16+ Times Kids Proved Child's Mind Works In The Most Sincere Way Possible

Being a kid is hard and going to school is the worst, but every once in a while there is a child out there who is able to think outside the norms of the usual academic curriculum. The following pictures show how some children are brilliant and funny, especially because they are not wrong. Let's take a look!

1. We imagine that this kid was supposed to answer something like "Tony ends up being very good at the piano", but this answer is way funnier than anything else. 

2. Sometimes, we take things a little too literally, and this drawing is proof that children do as well. A plant in a prison with the parts of the cell identified. Haha. 

3. We cannot agree more with this added answer. We don't remember exactly what all those theories meant, but option E is nothing but the truth. 

4. This math notebook has a surprised guest inside it who conveniently blocks the exercises number 3 and 4, but at least the owner apologized for the problems caused. 

5. We love that this kid knows his way around old music because nowadays not many young people would get that reference. We hope that the teacher gave him an A. 

6. Wow, this mistake had us stumped for a second, and we think the teacher was as well until he or she discovered what the true meaning behind "tits" was. 

7. Most of us hated the Pythagorean Theorem, and this teen clearly does too. Back in high school math class, we always wondered when we were going to use that in real life. 

8. Well, this seems a little racist these days, but we can imagine that in 2013, this kid was taught that everything that said "Made in China" was a replica. 

9. We love that this child was taught to dance to that song, or he or she was probably a fan of Madagascar. Either way, we love it, or should we say we like it?

10. Another child in this list that thought he or she could get away with not answering a question because an "animal" was blocking the task. We never did this in school. 

11. We cannot dispute the validity of this answer, so why did the teacher marked it wrong? Well, we know that the school system has many flaws. 

12. Well, the explanation only said, "expand". Peter was not technically wrong, so the answer is correct. We recommend being clearer in your questions next time, Ms. Susan. 

13. Another way to interpret a poorly written question. If this had been a vocabulary quiz, then the answer was undoubtedly correct. The school system needs to change, not the kids. 

14. Well, the task was to draw "your favorite activity", so is it wrong that Carson likes doing that? We don't think so; he might need to learn how to spell it, though. 

15. This is another example of a question that could be understood differently than intended. As kids, they make us think a certain way but isn't freedom much better?

16. This child is apparently done with people. We cannot imagine having 100 friends and trying to handle all of them. Our ringers would be off too. 

17. Now, this kid is certainly going places. We cannot remember ever having a grammar book that taught us to hit dogs, but we are glad that this child knows right from wrong. 

18. Not the most subtle riddle in the world. However, this teacher cannot say this answer is wrong, except maybe for the spelling of Justin Bieber's name 

19. Another question that is clearly open to interpretation. We bet that teacher told the kid, he or she was wrong when, in fact, the response is correct. 

20. We never understood chemistry either in high school, and sometimes it was just better to think about other things in class. What a wonderful phrase!

21. Well, this child answered the question honestly. It may not be what the teacher wanted, but it's not wrong. We would not be able to draw it either. 

What did you think of the clever answers in these assignments? Were you this ingenious in school? We never hated school, but we did not like how they wanted us all molded into the same being. Some things needed to change. If you liked this article, share it with your friends. See you next time!

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