multiverse. Therefore, there is a huge connection between all the stories from Marvel that belong to different companies and the comic books, even if we never get to see it.

You can see evidence of this during a scene in Thor: The Dark World, when Dr. Erik Selvig, played by our beloved Stellan Skarsgård, is in a mental hospital. He writes the phrase “616 Universe” on a chalkboard, next to a map of the Nine Realms. Fans know that this is the number designation of the lead Marvel Comics Universe. We don’t think it’s a coincidence.

4. Stan Lee is not the only creator who has cameoed

Fans and regular moviegoers know that Stan Lee was the king of cameos in the movies based on his universe. The world lost a great legend on November 12, 2018, but you might be surprised to read that he is not the only Marvel pioneer that has made an appearance in the MCU. The writers of Thor, Walt Simonson, and J. Michael Straczynski have also appeared in the films.

However, an extraordinary appearance happened in Captain America: The Winter Soldier during the interrogation of Bucky by Alexander Pierce. We can see a team gathered around them, and on the left is Ed Brubaker, the comic book writer, and winner of the Eisner Award, who brought back Bucky Barnes in Captain America Vol 5 #1 in 2005. The character had been dead for decades before Ed came along.

5. The Collector’s hideaway in Knowhere

If you want to see Easter eggs in the MCU, look no further than the Collector’s place in Guardians of the Galaxy, which his huge collection of valuable items. You will notice many things like the Chitauri from The Avengers, a dark elf from Thor: The Dark World, Cosmo the Space Dog, and even Howard the Duck. But there is something more important there too.

There’s a cocoon-like object that director James Gunn said was the incubator of Adam Warlock, and we saw more of it during the post-credit scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 where it was hinted that they were creating him. They might be different, but not that much, and it means that maybe another important character might finally make it into the MCU.

6. An important speech

Only fans that have read one important comic books would have possibly spotted this Easter egg. During the funeral for Peggy Carter in Captain America: Civil War, we saw Sharon, her niece, giving the eulogy with essential things that her aunt had taught her like standing up during hard times.

Another thing Sharon learned from her aunt was that when the world tells you that you are wrong when you know the opposite is true, you have to “plant yourself like a tree”. This is a speech from Amazing Spider-Man #537, a comic book that relates to the events of Civil War in that universe and those words were said by Captain America himself.

7. A small connection to television

Some Easter eggs end up falling flat because it does not work or you cannot get things straight. This happened in Doctor Strange, which we know has a changed bit due to the events of Hulu’s Runaways series. During the deleted scene of the movie, we saw the Hong Kong Sanctum used by the magic users to guard the corners of the world, and there was a character named Tina Minoru.

Although we only know her name because she was in the credits, she was the mother of Nico Minoru, one of the main characters in Runaways, who has his mother’s staff. In the film, Tina was played by Linda Louise Duan, but in the show, Tina was recast. It’s still interesting, but we know that the MCU and the television series don’t mix.

8. Characters fans love

On Thor: Ragnarok, we saw the Grandmaster’s Palace on Sakaar, which was decorated with the heads of the great champions of the past like Bi-Beast, Man-Thing, Ares and Beta Ray Bill, who was an ally of Thor that people had been claiming to see in the MCU. Sadly, there is no indication that he or any of those champions might make it on the screen in the future.

9. Becoming a farmer

We know that what happened in Avengers Infinity War is not exactly what transpired in the comic book The Infinity Gauntlet, but many things were similar, like Bruce Banner crashing into Doctor Strange’s Sanctum; something that the Silver Surfer does in the books. However, Marvel fans were happy to see an important moment in the last scene of the film.

When he walks in his hut to admire the horizon after a “job well done”, and he sits down, you can see a scarecrow made from his battle armor. This is a reference to when Thanos gave up his quest in Infinity Gauntlet, and he becomes a farmer, making that figure for his crops. That’s two different results, but it’s still awesome.

10. Captain Marvel

We know that Captain Marvel will grace our screens in a couple of months, but there might have been a hint of the characters a little before that in Avengers: Infinity War. According to the fans online, something was interesting about the wardrobe belonging to Cull Obsidian, the big monster from the Black Order.

Unlike the rest of his outfit, what we could see a red sash as the only colorful part, and it looks like the colors belonging to Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, who we know has been in space a lot. But looking carefully in the rest of the movie (and the official figures of Cull), we noticed that it's orange and purple, totally different from Captain Marvel's colors.

It’s interesting that the moviemakers add these little nods and tributes to their films. What other Easter eggs have you noticed before? If you liked this article, share it with your Marvel friends that can spot an error a mile away. See you next time!

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