The Best Celebrity Answers on Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Never Have I Ever’ Game

If you have ever played the game “Never Have I Ever”, then you know that the questions can get oddly specific, depending on the group of friends you are playing it with, and the answers might reveal a bit too much about yourself. Ellen DeGeneres has made some of the biggest stars in the world play it with her, and here are the best results, so let’s take a look.

1. Drake once had an encounter with a fan: During a segment with actor Jared Leto and rapper Drake, the talk show host asked if they had ever been with a fan before, and both admitted that they had. Leto might have even started a close relationship.

2. Rihanna has sent sexy pictures: The singer had to confess to sending a nude photo of herself to the wrong person.

3. George Clooney swam naked in Lake Como: During that game with Rihanna, all the guests and Ellen herself admitted to having gone skinny-dipping before. Hot!

4. Justin Timberlake had an encounter with a Spice Girl: A member of NSYNC with a member of the Spice Girls? That’s basically our 90s dream relationship. The rest of NSYNC said no.

5. Matt Lauer forgot an important name during an interview: "It was Katy Perry and I knew Katy but I went to say I just wanna thank my guest... and then I just looked and her and she went 'Katy' so I went 'Katy!'" Yikes!

6. David Arquette has trouble with names: The actor admitted to forgetting the names of girls he has been intimate with! Ouch! We wouldn’t want to be the kind of women a man forgets.

7. Kim Kardashian got a nasty surprise: The Kardashians are good friends with Ellen, and one time, Kim caught her mom having an intimate encounter when she got home. No! Parents are not allowed to do that!

8. Madonna borrowed a hygiene item from someone: The singer is not shy about revealing secrets, and she admitted to using someone else’s toothbrush one time without that person’s knowledge. Yuck!

9. The cast of Entourage got freaky on set: It seems that several of the men in that show had dalliances on the set. It seems like such an Entourage thing, so we are not surprised at all.

10. J.Lo has gotten freaky without her kids knowing: Apparently, the singer had to sneak a man into the house without her children’s knowledge. They did it after all the little ones were asleep. Naughty!

11. Jane Fonda has a history of fooling around on planes: "I was 50 years old, it was my fourth date with Ted Turner, he has his own plane, and he said 'Are you a member of the mile high club?' and I had no idea what he was talking about... and I joined. Suddenly the seats became a bed."

12. Allison Janney has used handcuffs before: If you are thinking something naughty, then you are right because the actress was certainly not talking about going to jail. “Well... there are a lot of different situations that call for handcuffs."

13. Johnny Depp likes going commando: It’s not surprising, but this actor confessed to enjoying Nude Beaches. We wonder if that had anything to do with getting arrested that one time.

14. Gwyneth Paltrow has sent naughty messages before: Apparently, none of the other cast members of Mortdecai had ever done it before, despite confessing to over sexy things that Paltrow never did.

15. Emma Stone had lied to a baby: The other cast members confessed to doing it too, but Emma Stone shocked the talk show host when she said that she had lied about a baby being cute when it was actually ugly.

16. Andrew Garfield has been with someone for one night only: Most of us have done it before, but when the actor said yes, he looked at Emma Stone and gave her a thumbs up gesture.

17. Sandra Bullock has lied to the police: We might know as the nicest woman in the world, but during a segment with Billy Bob Thornton and Anthony Mackie, the actress revealed that she flirted her way out of a speeding ticket.

18. Channing Tatum likes to recreate Dirty Dancing: We are not talking something out of Crazy Stupid Love, the actor likes doing the special scene with his dog. So adorable!

19. Wanda Sykes knows it’s always happy hour somewhere: The comedian admitted to getting drunk before noon, and David Arquette laughed so hard when she said, “Oh, I’m drunk now!”

20. Anthony Mackie has gotten freaky in a limo: The actor revealed the news but was also shocked that Sandra Bullock said she had never. Therefore, he asked, “What did you do at prom?" The actress answered, “I came home early cause we broke up two weeks before."

21. Jamie Foxx has sent dirty messages too: We wonder what lucky experience the kind of sexy texts we all would love to receive from this handsome actor. Almost everyone has done this before in their lives.

22. Paul Bettany has faced the law before: During the segment with Depp and Paltrow, Paul also admitted to getting arrested once, and Johnny did not want to but we all know about it.

23. Ellen has gone out with someone and then their sister: During the segment with Justin Bieber and Madonna, the talk show host confessed to the dirty deed that she had gone out with someone’s sibling after dating that person first.

24. Justin Bieber has gotten freaky in a bathroom: Sometimes, you find someone attractive at a party, and you cannot wait to get down with them. Don’t worry, Justin. It has happened to all of us at one point.

What did you think of these answers? Were they shocking? This is definitely a fun game as long as you keep things light with your friends because, at some point in the night, it could get intense. If you liked this article, share it with your friends during a round of “Never Have I Ever”. See you next time!

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