20+ Photos By Steve Irwin's Son That Prove His Legacy Is Safe

Robert Irwin is an amazing photographer whose father is the late Steve Irwin. He is trying to make the world fall in love with mother nature just like his dad did. The following are some of those fascinating images that will make you see Mother Earth differently.

1. Since little, Robert was intrigued by the wildlife. Now he is a bit older and his photos have caught everyone's attention. Just look at the level of his commitment.

2. His goal is to bring the message of preserving nature and all its living organisms. His family has a zoo in Australia where he also works and tries to keep up with wildlife.

3. This snake is looking right at the camera and sticking its tongue out. It is a daredevil trying to ask: "what is this shiny thing pointed at me?"

4. There is a sea turtle floating away on the ocean. However, it looks like its shadow is a ray. Some would say this is a transformer-like moment.

5. One of the eagles is bringing back its bounty. But the strange effect is on the reflect these two make on the water, an amazing photograph at the right moment.

6. This is a sharp-shinned hawk that is flying above. Irwin managed to capture all the details of this magnificent creature. Just look closely at the photo. Wow!

7. This photo that is in grayscale is of an elephant slowly charging on. With this big beast, we could not be so calm and steady to take a picture. Nice shot!

8. So this is an octopus; somehow it let itself be immortalized on a photo. It did not get scared as it did not shoot its blank ink to run away to safety.

9. Meerkats are always on the lookout for danger. These two are actually very alert to everything around them. You can imagine them answering, "did you call me?"

10. This lioness is yawning, showing all her teeth to the world. Or maybe, something just pinched her and is crying out loud for everyone to hear her roar. Ouch!

11. This image gives a new meaning to hanging from a tree, even more so with those calculating eyes, it could be asking who are you and communicating with its tongue.

12. Its fixed stare will follow you. It is trying to look into your soul. Also, you can see the many battle scars he has on his nose, a bit scary nonetheless.

13. This little bird is just showing off for the camera. It is grabbing the tree with one foot, while with the other one is trying to bow for the picture that Robert took.

14. This Mantidae is looking sort of weird with its foreleg trying to scratch his insect face. Hopefully, it is eating a piece of leaf or something or a friend. Which one would it be?

15. What a beautiful connection between mother and son! It is a refreshing shot because it is not of their usual interaction, running around stealing from the lions.

16. Close up for a spider! We do not like them very much, but we cannot deny that it is a very nice shot of it. It can be said that it is kind of cute with those eyes looking up.

17. That clear water is only found in oceans, especially with a sea turtle swimming by. We still keep wondering how Robert's love for nature can be felt in each of his pictures.

18. This deer is at attention, looking out for predators. While it is distracted by instincts, we see its antlers for the beautiful formation it has on top of its head.

19. This greenish snake is perching on a tree. It does not move from its position. However, if we had to guess what it was up to, we would not know what to say.

20. This lioness is looking up to the sky because she is either finding divine meaning or just has seen a possible prey to have for supper. The concentration is awesome.

21. This eagle has a similar concentration like the lioness but from a different perspective. This magnificent creature is getting ready to swoop in to grab its prey.

22. These are alligator's teeth in such proximity. This is a perfect picture, but we are seriously worried as to how it came to be. How could Irwin make it?

23. This funny fellow is in a very comfortable or seductive position. You choose which one you prefer, but this koala is hanging on taking his pose seriously.

24. This little cub is just plain curious. It keeps on looking directly at you. You can be hypnotized by its eyes. Nothing can make you deny it anything.

25. Cubs of lions is how the picture should be called. They are very carefree at the moment because they do not have to do anything yet, just survive.

Did you fall in love with nature through these pictures? What did you think of Rober Irwin's shots of mother nature? Please leave a comment in the section below. Share with your friends that need some contact with wildlife.

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