20+ Albino Animals That Are Hard To Believe Are Real Until You See Them Yourself

The color white has always been associated with adjectives like pure, transparency, regal, majestic, and any others that have a similar meaning. In nature, we have a condition that manifests with no pigmentation on the skin, fur or anywhere visible; it is called albinism. The following is a list of such animals that are as white as snow.

1. This horse is a magnificent creature. We do not know if it is because of its color or its physique. You just have to look at it to get our idea.

2. This light deer is a small baby with red eyes. Bambi is the name that comes to mind, but it looks totally different from the brown one with white spots.

3. This small white turtle seems kind of cute. It makes us think that being different is not so bad after all. It could help them hide away from the predators.

4. An alligator which is white as a paper is laying down for an afternoon nap. We wonder how it can be so peaceful in the jungle surrounded by wildlife.

5. Look at this owl! Its eyes are super red with white feathers all over its small little body. This beautiful creature is inside a cage, but it could be for a good reason.

6. This squirrel is super white, and it's odd as every squirrel we encounter in the park is brownish. It would have no problem fitting in during winter.

7. Ladybugs are as red as apples with dark dots over their body, but this one is white. It looks like no other insect we have ever seen before. 

8. She is a very rare giraffe. By reports, she and her baby were not so long discovered in a reserve in Kenya. Many were very surprised by the news.

9. This is disgusting. Cockroaches are in general not a good sign, but in this particular situation, it seems that it is molting; not albino in nature.

10. Gourami fish come in different colors and personalities. However, this one is an albino giant with a lot of character. It won't let itself be bullied.

11. Sea urchins usually come in very different dark colors. But in this picture, we find a rare one with a lack of color. Hopefully, you will be able to see it in the ocean.

12. All crows come in black or dark colors. However, we have one specimen in white. It looks out of place next to its brother on that branch.

13. Hedgehogs are one of the most exotic pets that you can have at the moment. Many want one, but it is illegal in most parts. However, we present you with a white one.

14. A white male moose trotting around is trying to get itself noticed for its rare abnormality. It was successful as a photographer captured him.

15. Peacocks have a blue-color body with a big array of feathers that have eye-like patterns. However, this one is entirely white, and we also find it beautiful.

16. This white tiger is very rare especially because its stripes are almost blurred over. It appears to be in captivity, but that does not diminish its beauty.

17. This is a finch. We think it is delicate, but on closer examination, we cannot really tell if it is female or male because it lacks color to distinguish it altogether.

18. A white dolphin must be a good sign omen. But for the Chinese, the dolphin means bad luck. Hopefully, this mentality has been overcome because they are beautiful.

19. These rare sightings of white kangaroos have been happening in western New South Wales. Scientists are not sure if it is because of the lack of wild dogs.

20. This white zebra was known as Zoe. She was also called Golden, and it was the only specimen of her breed in captivity in Hawaii. She was a rare beauty that died in 2017.

21. This was Snowflake, the only gorilla that was albino. He was kept in a zoo in Barcelona, Spain. He died in 2003, but he sure was elegant.

22. The only white orangutan, Alba, is moving to her own island sanctuary in Borneo. Since her species is an endangered one, she is considered a one of a kind.

23. This is an example of the white Doberman breed. She sure looks fascinating, but they tend to have vision, skin and behavioral problems. 

24. This rare white koala was born in a zoo in Australia. She looks so peaceful nesting against the tree; not knowing she is a sensation being watched by everyone.

25. This white raccoon is missing its mask and costume, like its brothers around him. It looks kind of weird but interesting at the same time. It would not be helpful at night.

Have you ever seen this genetic anomaly before? Did you think this could extend to the animal world around us? Which one did you like best? Leave your comments below and share it with your friends that would find this interesting.

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