All Dead Heroes Who Are Confirmed To Appear Again In Avengers 4 (As of Now)

Great news for fans! Marvel Studios is said to be bringing back some of our favorite heroes that died, and they'll be making their comeback in Avengers 4. So far, we've gathered a list of those we can definitely confirm so far. In Infinity War, the ending was more like a cliffhanger when we saw Thanos successfully collecting all six Infinity Stones and snap his fingers.

When he did this, he not only wiped out half of humanity, he destroyed some of our favorite superheroes. We naturally never expected them to return, but thanks to some set photos, upcoming movies, and confirmation from the rest of the cast members, it's clear that we can be expecting a reunion in Avengers 4. Now this is exciting, don't you agree? So, let's take a look at what we've found out so far. 

5. Gamora will return either by resurrection, or time travel 

Gamora's death certainly differed from the majority of those who died in Avengers: Infinity War. Instead of turning her to dust, Thanos sacrificed her to attain the Soul Stone. Zoe Saldana has openly stated that she will be returning to finish filming Avengers 4 multiple times before the film is released, and she later released a photo on her official Instagram account of back in Gamora makeup.

Apparently, Gamora was trapped in the Soul World after she was killed, as teased in Infinity War's eeriest sequence. Although Saldana's return won't necessarily mean resurrection, if you go by her costume in other photos, it could possibly be part of Avengers 4's time travel to the events of another movie.

4. We can expect Spider-Man to weave his webs again 

We will obviously expect to see Peter Parker returning in his Spidey outfit, but here is more evidence that Tom Holland was spotted in Atlanta during the Avengers 4 reshoot. So, does this mean we won't be seeing Parker on the big screen?

Well, Peter is expected to eventually make a comeback in Avengers 4 because his next solo adventure, Spider-Man: Far From Home, is said to take place after the team-up. But, seeing as Tom is in the picture, this would suggest Parker still has a role to play. Indeed, Spider-Man was first teased for the second part of the Infinity War story back in April 2017, and we love this web-spinning guy! 

3. Loki will probably be cheating and using time travel 

We all love a good trickster, and even though Thanos promised "no resurrections this time" when smothering Loki, this God of Mischief will no doubt have something up his sleeve. Given that Tom Hiddleston is set to star as Loki in Disney's TV series, speculation has it that he will indeed come back to life - and that doesn't exclude Loki from having a role to play in Avengers 4.

Set photos have revealed that the film will revisit the Battle of New York from 2012s The Avengers, with a variety of old and new heroes once again, working together to take down Loki. The images showed Hiddleston as a captured Loki along with a stunt-double, hinting on an impressive action scene.

2. The Scarlet Witch and Vision will be making a comeback 

Scarlet Witch is also headlining in an MCU TV series on the Disney streaming service, which s;awned a rumor that it will feature Vision. There was some room to explore these two character's relationship in the period between Captain America: Civil War and  Avengers: Infinity War, but it would be a lot less prohibitive for the show to be set after Avengers 4.

Apart from that, it certainly looks like both are going to be resurrected. Elizabeth Olsen was reportedly in Atlanta during the Avengers 4 reshoots, while Paul Bettany had already verified his return. We are not yet sure how Vision will come back, but given he was dead before the snap, it will connect on both the importance of the Mind Stone and time travel.

1. A pleasant surprise for the return of Bucky Barnes and Falcon 

Sebastian Stan has revealed to the public a few times that he'll be reprising his role as Bucky Barnes aka White Wolf in Avengers 4. Long before Infinity War was released, back in 2017, he spoke about returning for the sequel. Then, in April 2018, he shared more details of a critical scene in the movie that will, apparently, highlight everybody.

Meanwhile, Anthony Mackie posted a photo of himself on the set of Avengers 4 late 2017, which seems that he was also saved. Who would have thought that both Falcon and Bucky would live? One of them is presumed to replace Steve Rogers as Captain America, and together, the pair is set to have their own Disney streaming TV series.

What do you think about the heroes that are returning so far? Are you happy to see these being resurrected in the next Avengers? Who else do you think will be added to the list of heroes? We can't wait to find out, and hope you enjoyed getting a taste of what's to come for the next Avengers. Remember to share this update with your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more insiders and news on those favorite heroes we all long to see returning to the big screen. 

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